5 Different Styles Of Dining Room Chairs For Indian Families

by Nikita Raikwar | January 3, 2024 | 3 mins read

Guide on dining room chair styles for your home

Give your mealtimes a facelift with eclectic and modern dining room chair styles.

All of us love playing host every now and then — be it extravagant parties and celebrations or simple get-togethers and brunches. From putting on display a scrumptious range of Indian and international cuisine to a good Bollywood number, we know how to paint the town red. And what better way than completing the charm of a musical evening with the perfect dining room chair style that comfortably seats your guests. So, here’s your guide to the different styles of dining room chairs. Find the match for your dining room and consider investing in these chairs if you are the kind that loves to host friends and folks for a fun Sunday brunches.

Ace Traditional Dining Chair Styles With Slat Back Wooden Chairs

If keeping it classic and traditional is your style for home decor and furnishing, then opt for slat back wooden chairs to compliment your dining room setting. These chairs are super comfortable and perfect for someone eyeing oriental-style dining chairs for their dining room.

Dining Room Chairs in a traditional touch
Slat back wooden chairs are a timeless choice

Add Oomph With Wingback Art Deco Style Dining Chairs

While slat back chairs give your dining room the traditional classic look, a wingback chair is perfect for designing an elegant and luxurious dining space. The white-cushioned wingback chairs in this dining room surround a simple wooden dining table and instantly upgrade the space. You can also pair these art deco style dining chairs with a marble top dining table.

Dining Room chairs in Art Deco style that add elegance to the space
Art deco style dining chairs for elegant comfort
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Embrace Vintage Love With Victorian-Style Dining Table And Chairs

If your heart is stuck in the 1800s eyeing timeless vintage elements, then this set of Victorian-style dining table and chairs will definitely charm you. This dining room set-up is made even more interesting by pairing floral printed chairs with solid beige chairs. This Victorian-style dining table and chair set will be the perfect addition to a heritage home.

Dining room chair in a vintage style for large family meals
Vintage-style dining chairs for large family meals

Go For Cafe-Style Dining Chairs To Create A Relaxed Vibe

If you are itching for some relaxed beachy vibes with a sprinkle of spring and summer in your dining room, then these cafe-style dining chairs are what you need. These clear pashe chairs pair perfectly with a minimalist wooden table. They are easy to arrange, light-weight and look surprisingly modern. Much to one’s delight, beach-style dining table and chairs have taken the internet by storm and have been a trendsetter among millennials.

Dining room chairs in a cafe-style that creates a relaxed vibe
Multi-purpose cafe-style dining chairs

Create A Luxurious Set Up With Bucket Dining Chairs In Velvet

Upholstered armchairs ooze a vibe of their own. They are an ideal choice for those who are looking to create a dining space that complements their modern aesthetics. This statement armchair design is a great pick. With a bulky backrest and arm top, it’s one of the finest in our dining room styles chart.

Bucket dining room chairs in velvet that adds luxury
Velvet bucket chairs for comfortable luxury

Dining room chair styles and designs come handy especially when you are amidst home renovations and eyeing pieces that will last long and be an integral part of your home. And now that you are in the clear with the kind of dining space you want to create, you can amplify its aesthetic appeal with chandeliers by learning more on the blog finest dining room chandelier ideas for your home.

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