Hit The Right Notes With These 7 Music Room Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | February 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

Music room decor where the design is influenced by the love for music

Simple home decor ideas to wear your love for music on your walls!

On some days, you need the music and on others, your home needs its music decor. Dedicated music rooms are plausible only in larger apartments and bungalows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display your love for the art in smaller apartments too!

Here are some ways in which you can display your love for music through items of decor in your home.

Wall Decals Or Wall Painting For Music Wall Decor

You can deck up your bedroom walls with music-themed decals or get a customised wall painting of your choice. Musical notes help keep your display of love for music balanced. Alternatively, you can also get framed posters of your favourite bands and musicians, music-inspired paintings and wall hangings, all of which are fuss-free ways of incorporating music-themed decor in your home. We also love the chalkboard painted wall with music inspired doodles — you can get creative and change the look of your room with this option.

Wall decals or wall painting for music room decor
Decals and paintings are a music decor option that you can explore

Metal Accents As Music Room Decor

Music-themed metal wall accents look spectacular against a solid wall colour. These are easy to source and look elegant in any space. We recommend that you go for a darker wall colour for similar metal accents to stand out and deliver in terms of look. You can also strategically place them around the place that you store your musical instrument for added effect.

Metal accents as music decor look elegant as music wall decor
Metal accents look elegant as music wall decor

Just Another Guitar On The Wall

The exposed brick wall with guitars was begging us to quote Pink Floyd, and we couldn’t resist. Also, know what’s the best way to decorate your home based on a musical theme? With the actual instruments of course! Your prized instruments can go up on the wall as music decor, and become a conversation starter.

Just another guitar on the wall with music wall decor
Hang your guitars on the wall as decor!
Love this design? Make it your own

Go Retro With Records As Music-Inspired Home Decor

Records are a classic way of showcasing your love for the music legends and classics. Have old collections of records or first editions that you would want to proudly display? Get them framed for your walls! Dark and solid walls look great when you are going for a more classic look, while pastel shades serve as the perfect wall backdrop if you are going for something fun. You can also think of going for retro wallpapers to go with these records.

Go retro with records as music room decor ideas
Framed records are a classic way of saying that you’re a music lover

Say It With A Vintage Gramophone

Still own old records that you love to play? Get yourself a stunning vintage gramophone. This beautiful record player is a great collectible in itself, and looks even better in  traditional interior design set-up. We love the use of popping colours in this space that help keep things funky for this music decor.

Say it with a vintage gramophone music room decor
Have a record collection and play it too with a gramophone for music room decor

We Love Classy Music-Themed Collectibles

Want to play it subtle with your music room decor? Get beautiful collectibles that can easily blend with most interior design styles. This beautiful violin collectible complements the elegant bedside lamp, making a striking effect without going overboard. Alternatively, similar collectibles can also adorn open shelves in your bedroom or the common spaces in your home.

We love classy music decor themed collectibles which can work well as music-themed decor
Collectibles of all shapes and sizes can work well as music-themed decor

Get A Charming Record Player For Music Room Decor

Vinyl record players are like a blast from the past, and look strikingly beautiful with the right interior design setup. If you have a member of Gen Z or Gen A in your home, you might have a tough time explaining the concept of a record player to them, but we think it will be totally worth it!

Music room decor is really for everyone, from music lovers to ardent fans, connoisseurs, and music practitioners. When a piece of your home is inspired by music, it always becomes a means to start a conversation. Even better, it can serve as a reminder for you to be regular with your riyaaz.

Here are a few additional design and decor tips to keep in mind especially if you are a music practitioner:

  • Invest in design elements to assist soundproofing. You have options like sound-proof doors, windows, wall panels and so on.
  • Place a rug or a carpet in the music room to help muffle and balance the sound.
  • Go for space-saving or multipurpose furniture that helps store your instruments after use.

What do you think of our music room decor ideas? Tell us in the comments below.

Get a charming record player for music wall decor
Get a vinyl record player as music decor for your home
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