Oval Shape Dining Table Design Ideas For Your Home

by Henna Achhpal | February 25, 2024 | 4 mins read

Oval shape dining table designs to introduce soft and smooth curves

Give your dining room a different look with an oval dining table

When you think of a dining table, the first obvious shape to come to mind is rectangular. But if you’re the kind who prefers to go the unconventional way, you could consider getting an oval shape dining table for your home. Besides giving your dining room a different look, there are many other reasons why an oval dining table is a good choice. While a rectangular dining table lends sharp and sleek lines to the decor, you get softer and curvier aesthetics with an oval dining table. You can also bid goodbye to mishaps due to the pointy edges of a rectangle table. With an oval shape dining table, you don’t need to worry about being short on space at mealtimes. The tabletop offers the same long and wide surface area as a rectangular table minus the sharp edges.

Now that you have enough reasons why an oval dining table is a good decision, here are some oval shape dining table images to give you an idea of how it will look in your home.

Space-Saving And Stylish 6-Seater Dining Table Oval Shape

A 6-seater dining table oval shape can easily accommodate a large family together for mealtimes without taking too much floor space. This oval dining table set for 6 is made of beautifully rich mahogany wood and paired with sleek upholstered chairs in white. We simply cannot get enough of the sophisticated contrast play between the deep wood and crisp white. The combination is a perfect blend of traditional elements and modern style.

Traditional Oval Dining Table And Chair Set With A Twist

The unique tabletop of this traditional oval dining table sets it apart. The rest of the dining table and chair set features a traditional look except for the thick tabletop. The traditional oval dining table sits on two pedestals on either side made of classic polished wood. The chairs too boast classic elements with ornate backrests and legs. Meanwhile, the tabletop has a distinct characteristic and doesn’t match the rest of the set. It mimics the look of horizontal planks of wood and uses natural wood patterns for design.

Oval Wood Dining Table For Cosy Meals Of Four

Gather around an oval wood dining table for cosy meals with your family in the dining room of your home. This oval wood dining table is made of dark cherry wood with a shiny finish that gives it an enigmatic look. It sits on one ornate pedestal in the middle and is accompanied by cushioned chairs with tufted backrests.

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Small Oval Dining Table For Quick Catch-Ups

Give an empty corner in your home a purposeful makeover with a small oval dining table. It can turn into the nook where you catch up with your loved ones over tea, coffee and snacks. A rectangular table would look simple and boring but a small oval dining table adds an element of fun. This small oval dining table is made of refreshing golden oak wood and stands on a pedestal with pronged legs. Combination seating with a mix of chairs and cushioned benches ensures there’s room for more people.

Oval Shape Dining Table With Glass Top For Easy Cleaning

Many people prefer an oval shape dining table with a glass top because it’s so easy to clean. It’s convenient when you’re going for a large table that’s expected to seat many people at mealtimes. With a glass top dining table, you won’t have to worry about food stains and dried splotches. All you have to do is wipe with mild soap water, and your dining table will be as good as new.

Whether you’re looking for an oval wood dining table, an oval granite dining table, an oval metal dining table or an oval glass dining table – you will easily find one in the material of your choice on the market. They are available in a variety of designs too. So go ahead and start planning your dining room layout for your new oval shape dining table.

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