South West Facing House Vastu Tips

by Humera Nishat | January 22, 2024 | 5 mins read

South west facing house vastu tips

Modify your home from ashubh to shubh with these incredible South West facing house plans according to Vastu.

In India, 90% of houses are constructed based on Vastu shastra. The real question here is what on earth is Vastu? Vastu is an ancient science that originated in India. This enhances the positivity of your house and eliminates negative energies and vibrations from the house. Your dream house is your goal and to make it the best place for your family you would be needing a few Vastu tips and tricks that will ensure your home is filled with positive energy and good vibes.

Do you think every architect can build your house according to your Vastu beliefs? If you are a person who believes in Vastu shastra then keep reading to understand the best Vastu tips for your south west facing house. The biggest privilege of your dream house is you can build it absolutely according to your plan and your Vastu belief. You can build it from scratch but before that, you would require to know these Vastu tips for your south west facing house. Check out some of these tips for your south west facing house plan according to Vastu.

The Direction Of The Main Door

If you believe in the power of Vastu you will already know that the entrance of your house just is not for guests to come in. It is said that energies also flow out and in your house from the front gate. For a south west facing house, the main entrance should not be in the south west facing direction. It is advised that the door of your house should have an internal lane that connects the living room to the main door. The best direction to have your front door is in the direction of east, north, or north-east. Make sure to pinpoint your desired entrance direction when your architect plans the house.

Direction of the main door of south west facing house vastu
A beautiful wooden door connecting other rooms with the internal hallway or lanes; towards the other side is the stairs for the upper floor

Do Not Forget The Direction Of The Kitchen In A South West Facing Home

According to a southwest facing house, the kitchen should be located in the south east direction. This is because Agni the lord of fire is considered to be in the southeast direction. You can also make your kitchen in the north-east direction that is also considered auspicious. It is better if the kitchen has a center table and make sure you face the south east while working in the kitchen. The stove and sink should not be in the same direction. So make sure to construct the kitchen in a way where you will face the southeast direction when cooking.

Direction of the kitchen in a south west facing home vastu
White interior kitchen with a beautiful center table with chairs and hanging lamps. The ranges and sink are in different directions
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A Living Room With The Right Shapes And Lines

Vastu shastra has always said that it is auspicious to live in rectangular rooms. Most importantly your living room. Your living room should be full of vivid shaped and clear lines. This can be your furniture and can also be your photo frame lines. Use the color white or yellow for your living room. This will repel negative energy according to Vastu. If you have a glass door consider installing curtains for a better look.

South west facing house living room vastu tips
A white painted room with vivid photo frames defining clear lines. The living room also has a glass window with white panes and square cushions of contrasting colours

A Well Ventilated Home Is Key To Goodness

Every house should be well ventilated. It is  good to live in a home with a  balcony or numerous windows. This will bring good energy inside the house. According to Vastu shastra experts, it is recommended to build the balcony floor lower than the normal home floor level. It is said that the right direction of building your balcony is in the east, north, or north-east direction. A well-ventilated house attracts an abundant amount of money in the house. This is because these directions should be getting the maximum amount of sunlight and brightness. The furniture on the balcony should be facing outside. This will help in gaining more and more sunlight when you sit on the balcony.

South west facing house balcony vastu
Balcony decorated with beautiful furniture and plant pots. The chairs are comfortable and are outside facing ensuring sunlight. The balcony is further decorated with photo frames and the balcony cover has contrasting grills

The Direction Of The Bathroom

Taking a good shower in a beautiful bathroom is a great way of relaxation after a long day of work, but the bathroom is considered most vulnerable to negative energy. According to experts, a bathroom should be in the north direction. It should not be too close to the kitchen or pooja room as it is said to harm the health of the people living in the house. It is also recommended to construct the toilet floor a little higher than the normal home floor. The exhaust fan or the window must be in the north  and the shower towards the east.

South west facing house bathroom vastu tips
Grey interior bathroom with contrasting white and brown colors. The washbasin and shower are located opposite each other
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Whether you have a south-facing house or a north-facing house these Vastu tips can help you bring prosperity and good health to your family. This will help in eliminating the negative vibrations and energies from your house.

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