Go Scandinavian And Transform Your Living Space Into A Clutter-Free Natural Beauty

by Pooja Dara | February 18, 2024 | 7 mins read

Scandinavian interior design ideas for your home

Experience the versatility of Scandinavian interior design literally in your homes than just in Ikea magazines. Skim through our collection of Scandinavian interior design ideas and get motivated to create your very own signature style.

The Scandinavian style of interior design originated in the 1950s and largely evolved from five Nordic influences, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. This modern look has grown in popularity over the years with the immense contributions of Ingvar Kamprad (Founder-Ikea), Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Alvar Aalto and Eero Arnio, all of whom are talented Scandinavian designers. The style is also known for its attractiveness, functionality and simplicity.

Wondering what’s the difference between Scandinavian, Nordic and Minimalist interior design style? The differences are minor but really significant. So, here you go!  

  1. Scandinavian Style Of Interior Design – It focuses on the use of organic and natural materials like woven baskets, wooden chairs and so on. It also advocates the use of pale base colours in open spaces with a pop of bright colors in between. It can easily be integrated or fused with other interior design styles to create more definition, coziness and a stylish vibe into your living space. 
  2. Minimalist Style Of Interior Design – It focuses on the use of industrial materials like lacquered plastics, stainless steel and so on. It encourages the use of free-flowing geometric patterns and typically black and white color schemes, but you can use other bright colors as well. It offers a softer look to your living space with textures. 
  3. Nordic Style Of Interior Design  – It combines the design elements typical of Finland, Iceland and Scandinavia under its umbrella. The decor is embellished with bright-coloured motifs and patterns and is defined with linear electric fixtures that don’t create any visual clutter. 

Scandinavian interior design style offers multiple benefits to your home:

  1. It makes the room look much more spacious with its clean and straight lines. 
  2. It lends a simple yet modern vibe to the space, one that’s practical and a breeze to maintain.
  3. It advocates the principle of multifunctional and organised storage to save on floor space and avoid any clutter. 
  4. It is pretty cost-effective as this look can be put together by mixing quality decor items that are differently priced. 

If you have already made up your mind on going ahead and trying out thi style, you need to be aware of some Scandinavian interior design principles and elements as well. To save you time on the research part, we’ve summarised them for you here.

  • Colour Palette – Neutral colors, muted and calm colours such as white, light grey, soft amber, neutral pinks, soft icy blues, muted sage, muted ivory and muted taupe, etc. Such colors will evoke a sense of capacity and calm into the room interiors. 
  • Lighting – Creatively play around with natural light as much as possible. In case there’s not much scope, you can even use artificial layered lighting (pendant overheads, colorful lighting, task lighting) to create a similar effect. You can opt for larger translucent or sheer windows to induce some extra warmth and visually enlarge the space.  
  • Material – For beddings and upholstery, use eco-friendly and natural fabrics like cotton, wool, sheepskin, jute and linen. For furniture, use rosewood, oak, maple or teak in warmer and lighter tones.
  • Natural Elements – Use more green potted plants to connect the indoors to the outdoors. Scandinavians are mostly nature lovers but have to spend most of their time inside their houses during winters. Adding green elements helps them to retain that connection. 
  • Furniture And Bedding – Add contrast by pairing modern and multifunctional furniture with some stunning vintage decor to make the space feel more organic. Use swan chairs, lounge chairs or coffee table-cum-storage chests with light wood accents to level up the comfort quotient. 

Use layered bedding by using muted color linen sheets and throwing in some bright-colored accent pillows or botanical-printed sheets with solid colour pillows. 

  • Home Decor – Add graphic patterns (geometric or floral) onto draping fabrics or wall paneling. Try to mix textures to create a perfect balance but don’t use more than three Scandinavian decor elements in a particular space, else it will look like you’re trying too hard! 

You could add some olive branches, photography, candles in brass candleholders, nature-inspired sculptures or small colorful art pieces as decorative accents. However, don’t make it look overly ornate. Make the fireplace a focal point of attraction in case you have one!

  • Overall design philosophy – Incorporate the hygge and lagom philosophy into your room’s design: ‘Hygge’ (derived from Denmark) means ‘cozy togetherness’, so do add some personal touches that instantly make you happy the moment you walk into the room. 

‘Lagom’ (derived from Sweden) means ‘just right’ ‘or ‘moderated’, so add just those elements into your room which you truly love (no less or no more). 

Advocate the concept of minimalism over maximalism, and try creating a casual layout for your space that would encourage more social interactions.

Finally, let’s look into some of the most popular Scandinavian interior design ideas that’ll inspire you to make the transformation.

Japanese Scandinavian Interior Design 

Are you longing for some peace and comfort with your loved ones? If yes then this Japanese Scandinavian family room is an ideal choice. The room’s interiors are a creative mix of warm materials, low-lying furniture and tatami mat (that’s typical of Japanese tradition), and the zen decor style. The white walls and the light brown single-seater is a sight for sore eyes, while the circular wooden shelf allows you to display small souvenirs and decorative items.

Scandinavian japanese interior design with low-lying furniture
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Rustic Scandinavian Interior Design 

Want a style that’s raw, durable and natural beauty? This rustic Scandinavian living room will be the perfect choice for you. The brown textured walls and the wooden center table instantly reminds you of being with nature while the wide grey sofa while and the cute picnic table in the corner lend a minimalistic look to the space.

Scandinavian interior design in rustic style with brown textured walls and wooden center table

Industrial Scandinavian Interior Design 

This industrial Scandinavian living room interior design is quite opulent with its black steel beam framework, unfinished white brick walls and polished concrete floors. Multiple hanging industrial lights add a lot of definition to the space while the full-size glass windows and soft-fabric furniture instantly tone down the overall bold look and bring the brightness of nature into the interiors. The clean lines also bring elegance to the room.

Living room scandinavian interior design with black steel beam framework for industrial look

Traditional Scandinavian Interior Design 

This living-cum-dining room depicts a traditional Scandinavian interior design India which is achievable with a reasonable budget. The wooden logs arranged in a black frame, tree stump accessories and the wood-texture wallpaper add a sense of agedness, while the white rug and sofa add cheerfulness and coziness to the entire room’s landscape. 

Traditional scandinavian interior design in india with tree stump accessories and the wood-texture wallpaper

Farmhouse Scandinavian Interior Design 

This farmhouse Scandinavian living room looks pretty down-to-earth and beautifully livable with its white aged-looking pillars and framework. The large shutter windows and the wooden tables do remind you of living in a farmhouse, doesn’t it? Pops of green plants here and there and storage cum three-seater couch allows for utilising the space to its optimum potential. 

Farmhouse scandinavian interior design style which is beautifully livable with its white aged-looking pillars

Modern Scandinavian Interior Design 

This modern Scandinavian interior design for the bedroom instantly spells contemporary and classy. The pair of adjustable reading lights and the earthy-colored curtains blend well together. The flow of the white interiors is elegantly broken by the bed and the other furniture in the room. The room’s overall design looks neat and clean. 

Scandinavian interior design for bedroom which is classy and contemporary

All in all, Scandinavian homes can help you incorporate both functionalism and egalitarianism (read: equal balance) in your homes, that too without breaking the bank! Want to add the cosiness of the Scandinavian design style, but don’t know how to start? Well, head over to DesignCafe and book your interior design consultation call now.

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