6 Easy Ways To Incorporate Storage Cabinets In A Small Bathroom

by Natasha Unger | February 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Small bathroom cabinet design ideas for your home

Wondering how to bring in a storage cabinet for your small bathroom? We can help you with multiple ideas for a picture-perfect small bathroom cabinet

In India, most urban families own small homes and so have small bathrooms. This, of course, shouldn’t mean that your space shouldn’t be trendy and accessible. There are multiple ideas out there that can help you make the most of a small bathroom.

A bathroom is where you freshen up and get ready for the day, and that demands multiple essentials to be at hand. When you do not have a large bathroom, how do you arrange for the storage? Well, there are several ways to set up small bathroom cabinets with designs that are unique and economical.

Victorian-Style Cabinet That Recalls A Bygone Era

The Victorian era inspired furniture with intricate designs. The use of wood and woodcarving will give you an idea of the type of patterns in use during the period. This small corner washbasin with cabinet saves a lot of space to store bathing essentials, towels and other accessories.

Wooden small bathroom cabinet in Victorian style with intricate design
A beautifully designed wooden vanity is the centre of attraction in a small bathroom
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Wall-Mounted Cabinet To Help Keep Your Bathroom Clean

A wall-mounted small bathroom cabinet allows you to keep your small bathroom clean while helping save space. You get to store your essentials and use them as and when required. You can match the colour of the cabinet with the walls, and you have a picture-perfect bathroom even though it isn’t spacious enough.

Wall-mounted small bathroom storage cupboard made from wood
The wooden wall-mounted small bathroom cabinet is ideal for your small home

Glass Small Bathroom Cabinet For A Luxurious Experience

A small bathroom doesn’t mean there’s no room for enhancement. Try this glass cabinet, for example. When you place it in your bathroom, you can have all your essentials at hand. You can peer inside without even opening the doors, saving you precious time. The small bathroom cabinet enhances the aesthetics of the small space.

Glass small bathroom cupboard in white colour
A glass cabinet for your small bathroom is artistic as well as efficient

Small Bathroom With A Mirror With Smart Storage

Look beyond a small bathroom vanity and see if you can accommodate a small bathroom mirror with storage. This will help you save precious floor space and make full use of your wall space. Your essentials stay in place without creating clutter in your small bathroom.

A small bathroom mirror with hidden storage is a space-saving design
A space-saving concept that camouflages your bathroom storage area while allowing you to enjoy an excellent mirror view

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The Classic Wall Cabinet For A No-Nonsense Approach To Storage

If a vanity is not your preference, why not go for a simple wooden small bathroom cabinet? This allows smooth and hassle-free storage, especially when you are someone who dislikes displaying bathroom essentials. Most bathrooms have wooden cabinets that last long as well as contribute to the aesthetics ideally. The cabinet size is important, so we recommend taking the help of an interior design firm to get going.

Wooden small bathroom wall cabinet in classic design
A wooden wall cabinet can be the perfect addition to the bathroom where you need storage space that doesn’t get in the way of everyday living

The Tall Bathroom Storage Cabinet For A Distinct Appeal

We suggest you go for a tall bathroom storage cabinet that saves floor space. A corner of your small bathroom can quickly be dedicated to such a tall small bathroom cupboard. You can use the small bathroom cupboard to keep all your essentials.

Floating small bathroom storage cabinet in light brown colour lends a modern look to space
Serving as an essential part of small bathrooms, such independent cabinets steal the show with their looks

Cabinets are an essential part of bathrooms. Adding slim narrow bathroom storage to small bathrooms need a lot of planning. The proper space utilisation is what makes the bathroom look spacious and compact. Since bathroom essentials help you with the daily clean-up, you need to keep them safe with minimal mess. The small bathroom cabinets shouldn’t pose a barrier to the floor cleaning while ensuring that it withstands water splatter and still stay strong. So why sulk over a small bathroom? Opt for these storage solutions that will last forever.

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