Usher Wealth And Prosperity Into Your Home With These Vastu Tips For The Locker

by Pooja Dara | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Locker direction as per vastu for your home

We know how difficult one’s life can be without much money. After all, money not only guarantees the fulfilment of basic human needs but also helps you do a lot more. Implement these Vastu tips for the locker in your house and see the difference it makes in your wealth.

The locker room is no doubt one of the most important parts of your house because it is the place where you keep your expensive valuables — cash, ornaments and jewellery — as well as sensitive documents safely and securely. We used to see a lot of them in the old days but they’re no longer feasible in modern apartments or houses due to space constraints. Instead, people keep compact lockers in their homes or even in their bedrooms. However, for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll consider tips for both of them.

According to Vastu Shastra, minute details such as the colour, material, shape, size, position and direction of the locker along with other home/bedroom specifics can influence the flow and balance of cosmic energies in your home. You get the Vastu right and you’ll witness not only an increased inflow of money but also a decrease in the outflow or overspending of the money. It’s the ideal situation one always desires, isn’t it?

To spare you the hassle of research, we’ve compiled some Vastu tips for the locker in your home that can serve as a quick guide for you to make remedies that are more in line with Vastu science. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

8 Vastu tips for prosperity, money and happiness

The Locker Placement And Direction As Per Vastu

  • The ideal locker direction as per Vastu should be such that it has its back to the southern wall and its door opens towards the north. The north direction is supposed to be occupied by Kuber, the god of wealth.  If there’s a lack of space in the room, place the locker with its back in the east direction.
  • The locker direction according to Vastu should not be the southwest, southeast or northeast at all costs to reduce financial losses and needless expenditure. Also, make sure that it isn’t placed in the corners.
  • Always place the locker at least 1 inch away from the wall to let the cosmic vibrations freely circulate in the room and keep the locker at least 1 foot away from the northwest and southwest corners.
  • The locker should be positioned in such a way that its doors do not creak while opening or closing and also do not move up and down
  • Avoid placing the locker directly in front of the door or window as it will increase the outflow of wealth.
Money locker vastu placement and direction as per vastu
A locker should never be placed in a corner or on an unstable surface

The Shape, Material And Colour As Per Vastu For Locker In House

  • The locker should be of a standard square or rectangular shape only.
  • The locker should ideally be of metal with some wooden pieces kept under its four legs. The locker shouldn’t be touching the surface or the ground directly and shouldn’t be without legs.
  • The best colour for the locker room according to Vastu is yellow (on the walls and floor). The yellow colour signifies abundance, happiness, auspiciousness and fulfilment.
  • The locker room should not be extended to any side and also its height should match the height of the other rooms in your house as well (neither more nor less).
Check the shape, material and colour as per vastu for locker in house
A rectangular metal locker in a yellow-painted room brings in more auspiciousness and abundance
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The Arrangement Of Valuable Items In The Locker

  • Cash, gold and jewellery must be kept in the western or southern part of the locker to increase your wealth and prosperity.
  • There should not be any mirror inside the locker as it might deflect the inflow of cash and increase needless transactions.
  • Avoid placing any other items over and above the locker. Make sure that you don’t store any utensil, cloth or the picture or statue of a god/goddess inside the locker and in front of it.

Other Useful Tips For Vastu For Locker In House

  • Keep all the clocks on the wall/table and your wristwatches in perfect working condition.
  • Keep the locker room completely safe and secure at all times and do not allow unwanted entries into the room. Ensure that the locker isn’t directly visible to anyone who visits the house.
  • Place a small and calming fountain in the locker room to bring in more positive energy into the area and increase the inflow of money too.
Useful tips for locker direction according to vastu
A small calming fountain and perfectly operating watches/clocks can make all the difference in your wealth accumulation
  • In case you have a locker room, it should not have more than one door and the door should always have two shutters. The windows along the doors must also be constructed in the east or north direction preferably. Avoid all the other directions strictly.
  • Place a mirror in front of your locker as its reflection in the mirror once opened is said to double your wealth.
  • The locker room should be clutter-free to welcome goddess Laxmi’s blessings. It must also never be constructed under a beam to avoid any unnecessary pressures.
Vastu tips for locker direction for an indian homes
Keeping a mirror directly in front of the locker can increase your chances of doubling your wealth

We hope this blog post has provided you with enough tips on how to maximise the benefits out of money locker Vastu. In case you need any more guidance or have any other doubts, reach out to DesignCafe and our Vastu experts will be more than happy to assist you. Good luck!

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