7 Ridiculously Smart Renovation Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

by Devna Tiwari | February 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kitchen renovation ideas to make your kitchen look expensive

Renovate your kitchen with these design hacks and get that luxe look in seconds.

Undoubtedly kitchens have become the focal point of every house – a space where you can flaunt your taste, lifestyle and class. No longer are kitchens spaces of pure functionality but aesthetics have found their way here too. Therefore paying attention design, layout and colour is quite critical. 

Your kitchen must have every element from fun to functional and from conventional to contemporary. And most importantly, it must have a luxe touch to it.

Renovating a kitchen to look expensive can be pretty daunting. But with the right tips and tricks you can achieve your goal without sweating. Here are seven ideas to renovate your kitchen and give it a rich touch!

Neutral Shades Scream Luxury

You can give your kitchen an instant transformation with a fresh coat of colour. Lighter shades such as champagne, beige and pastel hues are the choice of the wealthy. If you own a modular kitchen with lots of cabinets and storage options consider darker colours such as charcoal and teal that blend well with the overall aesthetics and make your kitchen look lavish. On the other hand, if you are tight on space then consider a white colour scheme. White reflects light and will make your kitchen look spacious. If you don’t wish to paint your entire kitchen, you can paint the cabinets for a noticeable change. A background wall can add more value to your kitchen while wallpaper  is a budget friendly option.

Smart kitchen renovation idea with a light colour palette and white cabinetry makes this kitchen look luxurious
A light colour palette and white cabinetry makes this kitchen look luxurious

Gift Your Cabinet A New Knob

If you are content with your existing cabinets and shelves upgrade your kitchen with modern fixtures. Bring in new handles, door pulls and hinges with decorative pieces in startling hues. Just ensure to pick pieces that fit your cabinets right. And don’t be afraid to mix metals, and unlacquered brass or shiny nickel. Simple and easy on the pocket too!

Remodel your kitchen with tiny elements likes knobs uplift the look of cabinets several notches
Tiny elements likes knobs uplift the look of cabinets several notches
Revamp your home with modular kitchen interiors

Give Your Backsplash A Makeover

Backsplashes make quite the statement to kitchens. After cabinets, this is where you should put your money if you want to upgrade your kitchen. It’s a great tool to boast of your style and taste as well. Go crazy and play with colours or textures like herringbone, concrete or penny tiles.

Kitchen makeovers with backsplashes, it makes quite the statement to kitchens
Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in this kitchen is the backsplash that blends perfectly with the rest of the space

Lavish Lighting Spells Luxury Like No Other

Lights are often the most neglected element while designing a kitchen. You won’t be able to get a completely luxurious look with tardy light fixtures. Low hanging lights create an illusion of a higher ceiling, especially above kitchen counters, islands, and adjoining dining areas. Pendant lights too are a great option and you can use a pair or a cluster. Dimmers are another way to make your kitchen look expensive. Dim lights at dinner time bring in a warm, moody glow for an intimate atmosphere.

Redesign your kitchen with a low hanging lights and pendant lights create an illusion of a higher ceiling
This focused low hanging panel light adds a statement to this kitchen

Let Marble Do Its Magic

Who doesn’t fancy marble in their kitchen? It adds elegance and gives the place a splash of luxury. If you do not have marble countertops, do not worry! A few hacks can help you use this material for its inherent purpose – luxury! All you need to do is add small hints of it to your current kitchen. A pre-cut piece of marble can give you a tiny baking space in your kitchen. You can use marble tiles to make a chic backsplash or use them to remodel a portion of the kitchen floor. Moreover, marble goes well with almost every colour palette and adding a little of it can make your kitchen look way more expensive.

Use marble tiles to make a chic backsplash or use them to remodel a portion of the kitchen floor
The touch of marble gives this kitchen a luxurious look

Add Modular Cabinets

If you are a proud owner of dull wooden cabinets, shelves made of stones, it’s time to shift to modular kitchen units. They are multifunctional, come with plenty of storage options, adds a statement to your kitchen and makes your kitchen look expensive. Investing in a modular kitchen unit is something to consider if you want to make a grand statement.

Great kitchen renovation idea with a beautiful grey cabinets with complementing decor
Beautiful grey cabinets with complementing decor make this setup just perfect

Include A Kitchen Island Cum Breakfast Bar!

If you follow reality cooking shows, you would have noticed that every modern or expensive-looking kitchen has an island or breakfast bar that makes it stand out. Put your dead floor space to use and introduce one in your kitchen and notice an instant change. And don’t forget to consider a marble countertop for that magically luxurious look.

Remodel your kitchen to include a kitchen island cum breakfast bar
A beautiful island brings in an element of refined luxury in kitchens

Renovating a kitchen can seem like a challenging and tedious task. But if you know your taste, even the tiniest details can transform your dull kitchen into a million-dollar one!

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We’d love to know if any of these ideas helped you in any way. Reach out to us on our social media platforms or leave a comment below. 

Happy Renovating! We wish you a million-dollar kitchen.

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