Come Take A Look At The Best Home Interior Designs At DesignCafe’s HSR Layout Experience Centre

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 25, 2024 | 15 mins read

Design cafe interior design company in hsr layout

Now see, touch and feel every design at DesignCafe’s latest Experience Centre in HSR Layout, Bengaluru.

What defines the people of Bengaluru? They are innovative, chilled out yet quite busy! Bengalureans are also known for their lively and vibrant lifestyle. So their homes need to be functional, user-centric and modern. And to make the dreams of the city’s young, entrepreneurial, tech-savvy crowd, DesignCafe has launched yet another experience centre in HSR layout. Imbibing the lively and free-spirited vibe of this startup hub of Bengaluru, this new experience centre showcases design collections for different spaces of the home keeping in mind the sensibilities of its urban consumers.

From modern living room furniture to modular kitchen designs with advanced storage solutions to wardrobes for bedrooms, this new experience centre in HSR showcases how DesignCafe crafts its home interiors solutions to cater to local needs, tastes and budgets.

So without further ado, let us take you on a walk through of DesignCafe’s newest experience centre in Bengaluru.

A Variety Of Modern Day Modular Kitchen Designs

We may not be able to help you with recipes; however, our modular kitchen designs make cooking an easy affair thanks to our range of innovative kitchen storage solutions and functional design elements. Our kitchen designs focus on the everyday lifestyle of Indian homeowners to make your life as comfortable as we know it.

Here are the kitchen designs showcased at DesignCafe’s HSR experience centre

A Modern Minimal Kitchen Design

Need some zen in your life? Then this modern minimalistic style kitchen design is for you. This style of interiors is for those who love simplicity without compromising on functionality. Here is our version of it with this kitchen in white with a pop of colour –  because colour when used smartly is the life of the space. This clean and clutter-free modern minimal kitchen design is for families that have more than one cook. The wide countertop area provides enough space for cooking and meal preparation. Handless overhead and base cabinets in high gloss laminate in white blend in seamlessly with the countertop. The kitchen has a variety of cabinets to ensure storage of every sort of kitchen article. The kitchen countertop extends into a breakfast counter and is perfect when your kids need to finish their homework or morning meals. White and yellow tiled backsplash brings in a pop of colour to space. Right by the side of the breakfast counter, there is a wall-mounted wine rack that saves space. A pair of pendant lights hangs above the breakfast counter that adds character to the kitchen.


  •  Handleless cabinets saves space and keep things organised
  • A grain pull-out unit to store large sacks of grains and pulses 
  • The easy to open overhead cabinets that make utensils easily accessible
  • A breakfast counter provides extra countertop space for entertaining or morning meals
  •  A wall-mounted wine rack to store bottles and looks appealing too
  • An in-built waste segregation system to keep all the clutter away and is easy to clean
A Modern kitchen interior design layout with cabinets and breakfast in HSR layout experience centre

A Transitional Kitchen Design

Just the right kitchen for the family who likes experimenting, but also seeks comfort in classic designs. This transitional kitchen design borrows the best of both worlds and creates a warm and welcoming yet one that  incorporates innovative textures to keep the look modern. This kitchen design brings the ultimate utilisation of space with a classy cabinetry design finished in cream coloured high gloss laminate. The kitchen has handleless upper and lower cabinets to keep things organised. The kitchen’s black granite countertop is easy to clean and maintain. The most interesting feature of this kitchen are the open dado shelves that maximise the space between the countertop and the upper cabinets. The dado shelf has multiple compartments for easy organisation of kitchen items. The upper cabinets also have a pair of open shelves of greater height than those below to store bigger jars and bottles. Another unique feature is the multifunctional pantry garage and an end unit.


