15 Shower Room Designs: Have You Considered These Essentials?

by Pulkit Singh | February 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Shower room designs for your home

Ensuite shower room design ideas, tips and hacks to save your time and money by avoiding common shower room Waterloos! 

Whether you’re a rookie renovator or seasoned home makeover artist, shower room design mistakes terrify everyone. The difference between a great and a blah bathroom is more than just tiles, taps and shower curtains. Get the ensuite shower room design right and you have a functional, relaxing and delightful space. One wrong move, and you’ll have a monstrous problem — a shower room plagued by random niggles that will rob your calm and wallet. 

Planning your shower room design doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We have rounded up the best design practices to keep your oasis of calm — your bathroom — stay that way. Read on. 

Spacious Shower Room Design Hacks

Pledge with us that before you decide on tiles and shower accents, you will carefully and judiciously pay attention to your bathroom layout. Start by considering what your routine is and understanding how much space can suffice for that. Pay special attention to the plumbing and electrical outlets as they cost a lot to reconfigure. Are your ventilation and lighting where they optimise the space best?

Shower room design with spacious by optimizing ventilation and lighting
Spacious shower room design ideas for your bathroom
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Getting The Lights Right For Your Shower Room Design

Proper lighting will show that the zit you have been fretting about is actually a bread crumb. It isn’t just about aesthetics — poorly lit shower rooms can be dangerous. If fluorescent-lit shower rooms put you off, go for bathroom-rated lights in warm tones. Task lights and spotlights that can be dimmed for a more relaxing ambience trump candlelight any day.

Shower room design with lights
Bathroom shower room design with task lights and spotlights
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Bid Goodbye To Ventilation Woes In Your Modern Shower Room Design

Good airflow is an uncompromisable dimension of a good shower room design, small ensuite size as well. Trapped humidity in shower rooms can corrode door and window hinges and rust bathroom fitments. Humid air builds up stink, mould and mildew over time. All these issues can be thwarted with proper ventilation. Choices include overhead ventilation fixtures, fans and windows. The last option makes the shower room look larger, dissipates moisture and provides natural light.

Modern shower room design ideas
Modern shower room design with good ventilation
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Steer Clear Of Incompatible Materials In Your Shower Room Design  

Wood, metal, paper and even porous stone aren’t always compatible with the shower room’s space and frequency of use. Check for water hardness and flow pressure to ensure the shower room accessories provide an outstanding shower experience. For example, chrome is popular for taps, but hard water tends to corrode the finish and make the fixtures look rusted and untidy. In such cases, choose hard water-compatible products. PVD finishes (physical vapour deposition) are gaining popularity because of their resistance to wear and tear. 

Choose classic over trendy fixtures since they will outlast the trends. Illuminated faucets and waterfall showers stop being a novelty eventually. Instead, indulge in bathroom accessories since they are easily replaceable when you get bored of them.

Shower room design with classic fixtures
Shower room design with compatible products
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You Can Amp Up Storage Even With Ensuite Shower Room Designs 

Getting smart about bathroom storage will save you a lot of heartache later. Shower rooms that are used daily need to make the most of the space available. Use shower caddies for bathing accessories. Place a hanging shelf or hooks to make the shower room door a storage ally. Use the wall and window ledges to prop towels and racks — after all, every shower room can do with more storage. If space constraints prevail, go up by using vertical space — floating shelves can store folded robes and rolled towels.

Shower room design with storage options like floating shelves
Shower room design with a hanging shelf or hooks
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Tiles Tales In The Latest Shower Room Designs

Tiles are a critical element of a shower room design. With smaller floor space, using large tiles can give the illusion of more space. Like the look of marble or stone but don’t have the budget? Choose tiles that look like them! Anti-skid tiles that dry out fast are the best bet to avoid dangerous tumbles.

Latest shower room design with tiles tales
Bathroom shower room design with anti-skid tiles that dry out fast
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Modern Shower Room Designs That Don’t Ignore Your Personal Style

The shower room should be a connecting thread to your design philosophy. When we pay so much attention to the rest of the house — the interiors, designs and finishes — why must we leave out the bathroom? Don’t shy away from using colours and textures that highlight your personality. Create an accent wall with a quirky wallpaper (compatible with bathrooms, of course) or glam up the space with cute plants and stylish accessories.

Modern shower room design for your bathroom area
Modern shower room design ideas using colors and textures
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There are many brilliant ways to make your shower room a space as exciting and functional as the rest of your home. Picking light colours, using mirrors strategically, opting for glass doors and glossy paint on the walls are some clever ways to make your shower room design look bright and spacious. So, if you’re looking for ensuite shower room design ideas, know that simple and ergonomic designs are all it takes to make this space work for you.

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