Staircase Colour Combinations For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | January 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Staircase colour ideas for your home

Try out these interesting staircase colour combinations to make your ordinary staircase look extraordinary. We’re sure that this will change the personality and ambience of your home for the better

Contrary to popular belief, modern interior designers are now treating staircases as decor objects in Indian homes rather than just a physical structure that connects two levels. There are many ways in which you can infuse new life into your existing staircase as it is an amalgamation of structural features such as the risers, treads, handrails, balustrades and so on. You can choose any one or two feature(s) as per your liking and decorate it with coloured paint, finish it with colourful tiles and much more. 

If you’re planning to add a new staircase in your home, consider the types, styles and other important elements here before making the final jump. However, if you only want to incorporate quirkiness in the space, then experimenting with the staircase colour is just the perfect idea. 

Before we move any further in this blog post, let’s address a few FAQs first.

What Are The Best Staircase Colours As Per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, a staircase always needs to be painted in light colours as they induce positive energy in the space, are soothing to the eye and also don’t dominate the other social areas in your house. Some colour choices can be pastel pink, yellow, light blue, light grey, off-white, green and brown. 

Avoid using dark colours like black and red as they channel negative vibes around and make your space look dull and gloomy.

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How To Choose A Colour Combination For Your Staircase And Paint It Yourself?

If you’re confused about how to choose the ideal colour combination for your staircase, then worry not. We’ve listed down a few tips for you to get started with:

  • You can choose a colour from the family of your existing wall colour to paint your staircase. For example, if your walls are already off-white, then you can paint your staircase in coffee, light brown or creme colour 
  • Always go for two tones related to your home’s existing colour scheme and use them alternatively down the staircase treads. You can also make a contrast between darker and lighter shades of the riser and tread
  • Use colour swatches or coloured cloth patches on your stairs to discover what colours go well together and then once finalised, get to the painting part itself

The process of painting a wooden staircase is as follows:

  • Start from the top of the staircase and then work your way downwards to make your paint job work easier 
  • Use a specialist undercoat sealer or wood primer to make sure that your paintwork lasts as it provides better adhesion of your paint to the surface of the staircase
  • Use a hardwearing and oil-based paint on the wooden risers (vertical parts of the step) and normal paint on the tread (horizontal parts of the step). Make sure you brush into every grain of the wood so that it looks neat and finished 
  • Wait for six-nine hours for the first coat of paint to dry and then apply the second coat of paint after that 

Let’s now dive into the most popular staircase colour ideas that modern homeowners are drooling over. Get ready to be inspired!

Beauty In Contrasting Staircase Colour

Blue and orange is the best staircase wall colour combination if you want to make a bold statement and add some visual drama to your space. This colour choice makes the steel balustrades on the floating wooden stairs stand out and glow.

Staircase colour ideas for your home with blue and orange colour combination
Sometimes changing the colour of the staircase wall instead of the staircase itself can make all the difference

Enveloped In Formal Grey

This solid grey-coloured staircase instantly lends a formal and sophisticated vibe to the living area. Enveloped between the off-white walls and white staircase railings, it looks absolutely gorgeous and matches the existing colour scheme too.

Staircase wall colour combination of off-white and grey lends a formal and sophisticated vibe
When you’re bored of the classic black and white then grey is the next best option to bring the two together

Framed In Light Brown & Grey Staircase Colour

Light grey risers and light brown treads are a sight for sore eyes. They look fun, cheery and make space look visually larger. The black railing gives a unique kind of sleekness to the entire staircase design.

Staircase colour combination with light grey risers and light brown treads
Light colours merge well with the decor and lighting of the area

Pocketful Of Sunshine

Doesn’t this yellow staircase railing colour instantly catch your attention and interest? We’re sure it does. It accentuates and outlines the medium-toned wooden staircase and also looks quite great with the industrial pendant light bulb fixtures.

Yellow staircase railing colour instantly catch your attention
These yellow staircase railings remind you of the warm summer sunshine
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Royal & Elegant

This staircase colour combination is a masterpiece of sorts. The creative blend of light-brown treads, white risers and dark wood balustrades lends a classy and royal vibe to this hallway space and makes it look heavenly.

Staircase colour with light-brown treads, white risers and dark wood balustrades lends a classy and royal vibe
The beauty of the staircase is enhanced by the large windows and the white marble flooring

Splashed In Rainbow Colours

Go overboard and wild with this rainbow-coloured staircase. It will definitely make you smile the moment you go upstairs and guarantee a big ‘wow’ from your guests when they’re over at your place for a social gathering. 

Staircase wall paint in rainbow colour is a great way to infuse personalisation
This colour-drenched staircase is an ideal conversation starter for young and old alike

All in all, changing the colour scheme of your staircase is a great way to infuse personalisation and warmth into your living space while creating a wonderful work of art. So, what are you waiting for? Get started immediately and let us know your staircase transformation stories. We’re waiting for you in the comment box below!

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