Difference Between Marble And Tiles

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Difference Between Marble And Tiles

Decoding which one is better: marble or tiless

Whether you agree or not, the first thing you notice about a home is its flooring. Enter any home and you cannot help but experience the texture, tone and feel of its floor. Aren’t we right? Both from the standpoints of function and aesthetics, choosing the right kind of flooring is necessary for your home. That brings us to the topic of flooring selection where the debate is tilted towards marble versus tiles.

The process of installing either of these takes a lot of time and preparation. So, before you select the one for your home, it makes sense to understand their properties and maintenance processes to make an informed decision. To help you, here’s a quick breakdown and a detailed guide for understanding the difference between tiles and marble.

Marble and tiles have their respective strengths and drawbacks but they are equally popular. Check out our decor analysis on marble versus vitrified tiles to easily select one for your home.

What Is The Difference Between Marble And Tiles?

When it comes to composition, marble is formed as a natural stone from dolomite and calcite. It is a porous, dense stone with a greater rate of absorption. Not to mention how royal its surface is! With intricate swirls and plush patterns, marble is recommended by designers and architects as a flooring material.

Tiles are made by baking a mixture of minerals like feldspar, silica, quartz and clay at a high temperature. Due to this process, tiles get their characteristic sheen and glossy texture with the formation of a glassy substrate. Because of this outer glaze, tiles have a lower absorption rate of water and they last longer.

Difference between marble and tiles
Marble absorbs more water than tiles

Marble Vs Tiles For Flooring

Marble is formed naturally, which is why it is more expensive than tiles. Furthermore, the price of marble flooring varies as per its quality, texture and colour. If you are eyeing to buy Indian marble, then it will cost you up to Rs 250 per square foot; for Italian marble, you will have to shell out Rs 600-1,000 per square foot.

The expense for tiles mainly varies as per its brand and design. Based on its quality, you would have to spare Rs 200-300 per square feet to set them up. The good part about tiles is that they are man-made, which makes them more affordable and preferable for the short term.

Marble vs tiles for flooring
Tiles are somewhat more budget-friendly than marble
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Marble Vs Tiles: All About Textures

Both marble and tiles come in various finishes. Go for the one that appeals to you more.

Difference between texture of Tiles and Marbles
From glossy and matte to rustic, you can get various finishes for marble and tiles

Marble Vs Tiles: The Play Of Aesthetics

Marble is the epitome of luxury. It is preferred in high-end homes across the globe. Its shine, texture and overall beauty are loved by everyone. Not to mention that it is versatile enough to be used across your home.

Similarly, tiles also have their own fan base. They provide options across a range of colours, patterns and textures. However, tiles look less real when compared to indie flooring options like wood or stone. The consistent issue with tiles is that grout lines that are formed while placing them end up ruining the overall aesthetics.

Difference between aesthetics of marble and tiles
While tile flooring is also preferred, marble flooring looks more luxurious

Marble Vs Tiles: Ease Of Use

Although marble looks rich, it has the tendency of developing stains due to its characteristic reactive nature. That’s why you need to be careful about using citric acid and vinegar on it. Also, you need to quickly clean up spills or else marble will develop permanent stains. Use detergent and water to clean marble. Moreover, you need to use sealants on it regularly; that way, it remains protected from moisture. In order to keep its sheen intact, you could also get your marble flooring polished.

Tiles are easier to maintain and clean. They are non-porous, which is why you could easily wipe away water or even persistent stains without any added hassles. Wiping and consistent cleaning keeps them shining as well. In case there is any damage, then you can easily replace tiles with similar options.

Marble vs tiles: ease of use
Marble flooring can keep you on your toes when it comes to keeping your floor clean
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Marble Vs Tiles: Which One Lasts Longer?

Over the long run, with consistent use, marble has the tendency of forming a yellow layer on its surface. However, by following a consistent regime of maintaining and looking after it, marble flooring can withstand usage for a minimum of 20+ years.

When it comes to durability, you could consider tiles to be weather-friendly and they last long. Along with being scratch-proof and discolouration-proof, vitrified tiles survive for at least 15 years. Yet, tiles are also more fragile than marble and can get easily damaged.

Marble vs tiles - with proper maintenance, marble flooring can outlast tiles
With proper maintenance, marble flooring can outlast tiles

Keeping your broader interior design, budget and spatial dynamics in mind, you could choose either marble or tiles for your home’s flooring. On one hand, marble can last long at the cost of higher price; conversely, tiles offer a range of designs for you to select from at an affordable price. Considering all of these parameters at play, choose your flooring option for the long term without falling in the decor lure, folks! For any assistance in making a choice, feel free to book a consultation with our experts.

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