World Mental Health Day | Embrace Serenity With Stunning Meditation Room Designs

by Henna Achhpal | February 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

meditation room which is peaceful

These meditation room ideas enhance your practice and take it to the next level.

Living with the pandemic has affected our lives in multiple ways — from coping with the new work-from-home culture, living with fear and anxiety and accepting video calling as the only way of communication with near and dear ones to spending long periods of time at home and deferring travel plans indefinitely. And most importantly, taking care of our mental and physical health. So, on this thoughtful occasion of World Mental Health Day, we have brought you some peaceful meditation room design ideas to lend some serenity to your home and life. 

Before we begin talking about meditation room ideas and meditation room design, let us congratulate you on deciding to make meditation a more permanent part of your routine. It may seem difficult at first, but with consistent effort, meditation can be the most useful habit to develop. Regular practice helps clear your mind and makes you more efficient in your work. It’s truly a way for humans to plug out and recharge. Creating a separate meditation room in your home not only helps you be more consistent with your practice but also helps you focus better. Besides, for best results, it is recommended to meditate in the same place every day and ensure that the space is not used for any other activity. These meditation room ideas guide you on how to make this sanctuary in your home and dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Any Extra Room In The House Can Turn Into A Meditation Room

You can turn any spare or extra room in your home into a meditation room. All you need to do is move out any heavy or bulky furniture like beds, wardrobes, tables and sofas. The aim is to keep the room as clutter-free as possible. Most people usually prefer meditating on the floor, but you can have a single-seater armchair in this room if you like. Install some wall-mounted open shelves in the room where you can place decor items that add to the room’s meditative ambience. As for meditation room design, you can personalise the room to your likes and needs. It’s all about what makes you relax and helps you focus the best.

Transform your extra room to a meditation room in this world mental health day
Personalise your extra room and transform it into a clutter-free meditation nook

Minimal Meditation Room Design To Disconnect Completely

Like we said, since meditation is a personal activity, the kind of meditation room design you want depends entirely on you and your needs. If you think you’re the kind to get distracted easily or you want your meditation room to be the bare minimum to enhance your practice, you can opt for a minimal meditation room design. Wooden flooring and walls in a light or neutral colour are the basics for this type of meditation room decor. All you need is a comfortable floor cushion to get started. You can also light some scented candles to set the right mood.

Minimal meditation room design with wooden flooring for this world mental health day
Minimal meditation room design with wooden flooring and muted colour walls

Bring Nature Indoors With This Meditation Room Design

You may have heard about the soothing effects of meditating amidst nature. While that may not always be possible and certainly not in urban areas, you can simply bring the outdoors inside. This meditation room design recreates nature in your home with a combination of elements. Wooden flooring in dark brown is reminiscent of the deep woods and large tree trunks. Further, decorate the floor with lots of river pebbles and place candles. Add a small water fountain and experience the wonders of meditating to the sound of flowing water. Place some indoor plants in the corners to lend greenery to the space.

Meditation room design that bring nature indoors and where you can relax and unwind
Create a natural retreat in your home where you can unwind and relax your mind
Love this design? Make it your own

Turn Your Meditation Room Into A Personalised And Cosy Haven

While some prefer their meditation room to be the bare minimum with nothing more than a floor cushion, you can certainly go ahead and personalise it in a way that reflects you. The idea is to create an ambience that helps you disconnect from the outside world and go within. This meditation room design features layers of printed rugs and a collection of cushions to create a comfortable space for meditating. Indoor plants lend greenery and a feeling of rejuvenation. You can get a low table to place your meditation accessories like sound bowls, candles, incense sticks and books.

Meditation room design that turns your room into a personalised and cosy haven
Some simple meditation room decor elements to add layers to your home interiors

Reserve A Corner In Your Room For Meditation

In case you don’t have an entire room to spare for a meditation room, you can utilise a corner in an already occupied room for your meditation zone. Use a folding screen to section it from the rest of the room if you like. But make sure you always meditate in the same area and don’t use it for anything else. The point is to have the same space to turn to for your practice. As you progress, it becomes easier to focus with each session as it’s a place you’re familiar with and feel comfortable in. Changing your meditation surroundings too often is not recommended as you will be distracted by the new environment or trying to make yourself comfortable.

Reserve a corner in your room for meditation for this world mental health day
Utilise a corner of your room to create a personalised meditation nook

The hyperconnected times we live in have made meditation a necessity. We are exposed to a tremendous amount of information from multiple sources throughout the day. Your mind will thank you for taking the time to switch off and giving it a break from sensory input. The pleasant and soothing environment of a meditation room helps you recentre and connect with yourself. Elevate your mindfulness journey with the meditation room design that feels right to you.

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Wish you a blissful World Mental Health Day! Stay safe and healthy.

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