8 Home Decor Trends You Will See Everywhere In 2023

by Nikita Raikwar | January 9, 2024 | 7 mins read

Home decor trends 2023

Want to transform your home this year? These 2023 home decor trends will help you transition into a new space that you’ll love for years to come.

Home decor trends have one thing in common, and that is they are forever changing — be it the colours of the year, different decor or design styles, decor elements, interior design styles and idealisms for as far as society goes. Last year we did a lowdown on our Top 8 Home Decor Trends of 2022. This year, we have curated expert opinions from our top interior designers at DesignCafe on what they think would make it to the Top 8 2023 Home Decor Trends for the coming year. Excited? Let’s look at these home decor trends right away!

Biophilic Designs Will Top 2023 Home Decor Trends Again

Building occupant connectivity with nature right from the heart of your home is what helps biophilic designs shine through home decor trends of 2023. Talk about ventilation, natural lighting, plants, and natural elements — biophilic designs will pave the way for an optimistic change in Indian homes.

Let’s consider this stunning kitchen in white. It’s the perfect balance of modernity mixed with biophilic design. It features cane furniture, ventilation and open to air ceiling glass designs making this kitchen a strong contender for our biophilic design in interior decor trends.

Home decor trends in 2023 carry biophilic design
Plan nature-based designs for your home in 2023

Patterns And Textures Via Wallpapers Will Grace Interior Decor Trends in 2023

Patterns and textures have forever etched their mark in the world of interiors in Indian homes. Right from patterned tiling to textured wall paint, Indian homes are known for their bold personalities, ones that shine through these intimate designs. With that being said, one of the latest home decor trends you can expect in 2023 is the use of colourful, patterned wallpapers. 

Let’s consider this spellbinding bathroom design that orates a charming anecdote to the world of florals with its neutral hued base and pink overtones. The wallpaper used in this bathroom embraces a subtle charm and exudes a vibe nothing short of opulence and finesse.

Latest home decor trends in 2023 use colourful, patterned wallpapers
Wallpaper designs are the latest home decor trends

Upcoming Home Decor Trends Will See Earthy Rustic Tones And Neutral Colours

With minimalism, Scandinavian interiors and subtle designs debuting in Indian homes, it’s safe to say that 2023 will see a rise in earthy rustic tones and neutral colours for walls, furniture and modular solutions.

Let’s consider this multi-purpose living space, as seen in the image, featuring a gorgeous standalone shelf unit for books and a dedicated work desk complemented with floating shelves, in what we call a Japan-inspired wabi sabi design. Its muted pink tones strike a balance with the light wood natural furnishings, adding this render to one of the promising upcoming home decor trends of earthy rustic and neutral toned home designs.

Upcoming home decor trends featuring earthy rustic and neutral-tone designs
A wabi-sabi space with earthy rustic designs
Eyeing trendy home interior designs on a budget

Fabrics And Textures With Upholstered Designs For Home Decor Trends 2023

While colours, patterns and designs all count for home decor trends of 2023, let’s not forget that textures in the form of fabric and upholstered designs will shape up your home’s interior decor.

We are talking about large canvases and floor-to-ceiling headboards, geometric patterns and designs that come with a linear approach to interiors in Indian homes. As seen in the image, this floor-to-ceiling headboard is the perfect example of geometry, linearity and upholstered fabric coming to life. Expect this home decor trend to catch the spotlight in 2023.

Texture upholstered trending home decor styles in 2023
Dramatic headboards will be in the limelight in 2023

Latest Home Decor Trends Will Also See Vibrant Pops Of Colours

One trend that we see being continued from our 2022 home decor trends, happily transitioning into our 2023 home decor trend is vibrant pops of colours and shades. You will, again, see Pantone colour of the year, Viva Magenta shining through kitchen units, rugs and curtains as well as modular solutions across Indian homes. 

Let’s consider this playful living space that incorporates colours of different shades and hues. Right from the red colour strip doing a continuous run from the wall to the ceiling, to striped upholstery via the lounge seats and ottomans, living rooms with bouts and pops of colours will make their presence felt effortlessly through classic Indian homes.

Latest home decor trends incorporate a vibrant burst of colors
This living room is a vibrant burst of colours

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Decorative And 3D Mirrors Will Join The Latest Home Decor Trends For Compact Homes

While your foyer space, dining room or living room’s walls are often undervalued and filled with items you hardly ever need, decorative mirrors and 3D mirrors will bring in the ability to accentuate your homes with their sweep sense of style and design as one of the upcoming home decor trends for 2023.

Let’s consider this dining space, as shown in the image, that features a trail of decorative mirror diamonds that add some beauty to your dining area. It’s subtle, fills the space and simply does a job for an exquisite decorative piece without the need for digging deep into our pockets. Perfect, isn’t it?

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2023 home decor trends with decorative mirrors accentuate your home
Decorative mirrors add elegance and style to any space

Bringing Nature Indoors With Plants Is A Top Home Decor Trend To Look Out For

Living in a concrete jungle that’s cemented our dreams via a monotonous life can only promise so much as letting you live in the city centre. But if you are missing out on the good ole love for nature, bringing nature indoors via plants will be one of the upcoming home decor trends of 2023.

Let’s consider this living room that ever so perfectly encapsulates the idea of an urban jungle with indoor plants. It is modern and elegant in design and lets you not miss out on your love for all things nature. Ceiling-hung plants like the string of pearls, potted plants and brass accent planters are taking shape in home decor trends lists in 2023.

Home interior decor trends inspired by nature with indoor plants
Adorning your home with indoor plants is in trend

2023 Home Decor Trends Will Definitely Include Wall Art And Murals

Homeowners, your larger than life canvases can now take centre stage in your living room with this upcoming home decor trend. 2023 is going to include tons of artsy stuff, be it wall murals and wall art or 3D murals to say the least.

Let’s consider this living space that exudes warmth and calm with its grey and yellow dual tones. It is perfectly balanced with the wall art in the foyer space and ceiling-hung lights to add to the decor. The wall mural in the living room pleases the space with the abstract nature of the artwork. Try your hands around wall art and murals if you wish to partake in the 2023 home decor trends for your home’s interior design.

Home decor trends includes wall art and murals
Adorn living room walls with artwork
1000's of design possibilities for your home's interiors

And with that we come to an end of our 2023 home decor trends for the coming year. Do you see a trend in here that you are excited about and want to incorporate in your own home decor? Connect with our expert designers at DesignCafe to design your dream home right away!

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