  •  A dado shelf with multiple compartments for extra storage space in the kitchen
  •  A multifunctional  pantry garage to store crockery, glassware and monthly food supplies
  • The tall unit also has an end unit or a wardrobe that can store odd items such as yoga mats, umbrellas or even act as a dresser unit
  • It also has an open shelf on its rear side that can be used as a display unit
  • Cabinets finished in high gloss laminate reflect light and make the space look bright
  •  Both the cabinets and black granite countertop are easy to clean and maintain
  • A moving corner unit to access fag end of spaces inside
A transitional kitchen design in HSR layout experience centre for the family who likes experimenting and seeks comfort

 An Industrial Kitchen Design

Classic greys with concrete textures take you to the post modern industrial era in this kitchen design. A subtle version of the edgy industrial theme, this L-shaped kitchen design is perfect for those who love rugged stone / concrete textures with geometric tiles and sleek design elements. The L-shaped white marble countertop makes this kitchen space look bright. The wooden laminate finish on the lower cabinets and the roller shutter unit brings in industrial style appeal. These kitchens cabinets have been designed with handles with a large number of drawers for storage. From tandem drawers to those that can be used to organise cutlery and small crockery items this kitchen has all kinds of cabinetry solutions to save space.


  • Overhead cabinets have been finished in white laminate and are designed with under cabinet lighting
  •  The lower cabinets have a wooden laminate finish that lend an industrial style appeal to this space
  •  The lower cabinets come with under cabinet lighting and multiple storage options like tandem drawers for heavy items and smaller drawers for small crockery/utensils, cutlery and more 
  •  The shorter countertop has a pull-out wicker basket unit to store veggies and fruits
  • There is a corner carousel unit for large packs of grains and large utensils that makes optimum use of corner space 
  •  The kitchen also has a rolling shutter unit for unobstructed access to crockery and appliances
Industrial kitchen designed with pull-out wicker basket unit and rolling shutter in HSR layout experience centre.
Industrial style kitchen that has a wall-mounted breakfast counter designed by Designcafe in HSR layout experience centre

An Eclectic Kitchen Design

Add some oomph! For those who love the old and the new, the lux and the subtle, earthy and modern M -eclectic is the right choice. Perfect for those who make their own rules, this eclectic kitchen mixes muted

textures with bold colors, prints with neutrals and a touch of Indian with the western design sensibilities. The kitchen has a striking feature of a mix of a red and olive green laminate finish.  It has two cooking stations opposite one another and is ideal for homes with large families with storage on both sides that multiply the cabinet area. This kitchen has been designed with several multifunctional and space saving features to make life for the busy urban Indian easy.


  • A lot of countertop space because of the parallel kitchen layout
  • A pull-down I-move mechanism unit for easy access of top shelves
  • An appliance garage with deep drawers to store heavy crockery and appliances
  • A pantry unit to store dry food 
  • The upper cabinets have LED lighting underneath
  • A multipurpose unit with an inbuilt worktop that extends as an additional preparation space
  • Deep drawers to store heavy crockery / jars and tuck away your grocery and glassware
  • A base unit with pull up shelf for your mixer; a great way to free up the counter space
  • A tiled backsplash brings in an artistic touch to the space
An Eclectic Kitchen Design designed by DesignCafe to add some oomph in HSR layout experience Centre.

An Urban Modern Kitchen Design

This urban modern kitchen is for people who want a fuss-free kitchen design. This kitchen is designed with bold colours and warm wood. The L-shaped kitchen has a black and white marble countertop with the base cabinets finished in navy blue laminate. The base cabinets also include a sleek oil pull out designed just near the hob unit for easy access. The upper units have a combination of open and closed cabinets and an open microwave unit to save precious countertop space.


  • An L-shaped kitchen layout that is ideal for modern apartments
  • The marble white and black marble countertop adds appeal to the space
  • The lower cabinets include a sleek oil pull out for easy access to frequently used oil bottles
  • The upper cabinets have a combination of open and closed cabinets along with an open microwave unit
  • The wooden cabinets have been finished in a bold navy blue that makes a statement 
  • This kitchen’s design experiments with bold colours and warm woods that adds elegance
An Urban modern kitchen with cabinets designed by designCafe in HSR layout  experience centre.

