6 Victorian Style Dining Room Sets To Bring Back The Dramatic Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Victorian style dining room ideas for your home

Bring the richness and extravagance of Victorian-style dining room sets in your modern homes!

Popular in the nineteenth century, Victorian interior design is a celebration of extravagant and dramatic interiors. If you’re planning to get Victorian-style dining room sets, be warned that this design is the polar opposite of the regular modern designs that we know. It features heavy decorations, oversized furniture and eclectic styles. The Victorian era was when furniture and decorations were becoming accessible to the common folks. Thus home interiors became rich and opulent. It was also the era when people believed that undecorated homes were a mark of poor life taste. 

Although we have come a long way in interior design from the heavy and ornate interiors of Victorian times, it’s still interesting to mix and match elements from different styles. Thus, we came up with some ideas for Victorian dining room furniture with gorgeous dining tables that will fit right into our modern homes. These Victorian-style dining room sets will introduce a timeless classic touch to your home designs. It’s a great way to add a glorious twist to your modern homes. So let’s check out these Victorian-style dining room sets that will take you back to a time of lavish decorations. 

White And Gold Victorian Style Dining Room Sets Are A Classic Choice

Gold and white furniture ruled the Victorian-era dining room. So the first table design in our list of Victorian-style dining room sets has to be this one! The table has a pristine white countertop which sits on four incredibly gorgeous white legs with ornate details in gold. The table’s curved legs mimic the Victorian era’s lavish furniture legs. We teamed this table with equally royal upholstered chairs that are no less than the Victorian dining room chairs. Victorian-style dining room sets such as these are ideal for homes with a royal interior theme. A golden rug goes further to recreate the Victorian-era dining room.

Victorian-era dining room with white and gold victorian dining table is ideal for homes with a royal interior theme
A classic white and golden Victorian-style dining table

Elegant Round Shapes Dominate Victorian Dining Room Furniture

If you are not up for the extensive, rectangular Victorian-style dining room sets then this one’s for you! This round and compact dining table is ideal for small homes. The dining table has a gorgeous white countertop with a decorated wooden leg. Four printed cushioned chairs complete this Victorian dining room furniture. If you’re looking for modern Victorian dining room ideas, this set can easily blend into modern eclectic homes. You can team this dining table with other modern wooden furniture pieces to create uniformity in the room’s interiors.

A round and compact victorian dining table are ideal for small homes and the best victorian dining room furniture
Bring elegance with this gorgeous space-saving Victorian dining room furniture
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Long Victorian Style Dining Room Sets For Big Families

This is a sleek Victorian-style dining table set that is ideal for spacious homes with many family members. The dining table borrows the extravagance of the Victorian era with its opulent design. However, the dining table is also personalised for modern homes by adding a foldable feature to it. This long dining table has a foldable half to accommodate more diners when needed. This saves space and adds a modular twist to Victorian dining room furniture. The dining table is paired with decorative cushioned Victorian dining room chairs that accentuate the appeal further.

Long victorian style dining room sets are personalised and perfect for big families
A Design Cafe special Victorian dining table with foldable design

Another Gorgeous Round Victorian Dining Room Set

If you liked the earlier round dining table design on the list, you will love this one! The round Victorian dining table has a dreamy light golden design with ornate decorations. The smooth and polished tabletop adds a seamless look. The dining table features a heavily decorated leg that was quite popular in the Victorian-era dining room. The table is teamed with four modern cushioned chairs, making the perfect modern Victorian dining room ideas. The angled legs of the chairs add a modern twist. Match this setup with a light golden and white carpet to perfectly replicate a Victorian dining room.

Round victorian dining room set in a light golden design with ornate decorations are perfect victorian dining room ideas
A round Victorian dining table ideal for small homes

Antique Wooden Oval Victorian Style Dining Room Sets

If round and rectangle dining sets are not your thing, go with this oval Victorian-style dining table. The table here has a polished wooden look with decorated legs. The dining chairs, however, have a simpler style compared to the rest of our Victorian dining room chairs. This oval dining table set is ideal for joint families. You can maintain the Victorian style for the rest of the dining room by adding some antique wall frames. You can also add an old-style chandelier and a rustic bar cabinet for a contemporary twist.

Victorian style dining room sets in an oval wooden design are ideal for joint families
Add a twist to your dining room with this antique oval Victorian dining table

Mix It Up With Modern Victorian Dining Room Ideas

If you want to create a fusion between Victorian and modern interiors, this is it! The dining room here comes with a classic Victorian-style dining table. It is an oval antique table with a polished brown look. It comes with quintessential Victorian-style embellishments. You can complete this Victorian-style dining table set with antique wooden chairs. However, we chose to pair this table with four modern bucket chairs. This creates the perfect balance of contemporary and Victorian styles.

A victorian-style dining table with modern bucket chairs is the perfect modern victorian dining room idea
Create the perfect modern and Victorian interior mashup with this dining room design

There you have it! Victorian-style dining room sets with gorgeous dining tables and chairs. But before you indulge yourself in such a lavish dining room setup, make sure you have enough space. You can also team these dining table sets with modern wooden furniture sets. Design Cafe can help you come up with these personalised interior designs. Reach out to us today!

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