Pooja Room Decoration Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Pooja room decoration ideas for your home

Here’s a lowdown on pooja room decoration ideas to help you decorate the most sacred room of your home!

The pooja room is an integral part of every Indian home! Pooja room decorations can be as simple, classic or as intricate as you want it to be. The idea is to ensure that your pooja room radiates positive spiritual energy throughout regardless of its layout and size. While the direction, Vastu and the layout of your pooja room are essential while designing a pooja room, the right furniture pieces and decorations help make your pooja room serene.  If you do not have a dedicated pooja room or the room isn’t big enough, you can decorate a tiny corner in your home, to place a stunning pooja unit. Here are some of our favourite pooja room decorations and pooja unit ideas for you to choose from!

Pooja Room Decoration With Jaali Panels And Onyx Stone

This stunning pooja room design features a beautiful combination of jaalis, marble and onyx stone. The platform is made of striking marble backed by jaali panels on the either side with a marble panel in the centre. The walls on the side are designed with marble and onyx stone adding much needed bling to the otherwise white walls. The marble floor is adorned with the pebbles on either side and giving this pooja room decoration a sign off is the dangling bells for that traditional touch! If you have a spare room to call it a pooja room and you like everything modern with a traditional touch this one is for you!

Pooja room decoration ideas with combination of jaalis, marble and onyx stone

Pooja Room Decoration With Bells And Jaali

This pooja room is adorned with a timeless decoration idea! This uber-traditional pooja room is decorated using a wooden jaali at the backdrop, with a two tier platform topped by marble pieces and wooden drawers to store all the pooja essentials like incense sticks and diyas. The highlight of this pooja room decoration idea is the wooden door with glass and dangling bells giving it the needed look. The wooden jaali backdrop further offers it a traditional look that’s a must have in any pooja room design! Another great thing about this pooja room decoration idea is that it can be incorporated in both small and big sized pooja rooms making it a perfect choice for every home regardless of its size!

Pooja room decoration topped by marble pieces and wooden drawers
Are you looking for traditional pooja room designs?

A Minimalist Pooja Room Decoration Idea

Yes, you read it right! This is a minimalist pooja room decoration idea!If you are a fan of the minimalist style of interiors and wish to stick to the same for your pooja room decorations take a second look at the picture above!

This pooja room features wood panelling on the either side and in the backdrop highlighted by the back panel lighting and an open beam ceiling. Another highlight of this pooja room is the floating platform with push to open drawers for storage and the dangling diyas. Not to mention this setting is extremely easy to maintain, making it an excellent choice for a modern day family!

Ideas to decorate pooja room with  floating platform with push to open drawers for storage

Pooja Room Decoration Idea For A Small Pooja Area

If you don’t have a separate room to use it as a pooja room then you can definitely get inspired by this simple pooja room decoration idea. Instead of adding a standalone table to place your idol or drilling a tiny makar into your walls, you can use an entire wall and create a floating pooja unit like the one shown here. This design features floating marble slabs to form the shape of a temple and the bottom one to place the idols. The structure is backed by a copper panel with backlights and focus lights to highlight the design. You can customise this pooja room design to make it blend with the overall aesthetics. You can pick the marble slabs in different colour tones, or choose a completely different stone like quartz, or sturdy materials like MDF concealed with finishes like laminate, acrylic, lacquered glass that are easily available in different textures, colours, and price points.

Lord Ganesha statue on a floating shelf, serving as a how-to decorate pooja room

Pooja Room With A Distinctive Door

The entrance door of your pooja room must be distinct from the other doors of the house. The most popular door designs for a pooja room are wooden doors with intricate carvings, brass bells or filigreed work. This traditional style of doors are always trending. Here, this pooja room is separated from the living area with the help of a wooden door with frosted glass. The interior of this pooja room features a low-level platform, jaali backdrop with a marble makar and floating wooden shelves and bells to add a divine feel.

Pooja room decoration lights with intricate carvings, brass bells or filigreed work

And it’s a wrap! We hope these pooja room decoration ideas help you decorate your pooja room most stunningly!

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