A Collection Of Simple And Modern Living Room Designs

DesignCafe’s HSR Layout experience centre showcases living room designs mindfully crafted and created to fit into Bengaluru’s apartments. These living rooms display an array of smart and functional modular furniture that make optimum use of space and look stylish too.

Here are the living room designs showcased at the DesignCafe’s HSR experience centre

Designcafe offers home interiors with 0% gst

An Indian Modern Living Room Design 

We design homes for you that complete your story. The bed that belonged to your grandma that you can’t let go of, or the couch handmade all those years ago – with our take on the modern Indian design you never have to let go of your roots. This living room takes a cue from traditional Indian elements and gives it a modern twist. Be it laid back or adventurous, modern or rooted in tradition – when at home, just be you. This cream coloured open living room design is ideal for families that prefer subtle furniture designs. The sitting area of the living room has a two-seater high arm sofa upholstered in blue and a touch of tradition with its exposed wooden legs. Right beside the sofa there is a wooden laminate side table that maintains a clutter-free look. Next to the sofa, there is an accent chair upholstered in printed fabric that brings character to space. The armchair is complemented with a high single seater bench in the same print that completes the look. The living room also has a sleek TV unit designed with a floating unit with closed drawers to store remotes, magazines and more. Right beside the TV unit, there is a wall-mounted wooden shelf unit to store books and artefacts. The seating area has a white laminate top rectangular coffee table that adds appeal to the place.


  • A blue upholstered high arm two-seater sofa that adds comfort to the place
  • An accent chair in printed upholstery with a matching high single seater bench that together make a  set
  • A sleek TV unit with a floating shelf finished in white laminate with closed drawers for storage options
  • A wall-mounted wooden bookshelf to display your favourite novels and artefacts
Indian modern living room design that has a cue from traditional Indian elements and a modern twist in HSR layout

An Elegant Living Room Design

This is an elegant living room setup that showcases an interplay of modern aesthetics with warm wood finishes. The sitting area has a gorgeous pastel pink upholstered sofa with a pair of bolster pillows. Next to the sofa, a peach coloured armchair adds a cosy feel to the space. The armchair is decorated with a printed cushion that breaks the monotony of solid colours. The living room showcases a lot of woodwork with a light wooden rectangular coffee table, a folding wooden side table that can be expanded when required, a TV unit and wooden flooring. The TV unit has closed cabinets finished in wooden laminate with multiple storage options. The living room’s ceiling has a wooden false-ceiling with an elegant glass ball chandelier. The living room’s accent wall has been designed in textured brown that accentuates the aesthetics.


  •  An upholstered pastel pink two-seater sofa with bolster pillows that add comfort to the place
  • An elegant peach armchair with a printed pillow 
  • The interplay of wooden design elements in the form of a light wood rectangular coffee table, a folding wooden side table that can be expanded when required, a TV unit and wooden flooring
  • The TV unit has multiple storage options with its wooden finished storage cabinets
  • The sitting area is highlighted with an elegant grey rug
  • The living area’s accent wall with a brown textured design that accentuates the aesthetics
  •  A space-saving wooden side table that is easily foldable
An elegant living room that showcases an interplay of modern aesthetics designed by DesignCafe in HSR layout

An Interesting Sitting Area Design With Different Seating Options

This space shown in the image here brings together an interplay of different seating choices to form an interesting living room sitting area. The seating options include a traditional high arm two-seater sofa with two upholstered bucket chairs in a green velvet fabric and the other in floral print fabric. The sitting area also has a floral printed upholstered armchair, a one wooden top metallic coffee table and a side table. This sitting area design is ideal for modern families that love to experiment with styles and textures.

An interesting sitting area design with different seating options designed by DesignCafe in HSR layout.

