13 Clever Folding Furniture Ideas To Help You Save Space At Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 18, 2024 | 10 mins read

Folding furniture design ideas for home

Make your home smart and save space with easy and convenient fold up furniture designs 

As we conquer the concrete world, we are moving towards a time when buildings are getting taller and rooms are getting narrower. Having spacious rooms at home has become a luxury, especially in urban cities. It’s one of the reasons people are opting for minimalist interiors – to have more space and need less furniture. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need furniture at all. A comfortable bed, a relaxing couch and a sleek TV unit are the basics of a homely home. Luckily, there are several folding furniture choices that are specially designed to help with cramped room problems.

Folding furniture, aka modular furniture, is the new-age solution for homes that are cleverly designed to be multipurpose and space-saving. At Design Cafe, modular furniture happens to be the most integral part of our home designs. Our in-house manufactured modular solutions make every home design efficient. From casual living room furniture to practical kitchen cabinetry – we have it all covered with our incredibly designed folding furniture for small spaces that are specially devised to make things easier and better for Indian homes. 

So, let’s explore some of our designer-approved fold up furniture designs that will surely reinvent comfort in your home. 

1. Try Out This Sleek TV Folding Furniture Unit

A TV unit is the heart of any living room furniture set and is common in every home. Although several compact TV unit designs are available today, the best one for small spaces is a folding furniture entertainment unit. The wall-length unit comes with sleek, handleless storage cabinets that help to keep your small living area clutter-free and organised. It has a folding TV screen shelf cum storage that you can open and store crockeries or artefacts. The TV unit has storage shelves on all the sides and some open shelves on the side and bottom too.

Compact tv folding furniture unit for your home
This folding furniture for small houses is both good looking and practical

2. Sleep, Chill, Repeat With This Folding Bed Furniture Cum Sofa

Y’all know the pain of dedicating space to a bed and then having no room left for movement. But what if we tell you that you can keep the bed and space too? Yes, this is an uber-cool, cutting-edge folding bed furniture that is excellent for small spaces. The whole setup is attached to a floor to ceiling, wall-length wardrobe that also comes with a foldable bed cum sofa. When not in use, you can easily pull up the bed and use the sofa for sitting and chilling. The bed here is remarkably designed to blend with the wardrobe, creating a seamless furniture setup for your living or bedroom. This kind of folding furniture is also a great choice for guests and kids. 

Wall mounted folding bed furniture cum sofa
Create an uncluttered space with a fold up furniture bed cum sofa
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3. Catalogue Your Paperbacks With This Bookshelf Folding Furniture

Bookshelves are great for small spaces. They help you keep your paperbacks aligned with enough room for shelving artefacts, photographs and showpieces. The bookshelf that we have here is trendier and savvier than an ordinary bookshelf. This bookshelf is designed with a folding structure that gives you the room for two wide bookshelves in one. It has an open foldable setup that would help you keep things organized and still have enough room. This type of folding furniture also adds character to the room. Therefore, you can easily use it for industrial home interiors or contemporary home setups. 

Bookshelf folding furniture for small houses with hidden shelf
Make space for books, artefacts and more with a folding furniture bookshelf

4. Bring Home This Luxurious Bi-Fold Wardrobe Folding Furniture 

Wardrobes are essential furniture for bedrooms but they are also the most space-consuming pieces. Hence, we believe in wardrobes that are ultra modular and extra efficient. So, we bring you one of our favourite folding furniture wardrobes that is magnificent and oh so functional! The wardrobe features a bi-fold door that keeps an entire dressing unit under the cabinet, allowing you to have all the space to yourself. The wardrobe here is a wall-length set up with a white laminated finish that comes with the advantage of an attached dressing unit. The bi-fold doors also save space and give the wardrobe setup a luxurious look. 

Bi-fold wardrobe folding furniture india with attached dresser unit
This amazing folding furniture setup is perfect for a master bedroom

5. Get A Smart Breakfast Counter With Fold Up Furniture Designs

A kitchen with a dining table set up has become a modern-day kitchen interiors rule. It is efficient and saves a lot of space. Many clients prefer having a breakfast table setting by the kitchen. However, in Indian households, people often face space issues with the kitchen area, so it’s difficult to make room for a breakfast setting within the kitchen. But our designers found a smart way to use the allotted space to house a breakfast nook right in the kitchen. How? With this smartly designed folding breakfast counter. When the table is not in use, it can be folded to conceal the open shelf cutlery unit. And when in use, the table is a great breakfast corner. Either way, fold up furniture designs such as these save space, add appeal and help you keep the kitchen uncluttered!

