Reignite The Romance In Your Life With 10 Mesmerising Red Colour Bedroom Designs

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 7 mins read

Red colour bedroom ideas for your home

Evoke your passion for red with some beautiful red bedroom design ideas

Red has always been the colour of love, passion, romance and strong emotions. But to create the perfect red bedroom can be pretty tricky. So if you are looking for some inspiration to transform your bedroom into a romantic haven, we have the ideal solution for you. Here in this blog we break down some red bedroom designs so you can choose the perfect red colour bedroom for your home. From vibrant and romantic red bedrooms to minimalistic red accents and different colour combinations that blend together seamlessly. We have every answer to your questions about red bedroom design ideas.

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A Bedroom Design With Red Oxide Flooring And Brick Cladding Wall

Lend a traditional touch to your ultra-modern red bedroom with red oxide flooring. It is a smart, simple, versatile and sustainable way of designing your home. It lends elegance to your room, is easy to maintain and cools down the space too. Pair it up with a red brick cladding wall, some wooden furniture and accents to give your red bedroom a timeless look. So if you want your favourite modern red bedroom to make you nostalgic and take you down the memory lanes of your summer vacation days in your grandparents’ home, you should definitely give red oxide flooring a try.

Brick cladding wall in red bedroom with red oxide flooring lends a traditional touch to space.
Bring in an element of nostalgia to your modern red bedroom with red oxide flooring

A Luxurious Bedroom In Green And Red

A vibrant combination like green and red might sound a little extravagant to you. But if designed with precision and expertise, it can take your red bedroom design to a whole new level. The magic trick is to use ample accent lights, as shown in the image. Keep minimal furniture and light colour ceiling and curtains to cut the monotony of dark colours. Opt for a glass door wardrobe for maximum reflection of lights. You can use stripped lights on the accent wall to beautify the space and highlight your green and red bedroom walls.

Green and red bedroom wall in vibrant combination with minimal furniture and light look bright.
A vibrant bedroom with a green and red accent wall

An American Themed Bedroom In Blue And Red

Thinking of lending an international-themed design for your bedroom interiors? This American themed interior design with red and blue bedroom walls will melt your heart. The red accent wall adds character to the space without being overpowering. The red and blue in the American flag, blue pillows, bed sheets, and curtains compliments the colour scheme without making it too uniform. This design is perfect for kids, teenagers and adults too.

A small red bedroom wall with blue accent bed sheets and curtains adds character to space.
An international-themed bedroom design in blue and red

A Romantic Red Bedroom Design To Reignite Your Chemistry With Your Partner

This attractive bedroom lends a romantic vibe to the space. The velvet bedsheet, lampshades and pillows bring in a cosy vibe to your bedroom. A matching floor rug and curtains accentuate the look of this romantic style red bedroom. You can opt for a wooden herringbone flooring design to match the look. A heart cut out design on the wall adds to the place’s vibe and binds the look together.

Red bedroom idea, Bedroom with red velvet bedsheet, lampshades and pillows brings in a cosy vibe.
A romantic red bedroom design with a cosy, comforting vibe

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Play Around With Red And Various Shades Of Pink

Are you a little unsure about going overboard with a red-painted room? In that case, you can always experiment with some lighter colours and use accessories like red decor elements or accents. Here our designers have opted for pale pink for walls, curtains, throws and ottoman. A tinge of red is introduced in the room with pillow covers and laminates of the side table. This simplistic design is for people who want a light coloured bedroom yet accessorise it with some vibrant red.

Luxury red bedroom accent with various shades of pink is a simple yet elegant design.
A subtle way of adding a dollop of vibrant red to your soothing and light coloured bedroom
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Go Bold With Red And Black Bedroom Walls

Don’t shy away from showing off your bold personality through interior design. Black and red is a deadly combination that lends a classic and bold look to your bedroom. This bedroom exhibits a layered design red false ceiling with black accents. The grey wallpaper accentuates the bedroom’s look while the glossy black laminate, a pretty bed sheet in black and red and a matching floor vase adds to the beauty of this extremely desirable, black and red schemed bedroom.

A red and black bedroom with a grey wallpaper design lends a classic and bold look.
A bold and beautiful, modern bedroom in black and red

Throw In Some Red Accents To Create A Vibrant Look

This bedroom adds a bohemian touch to your bedroom and resonates with uber-cool teenagers and youngsters. The practical wood bed, DIY storage space and decor items are sustainable and eco friendly. The vibrant cushions and armchairs bring a vibrance to this bedroom. The grey wallpaper cuts the monotony of the space yet binds the look together. This is a perfect example of how you can amp up your space with minimal design elements.

Armchairs and bedsheet in red accent bedroom design bring a bohemian touch to space with minimal elements.
A sustainable, eco-friendly and minimalistic red bedroom design

White And Red Gives Your Bedroom A Soothing And Romantic Vibe

Looking for some red wall painting ideas but don’t want to spend a lot on wall paint at the moment? We have an easy solution for you. Opt for a floral patterned wallpaper instead. This intricate wallpaper will help you bring a vibe of a red rose bedroom without cluttering the look of your space. Moreover, white and red give a cleaner look to your bedroom and make your room look spacious and vibrant. You can add some wall to ceiling curtains in a red and white combination to match the theme

Red wall bedroom idea, the bedroom has red floral patterned wallpaper and curtain gives a cleaner look to space.
Make your red and white bedroom ideas a reality with some floral patterned wallpaper

Bring In Some Indoor Plants For Giving Your Red Bedroom A Refreshing Look

Another easy way to bring in some luxury to your red bedroom is to add indoor plants. Plants are known to bring in a lot of positivity and a natural vibe to your space. They are easy to maintain and comparatively cheaper inter-decor options. Moreover, plant parenting is relieved to be extremely therapeutic and positively affects your mental health. But if you have a hectic schedule and find it a little challenging to take care of natural plants, you can always opt for artificial indoor plants to elevate your bedroom.

Minimalist bedroom in a red colour room wall and indoor green plants brings a refreshing vibe.
Add some lush green to your luxury red bedroom with potted indoor plants

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A Classic Grey And Red Bedroom Is Perfect If You Love Sophistication

An interesting assemblage of red and grey bedroom walls is all you need to add oomph to the contemporary interior design. Though these bold colours might make your room look a little dark, proper placement of light and a large window will balance everything out evenly. Opt for a geometric backlit accent wall behind the master bed, some beautiful pendant lights and spotlights to beautify the space. You can also add an LED-lit mirror to make your room look spacious and illuminated. Sleek furniture designs, clean lines and bold colours complement each other beautifully.

A red and grey bedroom design with a modern dressing table looks clean and vibrant.
A red and grey bedroom idea that you will fall in love with instantly

We home your queries related to “red colour bedroom”, “Luxury red bedroom” or “Red room ideas” ends here. If you need any assistance in incorporating these intricate designs in your home or want expert advice in designing your dream home, our designers are always ready to help you. Book a consultation today, and our designers will guide you in making your home not just aesthetically beautiful but functional as well. And for more such home interior design ideas and information, do check our blog and guide section.

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