Living Room Wall Tiles Designs For Your Home

by Sonia Sumitra Thakar | January 30, 2024 | 6 mins read

Living room wall tiles for your home

Ten awesome wall tile designs to imbue life into the contemporary Indian living room

A room with four solid painted walls can be oh-so-boring and wallpapers can only do so much. Wall tiles are the swank new trend that will breathe character into your living room. Tiles are an aesthetic way to add personality and style to walls in any room in modern Indian homes. With the right play of colour, texture, material and design, you can customise your living room walls in a way that is singular to your living space, reflecting your own unique energy and taste. 

Joseph Fort Newton said, “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”

Obviously, he had not seen walls like these. And you are sure to agree with us once you have checked out these ten specially curated wall tile design ideas to elevate your living room.

Stone Tile Walls – Striking Yet Rustic

Make a statement by creating this bold accent wall with a textured surface. These gorgeous sand-coloured natural stone wall tiles add character to this modern living room and pair beautifully with wooden tile flooring and wood-frame furniture.

Sand-coloured natural stone wall tiles for living room
Stone tile walls provide an interesting contrast to modern furnishings

White Can Be Fun When Designed Well

These simple white tiles arranged to give a 3D effect create a playful landscape on the wall and break the monotony of this minimalist family room. Cleverly incorporated on the wall is a storage unit in a contrasting colour. It’s stylish and modern.

White wall tiles for living room arranged to give a 3D effect
Playfully arranged simple white tiles can create the illusion of depth
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Organic Looking Ceramic Tiles Exude Warmth

The brilliant arrangement of textural tiles in different shades of sand, ash and charcoal add colour and variety to this beautifully warm and inviting living room. This fabulous accent wall accomplishes its purpose by drawing the eye as well as uniting subtle patterns and textures used throughout the space.

Decorative wall tiles for living room with textural ceramic tiles exude warmth
A beautiful wall like this dismisses the need for wall art altogether

Wall Tiles With The Feel Of Stone Are A Textural Delight For Living Room

This stone wall gives an organic touch to the otherwise highly modern and sophisticated drawing-room. It fits in perfectly with the colour scheme without looking overbearing. Yet it provides a beautiful textured focal point to the room.

Stone wall tiles for living room gives an organic touch
The classic stone wall diminishes the starkness of contemporary living room interior design

Monochrome With A Hint Of Texture Is Elegant And On Trend

These simple ceramic tiles in slightly varying hues of the same shade of pale ash create a dreamy looking feature wall. The brick-style laying of the tiles ties in perfectly with artful geometric patterns on the drapes and carpet.

Ceramic wall tiles for living room in brick style creates beautiful appearance
Subdued and subtle, these quiet ceramic tiles can create a beautiful feature wall

Play With Boring Old Brown And Grey To Create Something Unique

These large pewter-coloured ceramic wall tiles cover the entire breadth of your room. The cloudy texture of tiles is matched perfectly by the drapes and upholstery of the sofa. Who said brown and grey are boring colours? These hues look so chic together playing through the walls, flooring, furniture and décor.

Decorative wall tiles living room with large monochrome tiles gives a beautiful backdrop
Monochrome large tiled walls provide a beautiful backdrop to let the rest of the interiors shine
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Brick Feature Walls Are Immediate Eye Ball Grabbers

Red brick-look tiles can create an unmistakably fun accent wall for your living room. If you are a lover of the outdoors, they might appeal to you with their raw and rustic charm.

Interior wall tiles for living room in red brick-look tiles create a rustic charm
An indoor raw brick wall amalgamates ethnic Indian style with the modern

Marble And Wood Is A Match Made In Heaven For Living Room Wall Tiles

If your home is blessed with high ceilings, you can go for this uber-chic look for your designer living room. Gorgeous white marble tiles accentuated with lights are interspersed with a vertical panel of wood tiles. The effect is simply stunning. Need we say more?

Living room wall tile idea with marble and wood combination lends an uber-chic look
Opulent marble tiles paired with stately wood panels radiate elegance and exclusivity

When One Accent Wall Isn’t Enough, Go With Two!

A feature wall in unfinished concrete tiles with the right lighting and addition of foliage gives this living room a charming conservatory look. The white uniquely styled 3D wall on the left adds to the textural complexity of the living room in an understated manner.

Wall tiles for living room interior with a feature wall in unfinished concrete tiles with the right lighting
Unfinished concrete tiled walls are minimalist and modern

Experiment With Simple Shapes And Lines for Wall Tiles For Living Room

Geometry takes centre stage in this sharp modern living space. Triangular ceramic tiles are carefully arranged to create a simple but effective accent wall. Together with vertical and horizontal lines on the television panel and bookshelf, the triangular-shaped tiles create a unique and impressive wall.

Living room wall tile ideas where geometry takes centre stage in this sharp modern living space for latest wall tiles design for living room
Sometimes all you need is the right play of shapes and lines

It’s not hard to recreate the look of a designer living room. With the right mix and match of texture, colours and designs of wall tiles you can easily breathe life into your family space. Whether as a bold and striking wall or a subtle and subdued canvas, tiles can bring sophistication and grace to the modern Indian home.

FAQs On Living Room Wall Tiles Design

1. Are there budget-friendly options for stylish wall tile designs?
Yes, there are budget-friendly options for stylish wall tile designs. You can use ceramic or porcelain tiles, which are often more affordable than premium materials. Plus, peel-and-stick tiles offer a cost-effective and trendy alternative, allowing you to achieve a stylish look without spending much.

2. Are there eco-friendly options for wall tile materials?
Certainly! You can opt for eco-friendly wall tiles made from recycled glass, reclaimed wood, or porcelain with recycled content, ensuring a stylish design with minimal environmental impact.

3. How do I incorporate accent tiles into my wall design?
Incorporate accent tiles into your wall design by placing them strategically, such as on a backsplash or border. Choose contrasting colors, unique patterns, or mosaic designs to create visual interest and highlight specific areas, adding a personalised touch.

4. Can I mix and match different tile patterns on the same wall?
Yes, to maintain a cohesive design, ensure the tiles have complementary colors and coordinate well together. Experiment with various shapes and sizes to achieve a visually appealing and personalised wall design.

5. What materials are commonly used for wall tiles?
Common materials used for wall tiles include ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and subway tiles. Each material offers unique aesthetics and characteristics, allowing for diverse design options to suit different preferences.

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