8 Home Temple Designs That Fit Right Into Modern Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 24, 2024 | 6 mins read

Home temple design for your place

Home temple design is imperative for most Indian houses. Thus, it is no surprise if you are browsing through hundreds of prayer rooms to see what would go great with your interior theme. Luckily, you have come to the right place. At DesignCafe, we don’t treat home temple designs as an additional part when we are designing houses. We make sure that the temple design perfectly fits into the house’s interior narrative. And that’s why we never go for template mandirs for homes. We know every home has its own vibe and hence we personalise modern home temple designs as per the homes. 

In this blog, we bring some of our favourite Hindu temple designs for home. These come with different styles and aesthetics to let you choose your kind of prayer space. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our handpicked mandir designs and choose the one that suits you the best.

Jaali Home Temple Design For Modern Interiors

This jaali pyramid home mandir design would work great for modern Indian apartments. It is compact and can easily fit in any corner of your house. The mandir design entails gorgeous woodwork with a traditional jaali design. The mandir has a bright orange pyramid roof that adds brightness to the place. This mandir design is ideal for one large idol or two to three small idols. Choose a low-traffic corner in your house and install this stunning home mandir.

Modern home temple design with jaali works great for Indian apartments
A gorgeous wooden home temple design with jaali work

A Simple Home Mandir Design For Minimalist Interiors

If you are into simple designs, here’s one for you! It’s a home temple design that reminds us prayer corners can be simple too. It’s a single wooden shelf where you can place your idol. Make sure you use a sturdy wooden plank for such a design. Instead of a wooden shelf, you can also use a marble slab for a wall-mounted temple design. This type of temple is ideal for small homes. It is space-saving and looks very elegant.

Buddha idol on a wall-mounted floating white wooden shelf acts as a small mandir at home
A simple shelf home temple design for small spaces
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A Grand Marble Home Temple Design That Is Timeless

Marble temples have been there forever, and that’s for a reason! They are timeless. Marble brings a lavish appeal that looks grand. So, if you have a dedicated mandir room, go with this marble home temple design. The room has an off-white marble tiling with a marble mandir frame that sits right in the middle of the room. The temple frame comes with a shelf beneath that can be used to store religious books and other mandir essentials. This mandir also comes with a pair of grey upholstered pouffes where you can comfortably sit while offering your prayers. The hanging diyas add a traditional appeal to the mandir.

Marble temple design for home comes with a shelf beneath that can store religious books
A marble home temple design with storage space

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A Marble Carved Home Temple Design With The Perfect Setting

This is another marvellous marble temple design for your home. It comes with a gorgeous marble-carved unit that looks stunning and natural. Its floor-to-ceiling height adds a grand appeal to the mandir corner. The mandir unit comes with two marble slabs to place the idols. This mandir design is ideal for people who live in their own homes. The grand design of the mandir will give you the feel of going to an actual mandir. Hence, the perfect setting for regular temple goers!

Carved marble temple design for home adds a grand appeal
A gorgeous carved marble temple design for your home

A Sleek Home Temple Design For The Bedroom

Many people love having a small prayer corner in their bedrooms. But this becomes difficult, mainly for space constraints. However, our design ninjas thought it a fantastic idea to save space and still include a mandir in the bedroom. This home temple design comes attached with the modular wardrobe. The mandir frame has the same laminate finish as the wardrobe. The best part is that this mandir design comes with storage cabinets beneath. The mandir features a red laminated MDF jaali design with several small shelves on either side where you can place small idols along with the main idol.

God's idol is placed on a storage cabinet, which is attached to a modular wardrobe in the bedroom
A space-saving small temple design for the bedroom

A Plywood Home Temple Design For A Natural Look

If you, like us, love natural-looking design aesthetics, this is the home temple design for you. It is a light wooden plywood mandir unit with a shelf and drawers. The unit can be placed in any low-traffic area of the house. It has enough space to place a medium-sized idol as well as religious books. You can decorate the mandir space with indoor plants to create a refreshing prayer space. This Hindu temple design is ideal for people who prefer subtle temple designs.

Plywood temple design unit for modern homes
A simple plywood home temple unit for modern homes
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A Tall Home Temple Unit With Jaali Doors 

This is a tall temple unit that comes with an interesting design. The temple is placed at the corner of the kitchen. The idol shelf is the same as the kitchen shelf, and the unit encloses two base cabinets of the kitchen. To separate the mandir from the kitchen, we have used two tall jaali doors with a wooden frame. This encloses the temple unit and creates a modular home temple design utilising the kitchen countertop and cabinets. The background of the mandir unit has a jaali decoration that accentuates the traditional appeal.

Mandir temple with jaali doors in the open kitchen area
A tall home mandir design with jaali doors

A Marble Cum Wooden Home Temple Design

Instead of going all marble and wooden, choose this perfect blend of marble and wood for your home temple design. The pooja unit has a marble background with a marble slab for placing the idol. Beneath the marble slab, there is a wooden cabinet with open and closed shelves to store the mandir essentials. The mandir comes with two big jaali wooden doors with intricate traditional decoration. The embellished wooden doors create a gorgeous effect that highlights your prayer space.

Marble cum wooden temple design for home blends perfectly
A grand home temple design made of marble and wood

Choosing the right home temple design can make an incredible difference to your home interiors. This is why you must always choose a pooja unit that matches the rest of your home’s interior narrative. So, feel free to select different materials and styles to find the right temple design for your space. If you need more help, feel free to reach out to us. Until then, keep praying and keep believing.

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