Brick Wall Bedroom Designs for an Instant Upgrade

by Nikita Raikwar | February 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Brick wall design ideas for bedroom

Make a statement and add character to your home with brick wall designs for your bedroom space; here’s how!

Don’t let Pinterest and Instagram trap you into neutral, muted, dull, monochrome homes lacking character. There is plenty you can do with your homes, and it shouldn’t limit you from experimenting with rustic, industrial styles that aren’t confined to the trends that follow on social media—cue in brick wall designs that offer an instant makeover to your space without much hassle.

These wall styles have forever been part of the interior design ecosystem and are much loved by fans of rustic charm and industrial designs. Here’s how to make the most of this bare brick wall design for your bedroom interiors. 

Brick Wall Design As A Wall Accent

Understandably, brick wall designs can be a little too much when incorporated across the length and breadth of your bedroom design; however, just a sliver of it can amplify the character of your home. As shown in the image, this style doesn’t take anything away from your peaceful sanctuary while also making a statement. It is not distracting and adds a more chic vibe to the space.

Contemporary bedroom features a half-brick wall design with a grey-coloured wall
A peaceful contemporary bedroom

Bedroom Foam Bricks Design in Green

If bare brick wall designs are too in-your-face for your home, this style is a great choice. It is subtle, modern in approach, and aligns with the interior design trends of the season. This gorgeous bedroom design has all the elements infusing modern industrial charm into your home. The monochromatic wall art frames, solid grey upholstered bench, a sturdy bed, and a simple rug complete the look. What more do you need?

Bedroom foam bricks are designed in green, adding a touch of colour and texture to the room's decor
A gorgeous inlay of greens and greys in this space
End to end modular interiors for your dream home interiors

A Rustic Bedroom Brick Wall Design: Cosiness Redefined 

If there’s anything that signifies a cosy setting, it’s introducing warmer light wood finishes to your space. Add this gorgeous rustic bedroom brick wall design, and you are good to go. The lovely wardrobe in a black-tinted glass design adds a speck of personality and style to this space, seamlessly blending with the dark walls of this room. Picture-perfect in every sense.

Rustic-style bedroom brick wall design blends beautifully with a black-tinted glass wardrobe
Warmer rustic space for autumn lovers

Industrial Brick Wall Bedroom Decor That Wows

In the race to find the perfect monochrome style, an industrial brick wall bedroom decor has stolen our hearts. This room enchants us with its modern charm. The brick wall’s quiet aesthetic appeal pairs well with the bare shelves that add personality to the room. Not to mention the hardwood flooring that complements the entire black-and-white look. This industrial-style white-washed brick wall design will be a good choice if you want accent walls that add a cool element. 

Industrial brick wall bedroom decor paired with hardwood flooring complements the space
Industrial bedroom with bare bone furnishings

Brick Wallpaper In White For A Scandinavian Vibe

A classic, Instagram-worthy bedroom design is one that captivates the eye. This gorgeous space with white brick wallpaper is straight out of a Scandinavian setting. The glossy wood finishes, faux wool rug, wallpaper, curtains, and furnishings used here embrace a maximalist approach. The simplicity in colours underscores a typically Scandinavian vibe, making it a chic space to nestle in for much-needed respite after a long day at work.

Bedroom with brick wallpaper in white exudes a Scandinavian vibe
A Scandinavian bedroom sanctuary

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Exposed Brick Wall Design For Your Bedroom Space

Last but not least, is this home adorned with the old-world charm of an exposed brick wall design. Infused with the vibrancy of greens, nature, and corresponding biophilic interiors, this room is perfect for those who want a countryside vibe in their homes. We absolutely love the seating space beside the window arranged in a mid-century style, and the bed canopy makes it a dreamy space overall.

Exposed brick wall design for bedroom infused with the vibrancy of greens, nature, and biophilic interiors
Infuse nature with biophilic interior choices

We come to the end of our top six designs for a show-stopping bedroom brick wall design. Feel free to book a free consultation with DesignCafe experts to get started on your dream home interiors. And while you are at it, here are a few FAQs you can read before making an informed decision.

1. Are there different types of bricks suitable for bedroom walls?

Yes, various types of bricks are suitable for bedroom walls, ranging from traditional red and grey bricks to more contemporary options. Choosing bricks that align with the desired aesthetic is essential to get a cohesive look.

2. Can a brick wall be added to an existing bedroom without major renovations?

Yes, incorporating a brick wall into an existing bedroom can often be done without major renovations. There are lightweight and thin bricks available that can be applied as veneers, minimising the impact on the room’s structure. 

3. Can lighting fixtures be easily integrated into a brick wall design in the bedroom?

Absolutely, lighting fixtures can be seamlessly integrated into a bedroom design with a brick wall. Recessed or track lighting can be installed directly in the walls or the ceiling to provide both functional and aesthetic illumination. This enhances the overall ambience ably.

4. How does a brick wall affect the temperature and insulation in the bedroom?

A brick wall can contribute positively to temperature and insulation in the bedroom. Bricks have thermal mass, so they can absorb, store, and release heat. This helps in regulating the temperature, keeping the room cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Proper insulation techniques, such as adding insulation material, can enhance energy efficiency.

5. What are the cost implications of incorporating a brick wall into bedroom design?

The cost of incorporating a brick wall into a bedroom design varies based on factors such as the type of bricks chosen, the size of the wall, and whether it involves major renovations. Generally, using veneer bricks tends to be more cost-effective than structural changes.

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