Trend Talk: What’s Back Painted Glass? How To Use It In Your Home?

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Back painted glass design ideas for your home

Add some glassy-ness to your home this season!

All through a few years, there is this one of its kind trend of using back-painted glass that has become popular for all the right reasons. As a contemporary decor option, back-painted glass adds ineffable charm to your design plan. From stylish living rooms to luxurious bedrooms, you can use back painted glass design wherever you wish. Quintessentially, back-painted glass designs are befitting for contemporary, modern, minimalistic, and even traditional homes.

What Is Back Painted Glass? How Can You Use It For Your Home?

As self-explanatory as its name, back-painted glass is simply a glass that is painted on the back. Owing to the paint, it appears as if the front of the glass is chic but it also has a solid color at the back. Back painted glass not only has a glassy finish but it appeals to your modern, minimal sensibilities as well.

From cabinets, partitions, wall accents, you can smartly use back painted glass in every nook or corner of your home. Because it uplifts the look of any corner you place it in!

Back painted glass design with a solid color at the back
Back painted glass design is versatile and you can use it anywhere in your home
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Back Painted Glass Design For Kitchen

Backsplashes and cabinets offer a great space to include a back-painted glass design in your kitchen. From vivid shades to pastels you can choose the color of your choice to paint up some glassy-ness in your kitchen. Also, as they are easy to use and germ-free you can use back painted glass design for your kitchen without any major concerns if you get it professionally set up.

Back painted glass design for kitchen with paint up some glassy-ness in kitchen
Including back painted glass for kitchen backsplash is trending these days

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Back Painted Glass Design For Living Room

Usually, living rooms can turn dull if you go for a cookie-cutter interior design for the same. You can change the story for the same by transforming a plain wall into an accent wall using a back-painted glass design. Choose subtle colours and textures to grant a chic look to your living with its aid. And then just sit back and bask in its beauty every time you are hanging out in your living room!

Back painted glass design for your living room
A living room livens up with the inclusion of back painted glass in its interior design

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Back Painted Glass Design For Dining Area

You can interestingly partition your living room, open kitchen with the dining area using a back-painted glass design. Usually, partition designs are created using translucent or opaque glasses. However, you can choose a back-painted glass design to space up your dining area and rather make a unique statement, right?

Back painted glass design for dining area with a back-painted glass partition
Artistically separate your dining area from the space using a back-painted glass partition

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Back Painted Glass Design For Pooja Room

Unable to dedicate a complete room for your pooja? Fret not, because a back-painted glass design will still help you create an elegant and harmonious pooja area in your home. Create a characterful space by installing a strap of luxe back painted glass behind the idols. It will instantly highlight the idol and make your pooja space look more inviting.

Back painted glass design for pooja room with a subtle back painted glass design
Your pooja space stands out with a subtle back painted glass design
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Back Painted Glass Design For TV Showcase

By smartly including a back painting by your TV unit you can grant it more texture and character. Choose softer shades like beige or subtle yellow to grant a sheen as well as some gradient behind your TV unit. No matter how small or large your TV unit is, a back-painted glass design by the same adds a nice layer of elegance to it.

Back painted glass design for tv showcase gives elegant look
Use a strap of back painted glass to make your TV showcase elegant

Although you might be lured to use make back painted glass on your own, it might just work for you in the short term but it will not serve the purpose in the long run. Back painted glass requires professional expertise as it involves making, fixing your glass in accordance with the light. Be it while painting or installing.

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