A European Classical Dining Room

Go all classical with this theme that uses the details of wall trims floral motives, a few ornamental hints to bring back old world charm. Inspired by the European classical design, this dining room adds a touch of timeless luxury to your home. Be it furniture, wall finishes, lighting or decor  this space combines these elements to create a space that is unique to you. Speak to our designers to see which design theme works best for you. This is a classical dining room designed with European sensibilities. The classical trims on the wall with the accent floral wallpaper designs will add serenity to your dining space. The lighting of the dining area is kept warm and vintage to go with the yesteryear interior theme. The dining space has a solid wood rectangular dining table with a pair of old-style wooden chairs and a dining bench that will surely elevate your place’s interior quotient.


  •  The classical wall trims and the floral accent wallpaper will bring back old European charm
  •  Sleek and minimal lighting to complements the classical European theme
  •  A solid-wood, smooth-finish dining set that brings timelessness 
A European classical dining room that adds a touch of timeless luxury designed by DesignCafe in HSR layout

A Display Of The Best Modern Wardrobe Designs

The HSR experience centre also brings a cool display of wardrobe designs for you to choose from. Unlike other interior setups, this area highlights a variety of wardrobe designs of different interior themes.


  •  The elegant grey matte finish two-door wardrobe design ideal for minimalist designs
  •  A light wooden finish white laminate front wall length wardrobe design with extra drawers
  •  A peppy wardrobe design with a two-door design and handleless storage drawers
  •  A rustic red and grey wooden wardrobe design for modern rustic interiors
  •  A vibrant yellow wardrobe design with a sleek pull out dressing unit
Modern wardrobe designs of different interior themes designed by DesignCafe in HSR layout

A Multi-Purpose TV Unit Built For A Young Urban Crowd

This multi-purpose TV unit is designed to facilitate space maximisation and a variety of storage options for the young and vibrant crowd of Bengaluru. The TV unit has a sleek design with floating open shelves around the space dedicated for the TV screen. The unit also has a tinted glass front vertical shelf and a tinted glass front horizontal shelf that adds glamour to the setup. These open and glass-front shelves are perfect to display crockery and artefacts also giving you an ideal place to stack your precious decor.  The TV unit also has a gorgeous storage unit with multiple drawer options to store different essential items like the TV remote, dining table covers, photo albums, and more. This TV unit design is ideal for dining areas to save the space of a separate crockery display unit.

A Multi-Purpose TV Unit built for a young urban crowd designed by DesignCafe in HSR layout.

A 1 BHK Show Flat Design

DesignCafe’s HSR Experience Centre also brings a beautiful rendition of a compact 1 BHK to show how smart design can create the most functional home -even in the most limited amount of space. This 1BHK showflat utilises DesignCafe’s best space-saving features to create a comfortable living space for three.  The master bedroom of the 1BHK exhibits a modern minimalistic style design with a neutral and warm colour palette. The 1 BHK also has an open living area that forms a comfortable spot in the house using suitable modern furnishings.  Overall, the 1BHK home design reveals the modular, space utilising and user-centric design sensibilities of DesignCafe that makes every home unique and personalised.


  • Wooden flooring with a space-saving sleek bedroom wardrobe, a TV unit and a compact, space-saving study unit
  • An open kitchen cum dining area, where an L-shaped kitchen layout beautifully utilises the space with a modern storage cabinet design
  • The dining area is designed with a lightwood finished dining table set and a wall-mounted space-saving crockery unit
  • An upholstered loveseat, an armchair and a sleek millennial-style TV unit with shelves have been included in the open living area
A 1 BHK show flat design that has best space-saving features designed by DesignCafe in HSR layout.

DesignCafe’s experience centre in HSR layout is a rendition of the firm’s latest and most urban interior designs. The centre brings an overall experience of how the brand is specific with its designs to create homes that reflect the personality, taste and style of its customer and one that is well within budget. And remember, the designs mentioned above are only some of the interior setups from the centre. You will find many more design options that will help you build your dream home. So, what are you waiting for? Write to us and book a tour for our new experience centre and experience some of the best home interiors ever!

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