Here Is A Young Modern Kitchen Design Just For You!

by Shreya Bilagi | January 22, 2024 | 3 mins read

Anchor: Shonali Advani

Get in touch with the quirky side of yourself. Go young, go bold and be prepared to have some fun with this young modern kitchen design. Check it out!

New couples with cheerful personalities here is something for you! They say a kitchen is where love happens and magic ignites! We say make magic and let love ignite in a young modern kitchen design like this one! If you are those couples that are raring to go you will enjoy this kitchen in your home to the fullest.

A Magnificent Modern Kitchen Design

Unless it’s tears from chopping up an onion, the kitchen is the last place you want to tear up. I mean you wouldn’t want an extra dose of fresh human-generated salt, would you? This fun and warm modern kitchen design is displayed in our Mumbai experience centre. This small space modern kitchen design brings out a warm and cheerful personality that makes cooking and spending time in it very worthwhile.

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Sweet Yet Small Modern Kitchen Design

This small space modern kitchen is perfect for two! This kitchen provides you just enough space to fit in a personalised dining table and make it a memorable place for thousands of meals yet to come! Time to build memories over meals, you know what we mean? Bon appetit! Check out this picture of another small modern kitchen design.

Small modern kitchen design where fits in a personalised dining table and purple chair looks stunning.
A stunning modern kitchen with purple chairs and cabinets bring this kitchen alive

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Make Some Magic With A Modern Kitchen Design Idea

If you have a mind of a minion, the use of colour or combination in this kitchen won’t disappoint you. We have decided to go bananas with this modern kitchen design idea. The use of eye-popping colours like yellow and a splash of blue added to the interiors give it a bold on bold minion look. People often have a misconception that two bold colours won’t look good if used together – now that’s just a myth! As you can see, two bright colours blend beautifully complementing one another and bringing out the best look.

The Ultra-Modern Kitchen Design

This ultra-modern kitchen design has subway dado tiles that are super easy to clean and maintain. Eye-catching yellow open storage shelves will lend a hand when it comes to storing planters or jars with whatever you please. Also great to store cookbooks!

Pep Up The Place 

Let your artistic side go wild with this new modern kitchen design. Your kitchen does not need to be mundane and boring. Add some quotes or stickers – they only help boost your mood up which we think is essential while cooking. Or another example of a bright colour used in the kitchen is in the picture below.

Modern kitchen design with green tiled backsplash gives a fresh look in kitchen.
This modern kitchen has a vibrant green tiled backsplash to give a fresh look

So this is how a young modern kitchen looks and feels. This modern kitchen design is one that is loved and looked forward to having among new and fun-loving couples.

Did you enjoy Designs Cafe’s video on young modern kitchens? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at DesignCafe who has a creative and adventurous personality. She has worked in the media for the past four years starting off as a Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi and later an anchor on television. Her love for dogs is infinite. Art and culture, spirituality, theatre, travelling, Netflix and wine all fall under her circle of passion.

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