Bathroom Trends Of 2022 | Expert-Approved Latest Looks For Your Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Latest bathroom trends for 2022

Bathroom trends of 2022 approved by the expert designers of DesignCafe

While designing our home interiors, we tend to put a lot of emphasis on the living area and neglect the bathroom area. But, the industry has come a long way in bathroom interiors. From being just a utilitarian area, homeowners now want to make their bathroom nothing short of a luxurious staycation. People are also finding ways to make the space multifunctional. Given the cramped layouts of urban apartments, it is essential that we opt for functional designs so that we have ample floor space for a relaxing bath time. Here are the latest bathroom trends of 2022 that are functional and will match your home interiors seamlessly, irrespective of the space constraints. Read this blog before revamping your bathroom interiors, so you can take an informed decision and choose the latest trending bathroom designs for you and your family.

Mood-Lifting Blush Pink Is Trending In Bathroom Designs

This pink bathroom is sure to lend a refreshing vibe to your home. The marble tiles add extra jazz to the bathroom and create a contrast against the pink walls. The glass cabinet separates the wet area and helps keep your bathroom clean and dry. If you are looking for some of the latest bathroom trends that will make your space look bright and roomy, this design is excellent for you. We have added some indoor plants for a splash of green in your trendy bathroom interiors. The wall shelf above the pot helps arrange your toiletries and other essentials in a clutter-free manner.

Blush pink is trending in bathroom design that lends a refreshing vibe to your home
Trending bathroom designs in a pretty pink shade

Soothing And Tranquil Are Popular In Bathroom Trends For 2022

Pastel colours are trending this year. You cannot ignore the tranquil and soothing vibe this colour lends to the bathroom. Opt for white tiles and white fittings to make your shower area look spacious and vibrant. You can add a floating vanity unit and a backlit mirror. This will help you arrange all your essentials neatly and yet not take away any floor space. This design is also one of the popular small bathroom trends in 2022. Add some floating shelves on the walls to neatly arrange your soap dispensers and other self-care products.

A white floating vanity is hot in bathroom trends makes the area look spacious and elegant
Floating units are hot in small bathroom trends
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Latest Bathroom Trends Are Being Jazzed Up With Pops Of Vibrant Colours

This trendy bathroom is excellent for urban couples who love experimenting with their home interiors. The grey and orange colour combination brings in a bold and edgy look, while the tinted glass cabin lends a sleek look to the entire space. The chest of drawers on the vanity unit provides ample storage space and helps keep your bathroom clutter-free. Opt for two pendant lights to illuminate the space and compensate for the dark wall colour.

Vibrant bathroom colour trends are ideal for urban couples who love experimenting with their home interiors
Modern bathroom trends for uber-cool couples

Double Vanity Units Are Gaining Popularity In Bathroom Trends For 2022

If you want luxurious bathroom interiors, this trending bathroom design is just for you. The bathtub helps you unwind and rejuvenate yourself, while the double vanity unit helps accentuate the functionality of your space. The colour palette is chosen carefully to blend with the soothing interiors and help you enjoy your shower time in peace. The tall double mirrors reflect light beautifully and create the illusion of a bigger space. This trending bathroom design is sure to take your interior design higher by several notches.

Double vanity units are popular bathroom trends in 2022 that helps accentuate the functionality of your space
Trending bathroom designs that define luxury

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Rejuvenate Trending Bathroom Designs With Some Indoor Plants

Biophilic design is another trending concept in interior design this year. So if you want to strengthen your connection with the environment and infuse some greenery into your home, this new bathroom trend is for you. The moss backsplash brings in a fresh vibe to the space and is sure to catch the attention of your guests. Choose a slightly darker colour for your walls to highlight the green backsplash. You can also add some LED strip lights to add some more drama. Wooden flooring in the shower area and some potted plants will help stitch the natural look together and ace this new-age bathroom trend of 2022.

Indoor plants are trending bathroom design that brings a fresh vibe to the space
Bathroom trends in 2022 include a splash of green

We hope you enjoyed reading about the latest bathroom trends of 2022. If you are looking for expert advice to revamp your home, book a free consultation today. Our personalised designs will help you accentuate the functionality of your home. So if you want to add 20% extra storage space to your interiors and design your home with trendy and functional elements, call us now. And for more such fantastic interior design ideas, check out our blog section.

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