Easy Furniture Hacks To Get a Designer Living Room

by Henna Achhpal | January 9, 2024 | 4 mins read

designer living room ideas for your home

A guide to creating the ambience with designer living room furniture

The living room is the common area of the home where all members of the family come together. It is also the space in your house where you receive guests and visitors. The living room is also most often reserved for the primary television set. It’s the furniture that brings together all the various aspects of the living room. These designer living room decorating ideas guide how you can select and place your designer living room furniture. The template for most designer living room furniture remains the same, more or less. A sofa sits around a centre table, and the set usually faces the wall with the TV. Depending on the space available, you can add more designer living room furniture and decor items. With these hacks for designer living room furniture, you can quickly turn your existing space into a designer living room.

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Accentuate Wall Units For Designer Living Room

Turn one of the walls in your living room into a feature wall. It becomes the space’s focal point and the area where you can add most of your designer living room elements. Ideally, the wall against which you set the television in your living room is best suited for the feature wall. You will find many choices in designer walls for living room, and you can experiment with tons of prints, patterns, colours, textures and wallpapers. Complete the feature wall by accessorising it with designer wall units for living room.

Designer wall unit for living room design with texture, wallpaper and floating shelves
Opt for designer wall units for living room that have a TV unit and shelves attached

Add Many Designer Chairs For Living Room

When you enjoy a lot of space in your living room, you can utilise the empty floor area by adding many designer chairs for living room. Designer accent chairs are a great way to break the monotony of the sofa set and provide more seating in the living room. In a large space, you can add different types of designer chairs for living room. Brick-style designer walls for living room on one side give the room a rustic look and feel—designer lights for living room in the middle and on the side balance with a contemporary touch.

Designer chairs for living room in different types
Designer chairs for living room offer utility and lend aesthetic appeal to the space

Collect Designer Living Room Furniture

Designer living room furniture comes to the rescue when you want a makeover for your living room without remodelling the entire space. Designer living room furniture is also a great hack to make a minimal living room pop. Keep an eye out for a designer centre table for living room and designer side tables. These elements add the touch of design when you want the sofa to be essential and functional.

Designer living room furniture has a three-tiered designer side table and glass centre table
The three-tiered designer side tables for living room are innovative and space-saving

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Colourful Designer Sofas For Living Room

Instead of a regular and safe shade, consider experimenting with designer sofas for living room in bold and bright colours. Designer curtains for living room can be another opportunity to introduce more colour to the room. These designer living room decorating ideas are especially recommended for living rooms with a neutral colour palette for the walls and floors. The designer sofas for living room and curtains highlight the space.

L-shaped designer sofa for living room in light yellow colour
Designer sofas for living room in a light yellow makes the room look spacious

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Wall-Mounted Designer Shelves For Living Room

These designer living room decorating ideas help you do more with less. In a compact living room, just the designer sofas for living room may end up taking most of the space, leaving little floor area for storage. Wall-mounted designer shelves for living room are a great hack in such a case. Install the designer shelves for living room on the wall with the TV. They also frame the television set without coming in the way of your viewing experience. A low-lying designer centre table for living room maintains the clutter-free look.

Wall-mounted designer shelves for living room around the tv unit in white laminated
Lay out the designer shelves for living room around the television set

Designer living room furniture pieces go a long way in making your living room stand out. It’s also an easier way to change the ambience of the living room every time you feel like it instead of going for a full remodelling. Designer living room furniture is a wise investment. Countless combinations made for modern apartments are available that make the best use of limited urban spaces.

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