How To Plan Upholstery That Matches Your Lifestyle

by Ashish Rai | February 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Choosing the best upholstery for your home

Confused on how to match upholstery for your furniture that also blends in with your lifestyle? 

When it comes to upholstery there are a plethora of designs which can make the whole experience of matching upholstery to the interior design scheme of your home quite daunting. How does one choose the right colours, solid or patterned fabric, neutral or bold, or even pick between fabric or leather? Getting the right upholstery is an investment as it is something that will last for many years to come. Whether you are buying a new set of furniture or remodelling your old favourites, upholstery is utmost crucial. 

Let us dive into the world of upholstery and give you a short guide on choosing the right type to suit your taste before you make an absolute blunder. 

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What Is Upholstery?

Upholstery is basically the various set of materials  – fabric, padding, webbing – that makes up the coverings of a chair, headboard, sofa or any other type of furniture. It is the physical art of stuffing seats with foam or cushions and covering it with a piece of fabric. This work needs attention to detail and can be done by professionals only. The fabric you choose makes a massive difference to the visual identity of any furniture (sofa, bed, or chair). While the interiors are not always visible, upholstery makes a difference to the comfort and ergonomics of the furniture it is used on. 

Why Is It Important?

Well textured and woven fabrics create a long-lasting impression apart from being a delight to be seated on. It is important to choose a material (fabric or leather) based on your budget, taste and lifestyle. Upholstery is important to protect your furniture and add to the aesthetic appeal of it. 

Upholstered Sofas

The sofa is an essential item in a living room as it is a place of traffic where family members and children will continuously visit the area. Choosing a durable fabric is essential, so wear and tear is minimal. You might love the look of velvet or leather but these fabrics are prone to damages plus the maintenance will be high.  

Choosing durable sofa upholstery fabric for the living room, so wear and tear are minimal.
Choose fabrics that will be easy to maintain and clean over the years

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Headboard Upholstery For Bed

There are plenty of things that go into making a bedroom lavish and luxurious. A bedroom is a place for you to rest and relax, offers privacy and creates a soothing and relaxing environment. If you love headboards, then a tufted one is an elegant choice to make. Tufted headboards can create a look of extravagance and fit it perfectly with any design theme, pattern or shade. Pick the fabric you think will suit your home and enjoy that extra cushioned reassurance. 

Upholstery fabric blue tufted headboards can create a look of extravagance and fit it perfectly in the bedroom
A fashionable apartment bedroom with bright blue tufted headboard

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An Upholstered Chair

Upholstered accent chairs is a great way to add extra seating to space and to have a bit of character in the room. The exposed wood upholstered chair looks so clean and fresh in the room. It is also known as a tub chair, and the name says it all. It gives you a comfortable feeling of sitting in a tub. Its structure is designed to provide complete relaxation to the body, and even the arms can be rested on the armrest. You will find these chairs engulfed in luxurious fabric – sometimes velvet, suede, leather and can be found in various patterns too. 

Chair seat upholstery gives a comfortable feeling of sitting in a tub and looks so clean and fresh in the room.
Chairs wrapped in a beautiful fabric can also act as a statement piece to any room

Upholstery With Playful Patterns

No matter how small or big space is, furniture can make the area inviting and can create a beautiful impact. Play with patterns and colours to give the room a refreshing look. As we can see in this image, an upholstered ottoman in a jazzy print with matching cushions gives this living room a bit of character. Small, soft patterns can make a huge difference and can have a powerful impact just as large and bright ones do. 

Sofa upholstery ottoman in a jazzy print with matching cushions gives this living room a bit of character.
The stylish yet straightforward upholstered ottoman chair plays a pivotal role in this living room’s interior design

The easiest way to be sure if you like an upholstery material is by sitting and feeling the fabric. There are ample designs and fabrics present in the market. Do your research well and avoid jumping to conclusions before you make the final decision. 

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Ashish Rai is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Ashish Rai

Ashish Rai is a content writer at DesignCafe and believes that words have the power to change the world! He comes with five years of experience and has experimented with various roles including sales, a tourist guide, and ran a tattoo parlour too!

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