Amp Up Your Home’s Style Quotient With Decorative Lights

by Pooja Dara | February 24, 2024 | 8 mins read

Beautiful decoration lights for home

Opting for the right kind of decoration lights for your home can enhance its overall look and lend a cosy and inviting ambience for one and all. Check out some of the most trending decorative lights below and get inspired to incorporate them into your homes.

A well-thought-out and designed room will always have layers of lighting, be it for lifting up the mood of the space, just providing an accent or making moving around easier.  Let’s have a deeper look at some of the benefits of using decorative light fixtures.

What Are The Advantages Of Decorative Lighting? 

  • It oozes a feeling of richness and style into space, depending upon the type of decorative light(s) used
  • It impacts the overall mood of the people occupying the area and serves as a conversation-starter 
  • It is versatile as it can be used either as a single centrepiece or combined with other lighting layers (types) to tie the whole look together and provide some visual depth
  • They are also available in different shapes, sizes and styles
  • It lends a calming and pleasant ambience to the room while eliminating any shadows
  • It can sometimes even help you smartly hide any existing design flaws in your homes such as cracks and scratches

What Are The Different Layers Of Lighting? 

Layered lighting for the house is a result of the seamless combination of 4 broad categories of lighting sources. They are:  

Ambient Lighting – It is the first layer and the base source of lighting that gives the space an even diffusion of light. 

The light fixtures that can be used for this kind of lighting are – Ceiling Lights (Flush Mount/Semi-Flush Mount), Recessed Lights, Chandelier Lights (Multi-Arm Uplights or Downlights), Pendant Lights (Drum-Shade/Farmhouse), Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Light Dimmers (Multiple colours and intensities of light on the push of a button or at the turn of a knob).

Suitable places where it can be used – Foyer, Dining Room, Bedroom

Accent Lighting – It is the second layer of lighting and is similar to decorative lighting. It helps you to specifically highlight certain statement pieces (family photos/stylish piece of wall decor)  in your room while leaving out dull areas. It also adds an element of visual drama and sophistication to spaces. It can also be used in the exteriors of your home. 

The light fixtures that can be used for this kind of lighting are – Track Lights, Wall Lights, Recessed Lights, Cove Lighting, Picture Lighting, Wall Sconces (Semi-Transparent Frosted Glass, Opaque).

Areas of  your home it can be used- Living Room, Family Room, Entertainment Room

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Task Lighting – It is the third layer and a much more concentrated (direct) source of lighting that allows us to carry out our daily chores easily such as meal prep activities or self-grooming activities. 

The light fixtures that can be used for this kind of lighting are – Pendant Lights, Vanity Lights, Under-Cabinet Lights, Swing Arm Lamps, Wall Sconces, Portable Lamps.

Suitable places where it can be used – Kitchen, Bathroom, Dressing Room Tables 

Decorative Lighting – It is the fourth layer of lighting which helps you illuminate the entire room instead of focusing on one particular area/object of the room. They can also serve the purposes of accent or task lighting in some cases while being less invasive. 

The light fixtures that can be used for this kind of lighting are – Hanging Pendant Lights, Large-Sized Chandeliers, Miniature Chandeliers.

Suitable places where it can be used – Staircase, Hallway, Living Room 

Decorative lights take up a large proportion of Christmas, Diwali and other festive decorations to make your home shine out among the rest. They can take the form of fairy or string lights, net lights, wire lights, LED decorative lights, icicle lights, novelty lights, battery-operated lights.

