Corner Bed Design Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Corner bed design ideas for your home

Make the most of your small-sized bedroom with these unique corner bed design ideas for your home.

“You can find happiness in every corner”, goes a popular saying. And this is true even in the world of interior design. Look around your bedroom or living room and you will find dead spaces. For a bedroom these corner spaces can be utilised well with smart design hacks. A corner bed is the best bet you have to make use of such spaces.

Corner beds can be designed and styled in multiple ways. They work best in small-sized rooms where space is limited and you still need enough floor space to move around.

With a smart organisation and utilisation of space you can make your bedroom look cosier and comfortable. So, here is some inspiration for corner bed design ideas that you can try. Check this out!

Corner Bed Design For A Kids Bedroom

A kids bedroom needs all the space to play and toys need a space of their own. This corner bed design is perfect for homes with one child. A single bed at the corner with base storage to keeps all the toys organised.  The drawer stretches along the length of this bed and has ample space to store toys, books or other belongings your child uses everyday. The bedroom has a storage cabinet in a matching colour scheme of blue and white that completes the look of this space. This corner bed design is also great for small homes/ apartments.

Corner bed design for a kids bedroom
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Corner Bed For A Small Bedroom

Small bedroom can sometimes be difficult to style. However, a corner bed design is a smart solution as they can fit comfortably into one part of your bedroom. See this image here, a visibly small bedroom with a corner bed leaves ample space to move around. The bed has been designed with drawers on the side, open shelves as a headboard, an attached bedside table and study unit. This design is multifunctional and works well for small spaces.

Corner bed for small bedroom with drawers, open shelves as headboard, bedside table and study unit
Six corner design ideas to refresh your room, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

Corner Bed With Storage

Here is a standard corner bed designed built with storage drawers underneath to keep your bedroom clutter free. A simple wood finished bed with push to open drawers lends a seamless look while keeping the aesthetics intact. This bed sits comfortably near a window that brings in ample natural light. This bedroom is bright, airy and comfortable. Doesn’t this bed want to stay in all day with a book?

Corner bed design ideas with storage drawers

A Corner Bunk Bed

Corner bunk beds in a kids bedroom in funky, playful colours gives this space a vibrant vibe, one that is ideal for growing children. This bed is in yellow on the top level and white has been used for the lower. The dual tone scheme brings in fun and vibrancy. There is a ladder to move from one level to another. Multicoloured wallpaper and flooring along with a pink coloured study table makes this kids bedroom an absolute delight to be in. Say bye bye to cranky kids because a room like this will keep them happy all day long.

 Corner bunk bed design for kids bedroom with a pink coloured study table

A Corner Bed With A Canopy

Corner bed with a canopy in a small bedroom with sheers and fairy lights is the focal point of this space. This bedroom is odd shaped and the bed has been placed between two walls. Drapes hanging across the four poster design of this bed make it cosy and a perfect place to unwind with your significant other. The whole room has been designed with a neutral colour scheme – beige and cream- that lends a luxurious feel to it. Wooden flooring adds to the warmth to this bedroom. Ready for a night in?

Corner bed design with a canopy in small bedroom with sheers and fairy lights

Tips When Using A Corner Bed

  • Keep 24 inches around the bed to move freely
  • Keep 36 – 40  inches of space between the bed and dresser/ study unit for easy access. It also allows you to open and close drawers/ shutters easily
  • A corner bed with storage makes optimum use of space and keeps the room organised
  • Make sure the bed is placed on the opposite side of the door

And there you have it, corner bed design ideas to make your small bedroom beautiful, comfortable and neat. These designs will sure have you asking for more, so feel free to call/ mail us . Do drop in to an experience centre near you and meet one of our designers.

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