A Maximalist Living Room Design You Will Adore

by Shreya Bilagi | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

If you love colour, prints and a variety of furniture this living cum dining room with maximalist art is something you will fall in love with. 

Some people love colours and patterns as they make a person feel alive and peppy from within. Creative people tend to love the concept of mix and match which in today’s world of interior design has become a booming trend. If you like the idea of maximalist interior design then check this living room out.

A Colourful Theme In This Maximalist Living Room Design

As you all know, yellow is the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness. If you love yellow it definitely states that you are a fun-loving and friendly person from within. This living room has a gorgeous yellow printed wallpaper that adds a hint of fun to your everyday lifestyle. The art represents leaves of autumn and flows beautifully across the walls, leaving them looking fresh and bright. Take a look at another living room with maximalist design.

Maximalist living room design with colourful theme floral yellow printed wallpaper brings nature touch in this living room.
A floral wallpaper brings a nature’s touch into this maximalist home

Furniture In Different Styles

If you want a living room that spells out maximalist style then opt for furniture of different prints and styles. Trust us it won’t leave you disappointed. This maximalism style living room design has a combination of seating from single-seater floral printed sofa to a pretty popping lime green armchair. Check out this maximalist design by Design Cafe in the image here

The maximalist living room style with pretty popping capsicum recliner chair brings a splash of colour.
This gorgeous living room with a capsicum recliner chair bring a splash of colour amidst a beige wall

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Entertaining Entertainment Unit

This TV unit is one of a kind. It comes with an overhead sliding mirror-finished shutter to store your artefacts or books and a pullout drawer beneath. If you love storage and can’t get enough of it then the entertainment unit in this maximalist style living room is just what you need. Take a look at another entertainment unit we designed.

White Tv unit with overhead sliding mirror shelves and pullout drawer are perfect for storage in a maximalist home.
A white TV unit with pull out drawers and overhead shelves is perfect for hoarders
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A Single Yellow Seat

For those of you who like to take a seat wherever possible this living room has it in plenty. A single pullout seater with a sunshine yellow cushion has been designed with a chest of drawers attached to it. Check out this seating created by Design Cafe below.

Bench-style seating and colourful pillow on it adds a nice touch in a maximalist living room .
A bench-style seating with colourful fluffy pillows adds a nice touch to this large living room

Library On The Outside Storage On The Inside

For those of you who love to read a library is a must. This maximalist style living room design has a hidden library with storage.  So if you have a friend who wants to make a spontaneous visit you can hide away your junk behind a sophisticated library. 

Here is another home designed by us in the image below. Do take a look at a maximalist style living room with lots of art and a pop of colour. 

White maximalism living room with lots of art and a pop of colour and also life-sized painting looks gorgeous.
A home full of patterns and a life sized painting that breathes life into this maximalist living room

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An Integrated Bar And Wine Rack Unit

Love to get tipsy every now and then? If your answer is yes, then you will love this integrated bar and wine rack unit. This maximalist style living room provides space for a one wall theme where everything is found in just a single wall. This is another living room designed by Design Cafe with antiques and an Indo western theme perfect to have a hookah night or food fiesta.

Maximalist  living room decor with antiques and an Indo western theme perfect to have a hookah night or food fiesta.
A living room with colours, patterns and artefacts that will leave you on a museum high
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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at DesignCafe who has a creative and adventurous personality. She has worked in the media for the past four years starting off as a Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi and later an anchor on television. Her love for dogs is infinite. Art and culture, spirituality, theatre, travelling, Netflix and wine all fall under her circle of passion.

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