10 Contemporary Staircase Designs For Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

contemporary staircase design ideas for your home

Here’s our designer-handpicked list of 10 contemporary staircase designs that will take your home’s interiors to another level

“There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.”

  • Zig Ziglar

Success indeed comes to those who are not looking for an elevator but a staircase. Today, we will be talking about stairs that resemble the arteries of a home’s interiors. Architecturally, stairs provide vertical circulation in a home and are among the most dominant interior design elements in a house. But most often, staircases are only treated as functional aspects of the interiors. So, we bring to you some extraordinary ways to redefine the way you look at stairs.

These contemporary staircase designs are unique, creative and quite the head-turners. Besides enhancing the functionality, these staircases bring a new dimension to a home’s interiors. Let’s take a look at these incredible contemporary staircase design ideas that you can’t help drool over!

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A Contemporary Marble Staircase Design

We will start by introducing you to this gorgeous marble staircase design that adds dollops of elegance to the white-coloured lavish home interiors. The off-white shade of the staircase breaks the monotony of the white colour scheme of the room. There is a little bar unit and space to stow away knickknacks underneath the stairs.

Marble contemporary staircase in white colour with wooden railing design adds dollops of elegance.
A lavish white hallway with a contemporary marble and wood staircase design

A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Curvy Contemporary Staircase Design With Glass Panelling

The chic staircase is an integral part of this sophisticated living room. The glass handrail is curved beautifully for an awe-inspiring look. The floating stair treads are a sight for sore eyes.

Floating contemporary staircase idea with glass handrail curvy design creates the awe-inspiring look
A beautiful, sleek, curvy contemporary staircase design

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A Simple, Lightwood Staircase For Living Room

The contemporary staircase has an almost ladder-like appearance. It has no handrails, which adds minimalistic splendour to the space. This staircase design is ideal for small houses with no room for overwhelming designs. The area under the staircase remains free for use, which is a significant benefit of the design.

The modern contemporary staircase has an almost ladder-like appearance with wooden steps that adds minimalistic look
An almost ladder-like staircase design is a perfect fit in small houses

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A Staircase-Cum-Open Bookshelf Design

Staircases are more than vertical links in a home. The black wooden contemporary staircase is a clever space-saving design hack, which can be deployed in a small urban home. There is no handrail on this staircase that boasts a minimalistic design. The space under the stairs can be used to keep plenty of books and knickknacks.

Contemporary staircase and open bookshelf in the black colour is a clever space-saving design
A gorgeous contemporary staircase design with a bookshelf

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Elegant Black Marble Hanging Staircase

This staircase design is a masterpiece that introduces a natural aura in the space, which is matched by the home interiors. The clutter-free look of this staircase is all thanks to the fact that there is no handrail and the stair treads are floating.

Marble hanging contemporary staircase in black colour with no handrail that introduces a natural aura in the space
A sustainable black marble hanging staircase design for nature lovers
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An Elegant Lightwood Staircase Design With Glass Railing

Glass handrails glam up even lacklustre spots in your home. The best part about glass handrails is that they can blend in with any interior set-up and colour scheme. In fact, their addition enhances the existing interior design. Also, a glass handrail can make a place look spacious and bright. What we have here is a contemporary wooden staircase with a glass handrail. The lightwood adds to the natural vibe of the home.

Lightwood contemporary staircase design with glass handrails enhances the existing interior design
A contemporary staircase design with lightwood treads and glass panelling

Low-Key Suspended Staircase Design

This is the perfect contemporary staircase design for minimalistic interior themes. The suspended staircase demands minimal maintenance. Besides, the open and sleek design offers an unobtrusive view of the space below. This staircase design is also great for creating an uncluttered look. You can also add a shelf or rack to utilise the space underneath the stairs.

Suspended contemporary staircase design with a rack underneath it in the kitchen cum dining area
A sleek suspended staircase design for contemporary home interiors

Minimalistic Staircase Design For Modern Homes

This sleek staircase design is perfect for a minimalistic look. Its glamorous appearance complements the contemporary interiors of this home. The stairs are made of wood, which as a material is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The wooden theme is taken to the next level by the wooden flooring. Attractive pendant lights complete the look in this space.

A contemporary modern staircase made from wood in minimalistic and pendant lights complete the look of space
A sleek staircase design without handrails brings oomph to the space

Open And Spacious Split Staircase Design

Remember the staircases in old houses? They would split on the first level, and each of the branches would connect to separate areas of the floor above. Such staircases spell luxury. Here is a modern take on these kinds of staircases. The minimal design, which is an absolute eye-catcher, is ideal for modern duplexes. The design incorporates urban minimalism and presents a cutting-edge look.

A split contemporary staircase with glass steps and stainless handrails lend the best eye-catching design
A beautiful split stairway design for modern Indian homes

Sustainable Wooden Staircase With A Unique Stair Tread Design

We’ve said it before: Wood is a sustainable material perfect for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. This house is filled with wooden elements like wooden doors, wooden flooring, etc., and the staircase is just another addition to the milieu. The sturdy-looking wooden handrail ensures safety, whereas the unique stair tread design adds pizzaz to the space. Go for this type of staircase if you want a clean and minimal look.

Contemporary oak staircase with wooden handrail creates a clean and minimal look to space
A minimalistic lightwood staircase design

Staircases are among the most valuable elements in a home that can be built to create exceptional interiors. Add some drama to your home by choosing unique and creative staircase designs. We have presented 10 fabulous ideas for you to take inspiration from. If you have something to add to our list, please write to us! We’d love to see them.

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