Designing Your Kid’s Bathroom? Have A Look At These Fun Bathroom Design Ideas for Inspiration

by Pooja Dara | February 11, 2024 | 7 mins read

Kids bathroom design ideas for your home

Kid’s bathroom designs should be welcoming and fun so that they enjoy its look and feel while they’re there for their routine activities. Check out these youthful kids bathroom ideas and get inspired to do the makeover.

A bathroom is a place where children are likely to start and end each day. Hence, space needs to create interest, comfort and exude a part of their personalities as well. The process of planning and designing it involves many factors such as safety, accessibility, storage, theme and much more. There is a unique joy in planning stuff for your little ones, so you can either DIY or hire a design expert to do the makeover if you’re busy. 

Plan your budget beforehand so that your finances aren’t affected much later on. Keep in mind the fact that your kid is going to grow up into a teenager in a few years and his/her needs from a bathroom may change over time. So, make the bathroom’s overall design aesthetics and functionality flexible enough for your children to grow into it. 

Before you head into our curated list of kids bathroom design ideas, let’s have an overview of what all can be done to make the space more kid-friendly:


  • Liven up space with a few cartoonish patterns, designs and decals either on the walls, cabinets, towels
  • Add a splash of bright colours (blue, orange, green, yellow) here and there instead of toned-down colour shades to make it pop and look youthful and fresh
  • Hang funny quotes or framed art on the wall. You can also use fun two-shower curtains
  • Install decor items that can easily be changed in the future as per your child’s needs
  • Use the theme-related decor items subtly to avoid making the bathroom look overcrowded 
  • You can also install unique hooks (to hang robes and towels) for a more fun look
  • You can also display your children’s favourite toys around the area to create a happy environment
  • Opt for lower wall shelving to save the floor space


  • Keep bathroom accessories and personal care items neatly packed away in organisers and kid-friendly bathroom vanity (double vanity) cabinets so that it isn’t always a mess/clutter around
  • Colour-coordinate them with the kid’s overall bathroom wall decor/theme if you wish to, more so if you have more than one kid at home
  • Use multiple integrated sinks and showers/baths to speed up your kid’s bathroom routine and step stools to help them easily and safely reach the sink without hurting themselves 
  • Use low-shelving options so that regular use items are within their arms reach and they do not need to seek adult help for the same


  • Ensure that the bathroom walls are durable and easy to maintain over a period of time
  • You can opt for smooth ceramic tiles to protect your walls from dents and scratches  
  • We know children are playful and are more vulnerable to bumping into things (happens with adults too!) in the bathroom. So, place adhesive pads, child-friendly grab bars or anti-slip mats wherever you feel necessary for their safety 
  • Place adequate pendant lightings and overhead ambient lighting in their bathroom/vanity area so that they can clearly see what they’re doing and can avoid accidents
  • Avoid sharp edges/corners in the bathroom’s interior design and ensure that gentle finishing is incorporated in the bathroom fixtures
  • Install anti-scald devices on faucets and bath/shower valves to safeguard your children’s delicate skin from hot water temperatures and other electrical shocks

Also, avoid making the following design mistakes to be on the safer side:

  • Installing wallpaper instead of tiles in the bathroom – However pretty they look, wallpapers aren’t moisture-resistant and can lead to the peeling and moulding of your bathroom walls. Use the popular repeated-pattern wall tiles instead
  • Placing sanitaryware too high to be reached by kids – Sometimes, the washbasin, towel rail or bathroom cabinets may not be easy to reach by the kids. Make sure they’re installed at the right height or use step stools to compensate for the height instead
  • Installing marble floor instead of non-slip flooring options – If you have boys at home, you need to be extra careful with the flooring you use as Marble + Acidic Liquids = Etching (you got it, right?). The wrong choice of floor tiles can lead to discolouration over time and that can look really bad 
  • Not taking design inputs from the kids themselves (users) – It is your kid who is going to be using the bathroom day in and day out. It is better to give them a voice in the design process and reduce the risk of making them upset on the reveal day. Keep your kids involved in the transformation process as their imagination works more creatively than yours. Put forth a few options and ask them to make a choice as per their liking, this way it will be a win-win situation for both!

Now it’s time to take a look at some amazing children’s bathroom designs that they’ll definitely fall in love with!

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Kids Bathroom Design With A Splash Of Bright-Coloured Stripes

This colourful kid’s bathroom looks both fun and inviting. It is enveloped in light blue-toned interiors and provides the perfect backdrop to the brightly-striped shower curtains. The wooden cabinets placed on the lower-end on each side make it easier for the kids to reach their personal care items and bath toys.

A Vibrant And Exciting Space

The creative combination of blue, green and white colours on the wall makes for a perfect boy bathroom idea. It makes space look more vibrant and energetic. It is also not overwhelming to the eye and feels like you’re walking on water. The bathtub has a convenient threshold for your child to easily get in and the towel railing also looks pretty cool.

As Simple And Cosy As It Can Get

Little girls mostly like it simple with a slight feminine and soft touch to the interiors. The rusty-brown and white wall tiles complement each other elegantly while the recessed ceiling lights provide adequate lighting in this small area. The mirrored cabinet storage space is all that a little girl wishes for her innocent makeup games.

Bathe In Style

Add some playfulness to your kid’s bathroom with this nice cartoon shower curtain that will keep your kid’s imagination running. The built-in, child-friendly grab bar provides safe support to them and prevents them from slipping while they have a bath. The hooks near the door also let them hang their clothes neatly without dropping them around. An ideal way to make your kids more responsible, isn’t it?

Bring Your Favourite Toys Along This Kids Bathroom

This modern yellow and white-themed kids bathroom looks absolutely amazing. The grey painted ceramics and a few flower-patterned tiles on the wall bring in a little more depth to the bathroom’s landscape. The anti-slip mat near the WC serves the purpose and its convenient height also lets your children bring in their favourite toys along.

Girly Pink Vibes

If you’re looking to integrate your little girl’s bathroom into your own without much effort then simply add a medium-sized pink and white-coloured rug and some fresh flowers. The overall room looks really beautiful against the contrast of the wooden panels on each side. Even great if the sanitaryware is already placed really low, else step stools to the rescue, isn’t it?

Yellow, Yellow, Pretty Fellow

Yellow is by far the most popular colour among kids these days. It’s also versatile as it blends in with the patterned backsplash walls as in this case. The kid’s bathroom organisers at a lower height help them store all their bath-items safely. The easy pull-out mechanism is also the icing on the cake.

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All in all, there are countless ways you can decorate a kid’s bathroom without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Awaken your inner child and start experimenting with these kids’ bathroom decor ideas along with your little ones.

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