How To Create A Yoga Room In Your Home

by Henna Achhpal | February 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Yoga room designs for your home

Turn any space in your home into a yoga room with these tips

A yoga room is the best way to improve your practice from the comfort of your home. Due to the pandemic-led restrictions on group activities, you may have been missing your regular visits to your neighbourhood yoga studio. Homeowners are now looking for the best yoga room designs that allow them to continue their yoga practice at home. It’s also great if you’re planning to introduce yoga into your routine for the first time. Starting at home is a good idea for beginners and the plethora of online videos that guide you in your practice only make it easier. With a wall-mounted TV in your yoga room or any other screen, you can stream yoga sessions and learn the practice at your own pace.

Since yoga requires concentration, having a separate yoga room allows you to focus on your poses better. Here’s a guide of dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you want to create a yoga room in your home.

Convert A Spare Room In Your Home Into A Yoga Room

You can recreate the best yoga room designs to convert any room in your apartment into a yoga room. Whether it’s an extra room that’s not being used, a storage room, a guest bedroom or a children’s bedroom if it is unoccupied. To turn it into a yoga room, you will simply have to shift out any of the movable furniture. The idea is to make your yoga room design clutter-free. When you are converting an entire room into a yoga room, it can also be utilised for couple or group yoga sessions.

Best yoga room design is converting a spare room into a yoga room with simple elements
Put a spare room to good use by turning it into a yoga room

Identify An Under-used Space To Recreate A Yoga Room Design

You don’t need to fret if you don’t have a whole extra room to spare for your yoga room. You can identify a space in your living room or bedroom. Since yoga is all about practising different types of poses, pick a space in your home that can comfortably accommodate a yoga mat and allow uninterrupted movement around it. Any space that’s in a corner, not used too much, doesn’t have too much movement or is not used for any other function or utility should do. Use a folding screen to separate this section from the rest of the room and create your very own mini yoga room.

Recreated small yoga room design in the bedroom that can comfortably accommodate a yoga mat and allow free movement
Extra space in a large room can work as a mini yoga room too

Natural Light Is Essential For The Best Yoga Room Designs

A room with many windows or a space that enjoys abundant natural light is the most ideal for the best yoga room designs. In case the yoga room is in an area of your home that receives direct or harsh sunlight, you can get sheer white curtains for the windows. Regular curtains will block out all the light and also give your yoga room a closed feeling. Natural light lends the best yoga room designs with an open and airy ambience. It is highly recommended that you don’t include any artificial or fluorescent lights in your yoga room design to create a relaxed setting.

A yoga room with abundant natural light is ideal for the best yoga room designs
A space with abundant natural light is ideal for a yoga room
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Decorate Your Yoga Room With Natural Elements

Yoga is not just a way to work out and keep fit, it’s a type of exercise that requires you to center yourself and involves focusing on your breath. Keep this in mind when picking decor elements for your yoga room design. Sure, you can elevate the aesthetics of the room but make sure you don’t install any pieces that are distracting or attention-grabbing. This is not the room for lavish designer artwork or statement light fixtures. Instead, it’s a space that can ground you. Go for natural decor items that set a calm mood and boost positive energies. You can place some house plants and tea light candles in the room to achieve this.

A yoga room decorated with house plants and light tea candles set a calm mood and boost positive energies
Natural elements like plants and candles are great accessories for a yoga room

Pick Neutral Colours For Your Yoga Room Design

In continuation with the goal to create a relaxing mood in the yoga room, the best yoga room designs will never feature loud colours on the walls. So stay away from colours like bold reds and bright yellows or even dark hues. Wallpapers with large patterns or prints will also be a misfit here. A neutral palette with soft colours for the walls, ceiling and floor is ideal for a yoga room. Consider shades like cream, beige and pastels for this room.

Home yoga room designed in a neutral colour creates a relaxing mood and the best yoga room designs
Neutral colours are the best match for yoga room design

You will notice that the best yoga room designs follow the key principle of less is more. A yoga room is not the same as a workout or exercise room. While a workout room would feature a lot of equipment and can be in a closed and air-conditioned space, a yoga room is minimal and uncluttered. It’s a room where you feel the energy flowing freely without obstruction. You could have a small storage space to keep your accessories when the room is not in use. Wall-mounted racks are the most popular choice for yoga room design. These yoga room tips will help you create a yoga room that enhances your yoga practice.

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