Some essential tips to follow when you are buying/using decorative lighting for any room

  • While choosing decorative lights for any room, keep in mind some functional, energy-conservation and coordination principles to achieve the most out of your room’s space. For example, use LED lights that produce less heat and save power, colourful lights for kids’ rooms, soft lighting for bedrooms, waterproof lighting for bathrooms and so on. Also, keep the lighting style in sync with the colour scheme and theme of your room. 
  • Measure your room’s dimensions so that you can achieve an equal glow in all its corners. This can include the length of the wall, ceiling to floor height, ceiling to table/bed/sofa height. Your room’s dimensions have an overall impact on how the light spreads (large lights -> less contrast, small lights -> sharp shadows).
  • Use the right kind of bulbs (colour, material and wattage) for your decorative light fixtures to avoid any incidents of melting wires and warming up. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Also, do check the colour of the light being emitted as they can also vary. 
  • Check the dimensions of the decorative light fixture so that it doesn’t look oversized or undersized in proportion to the entire room, furniture or any other decor elements.
  • Take into account your lifestyle and preferences while choosing suitable decorative light fixtures for your space. This will help you plan the proper amount of light for specific activities in specific rooms. 
  • Evaluate the safety factor and also the cost of installation to keep your set budget intact. 

Finally, here are some of the most popular decorative lights that are available in the market today. Make your choice!

A Pair of Hanging Spotlight Chandeliers

This pair of decorative hanging spotlight chandeliers are a perfect choice for your dining room. The cone shape of the light fixture results in the adequate spread of light across the dining table’s surface and looks pretty elegant too.

Dining room decoration lights with a pair of hanging spotlight chandeliers in cone shape give pretty elegantly to the area.

Cylindrical Lights

Add a dash of boldness and style by opting for these cylindrical decorative hanging lights for your living room. They look quite solid and the cylindrical glass frame around each of them provides visual depth.

Glass cylindrical hanging lights add a dash of boldness and style to the area are decorative lights for the living room.

Designer Spiral Light Fixture

Have you ever seen such a unique-shaped light fixture? This spiral-shaped designer light fixture is absolutely mesmerising amidst the concrete flooring and walls. It also complements the rug, wooden furniture and the full-length sofa in the living room.

Living room with spiral-shaped decorative hanging light mesmerises amidst the concrete flooring and walls.

Globe-Shaped Pendant Lights

These globe-shaped decorative pendant lights are a sight for sore eyes. The creative combination of solid, translucent and transparent light fixtures balances out all three layers of lighting in this drawing-room. The varying lengths at which they are installed also bring a sense of flow and character into space.

The living room has globe-shaped pendant lights in varying lengths installed decorative ceiling lights looks elegant.

In The Limelight

This track light is one of the best decoration lights for the bedroom. Not only does it provide under-shelf lighting but also helps you highlight your favourite works of art through downlighting. It looks sleek and also perfectly blends in with the blue-themed interiors of the bedroom. They’re easy to install and replace as well since you just need to unscrew the panel itself.

Track light highlighting works of art through downlighting looks sleek decoration lights for bedroom.

Mid-Length Floor Lamp

This mid-length floor lamp saves up a lot of floor space while also acting as a stunning piece of decor in the bedroom. The elongated structure of the lamp allows optimum light to reach both the levels in the bunk bed and also looks soothing to the eye while sleeping at night. 

Mid-length floor lamp in this bunk bed bedroom is a stunning piece of decorative light.

Modern Wall Sconce Light

This modern decorative wall sconce light provides both uplighting and downlighting in this small foyer area. It matches the modern furnishing in the room and also pairs well with the decorative mirror art on the wall. It adds a classy and sophisticated look to space as well.

Modern sconce decorative wall light providing both uplighting and downlighting in this small foyer area adds a classy look.

Recessed LED Linear Panel Lights

If you’re keen on inserting panel lights throughout the open social areas in your house, you can go in for these recessed LED linear panel lights. They are power-saving as well as space-saving as they’re installed into the ceiling rather than on its surface. You can also adjust the brightness of these recessed lights as per the ambience you want to create by using a dimmer switch. Great, isn’t it? 

The recessed linear led decorative lights panel in this white living room are power-saving as well as space-saving.
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Stick Lights

These distinctively-styled stick lights are the ideal conversation-starters over lunch or dinner in this dining room. The lighting fixture complements the interiors as well as the decor and adds more definition to space.

Stick hanging light in this dining room complements the interiors is the fancy lights for home decoration.

That’s all folks! Make your home dazzle and stand out by dressing it up with some decorative lights. Let us know in the comment box below if you have any more lighting ideas to share. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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