Smart breakfast counter with fold up furniture design
It’s possible to have a breakfast table in your kitchen without making major changes

6. Delineate Small Rooms With A Folding Screen 

Many of us who have a small space want to decorate the room in a clever way. One way is to delineate areas in an open room so that there are dedicated spaces without cluttering. Most available partition options visually restrict the openness of a space and create obstructions. But does that mean you should avoid partitions? Certainly not! Our next option in folding furniture for small spaces is this folding jaali partition that smartly segregates your room without compromising the open layout. The foldable option allows you to use the partition only when required and keep it folded when not in use. For this type of partition, use jaali folding screens as they don’t totally separate the sections. 

Small room with the folding furniture screens acts as a partition
Sectioning your room with folding screens is a smart space-saving hack

7. Enjoy Great Coffee Times With This Folding Furniture For Kitchen

Next on our best folding furniture for small houses list is this unique cutlery cum shelf unit that comes with a foldable table and bench setup. As you can see, the unit has several open shelves where you can place your crockeries, wine bottles or kitchen accessories. This folding furniture for kitchen comes with a foldable table and foldable benches. You can easily open it when required and create a beautiful coffee table setup instantly. Such fold up furniture designs are great for small kitchens.

Small kitchen with wall-mounted  folding furniture cum coffee table
Store your kitchen utilities and enjoy a cosy eating nook when required

8. Deck Up Your Kitchen Storage With This Bi-Lift Up Folding Furniture Design

Kitchens need to be organized and uncluttered. But most of the kitchen cabinetry solutions tend to be mundane and typical. So, if you want to spice things up a bit on your spices counter, you can try this bi-fold lift up crockery unit. This folding furniture for kitchen is great for vertical storage options. You can easily open the crockery shelf and place all your essential utilities. You won’t even need extra cabinets in the kitchen. Moreover, such fold up furniture designs are ideal for houses with small children as you can place the high-risk cutleries out of their reach. 

Deck up your kitchen storage with this bi-lift up folding furniture design
Install cabinets with a bi-lift feature for a different look in your kitchen
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9. Fine Dine On This Peppy Dining Folding Furniture For Small Houses

If your living room comes with a small area where you need to fit your dining table, here’s the solution! It is a contemporary piece of amazing folding furniture that gives you an excellent solution for small space dining setups. The table here is attached with a compact crockery unit. You can unfold the table and create the perfect dining setup for two. This folding furniture design doesn’t just help you save space but also blends well with modern interiors that are minimal and vibrant. 

Fine dine on this peppy folding furniture for small houses
Chic fold up furniture designs are all you need to maximise your living room

10. Save Space With This Wardrobe With Foldable Study Unit

If you are worried about setting up your kid’s study unit or your work desk because of lack of space, you can try this wardrobe with a foldable study unit. The bottom half of the wardrobe comes with a foldable desk unit that you can easily pull out and set up for your kid’s study time or your work from home sessions. When not in use, you can just fold the desk unit and use the wardrobe like any regular one. Below the desk unit, there is also space for shelving books and notebooks.

Save space with a wardrobe cum study unit folding furniture in india
Make room for a comfortable workspace with smart fold up furniture designs

11. Have A Simple Work/Coffee Table Set Up In Your Balcony

Balconies or porches are often cramped and that’s why most of us end up decorating those spaces with plants and flowers. However, what if we can help you set up a sweet seating spot near your balcony nursery? Well, you can try this wooden folding furniture design that sits firmly on any wall. It gives you an excellent work or coffee table set up on your balcony or front porch. The table here takes significantly less space, allowing you to have the setup in the narrowest of alleys in your home!

Have a simple work coffee table set up in your balcony folding furniture design
Work from the balcony with this amazing folding furniture design

12. Get This Easy To Fold Centre table That’s Surely Rare & Convenient For Small Spaces

The ideal centre table connects the living room without taking much space. Thus we bring you this chic and elegant foldable centre table. It beautifully holds the whole seating setup in the living room without endangering the movable area around it. Just like any fold up furniture designs, this centre table can be quickly encased and tucked away whenever there’s a need for extra space.

Get this easy to fold centre table folding furniture
The foldable legs of this centre table let you easily fold and use it

13. Let Your Kids Have Fun With This Folding Bed Furniture Setup 

Folding bed furniture is the best fit for kids’ bedrooms. They are a space saver, letting kids have precious room to play around during the day. The one we have here comes with a piece of folding bed furniture with a kid’s wardrobe. When the bed is not in use, you can just pull it up and let your little one have all the space to play or study. Along with the Murphy bed, the study unit here is a folding one too. The folding study table is made with light wood, comfortable for your child to fold and unfold themselves. Besides the bed and the study table, there’s also a folding chalkboard that can come quite handy for your kid’s study sessions.

Kids room with a folding bed furniture setup
Fold up furniture designs are a must-have for a kid’s bedroom

Folding furniture pieces make life easy. They are lightweight, portable and help us save a lot of space. So, go ahead, save space and even money with some awesome folding furniture for your home. And if you need any assistance in finding the right folding furniture, get in touch with us today!

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