5 Gorgeous Asian Interior Design Living Room Ideas

by Naina Khare | January 3, 2024 | 4 mins read

Asian living room design ideas will instantly aggrandize the aesthetics of your space

Did you ask for Asian living room design ideas? Check out our curated collection of the best of the lot. 

The living room is where we spend a considerable part of our day. It’s essential to furnish your living space with gorgeous interiors that perfectly cater to your specialized needs and make you feel at home. The room should be aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and re-energizing. 

The Asian-style interior design highlights the cultures and traditions of India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Eastern societies. While some Asian-inspired home decor sticks to one style, others blend two or more cultural influences perfectly. The most recognizable designs that people opt for are Chinese and Japanese, but Asian can broadly encompass those from the Indian subcontinent. 

1. Simple, Modern-styled Asian Living Room Design

This Asian living room adds a surplus of positive energy. This living room’s cream and beige ceiling is lit with warm yellow lights that also furnish warmth to the elegant elements of the sofa set, the dark wood coffee table, and other accent furniture items. Besides, the decor has an excellent muted background, beige wallpaper, and a deep red cabinet. 

The colourful bench complements the other decor pieces. However, the element that brings them all together is the latticework. This living space incredibly depicts a typical Asian living room design.

Modern-styled asian living room with earthy undertones design
Tune in simplicity and sophistication with the earthy undertones, clean lines, and functionality.
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2. Traditional Asian Living Room Decor

An excellent addition of the sophisticated black-and-beige palette dominates the cream marble flooring of this elegant Asian-inspired living room. A vintage yet modern seating area with an oriental coffee table matches well with the accent painting. The addition of the light blue floral wallpaper makes the decor pop! 

The white and black cushioned sofa, dominated by decorative panels with a few statement accessories, contrasts the entire decor nicely. Furthermore, the white ceiling features brilliant chandelier lighting, raising the aura of the living room’s elegance. Add wooden accent pieces or other old-charm items for a more vintage vibe.

Traditional asian living room featuring a modern seating area with an oriental coffee table
Furnish a vintage-aesthetic meeting modern-use vibe to your living room.

3. Industrial Asian-inspired Living Room Design

This Asian-inspired living room decor bestows the picture of modern Japan. The industrial look matches the pendant lights, the wooden furniture, and the four-legged modern coffee table. There’s a nice contrast between the white walls and light flooring with colourful patterned fabrics and an area rug.

The brilliantly coffered ceilings are illuminated by the large glass window, complementing the lush green garden. The light grey accent wall serves as an excellent background for the elegant, warm lighting of the decor. To augment the brilliance, consider installing a small chandelier.

Industrial-style living room with asian-inspired elements features diverse hues that exude richness and warmth
Create a timeless style that exuberates richness and warmth by implementing diverse hues.

4. Contemporary Asian-cultured Living Room Design

This contemporary Asian living room design features a white farmhouse ceiling with wooden accents. Wall-mounted frames adorn the light grey walls, and a standing oriental modern lamp matches the overall lighting of the space. The stand-out elements are the cute embellishments on the low-hung modern coffee table and at the room’s far end. 

Install a few brilliant crystal cube pendant lights to contrast the couches’ white ceiling and redwood elements and the oriental-style shelves matching the wooden moulding. The addition of classic portraits on the wall makes this Asian living room all the more fitting and prominent.

Asian living room in Contemporary style features a white farmhouse ceiling with wooden accents
Characterize curved lines and minimalism while focusing on form and fluidity.

5. Warm Asian Living Room Interior Decor

This simple and cosy Asian-style living room has an L-shaped sectional sofa with two different materials. This sofa set faces a low-hung transparent glass coffee table that bestows a modernized accent on the space. These are all surrounded by rustic walls adorned with simple artwork. For a more old-charmed vibe, don a brilliant golden chandelier in the middle of the grey ceiling. However, modern lights cast off an equally warm contrast as well.

Asian-inspired living room adorned with simple artwork embodies rustic style
Characterize wooden fixtures and warm colour compatibility with a dash of grittiness.
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The Asian heritage is innately serene and peaceful. As elephants remind us of Thailand, cherry blossoms remind us of Japan, Chinese bamboo is a reminder of Pandas in China – certain home decorations remind us of the rich culture of Asia. An inspiring way to see the world is through themed interior designs! We sure hope you loved these design ideas and were able to make the best out of them. If you have any queries or questions, we answer them here. Also, don’t forget to show us some love in the comment section below. Happy decor!

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