7 Versatile Velvet Curtains In The Living Room For Window Glam

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 24, 2024 | 6 mins read

Chevron print velvet curtains in the living room

Give your home interiors a regal touch with velvet curtains for the living room. Check out our suggestions.

How do you make a bold home decor statement with minimal changes? Curtains! Not just any, but bold, regal velvet curtains for the living room. This is also the easiest hack when your living room has muted furniture and accessories and you want to glam it up without changing much. Why the living room specifically? Because that’s where your guests will be. Besides, why not extend the majestic and regal lifestyle to yourself when you’re just chilling in the living room?

Before we take you through some velvety curtain styles to explore, please note that velvet curtains can naturally absorb light — sunlight and from the home lighting set-up. So, when you plan to glam up your living room in velvet, decide on lighter or heavier drapes depending on how much light you want to allow in the room. Let’s get started.

Gorgeously Grey Velvet Curtains For The Living Room

Ah, we love the mystique associated with gorgeous grey, especially on velvet curtains in the living room! Notice how these lengthy, grey curtains that match the height of the room make the living room appear larger too. While exquisite velvet curtains help you score points with the guests, make strategic modular furniture additions to keep up the luxury vibe. Maybe a multipurpose coffee table that can seat four people or a floating console table for the TV unit! Interested in a DIY coffee table? Try these.

Revel In Velvety Orange Bliss In Your Living Room

What is life without some drama, and there’s nothing like velvet for some dramatic appeal in home interiors! Check out this living room which follows a light palette. The velvet curtains in alluring orange provide a fine theatrical vibe. Add a sensational coffee table with wheels (easier to move around when you need the extra space), a dramatic chandelier, a TV unit cum crockery unit and live the drama. In this living room, the curtain’s position by the French window ensures ample lighting and focus on all elements of the room.

Understated Cream Luxury Velvet Curtains For Living Room

If your white space is detailed with woodwork (be it the furniture, wall or ceiling), living room velvet curtains in cream are a good choice for a complementary shade. After all, when it comes to velvet curtains for the living room, cream is understated elegance. We love how the floor-to-ceiling cream curtains in this design make each detail in the room more exquisite. It blends with the full-wall panelling on one side, the rustic style wall detailing on the other, the minimal woodwork on the ceiling and the impressive French windows. The lighting from the luxury velvet curtains ensures that the space-saving floating console, the storage cum side table, and the floating rack also stand out.

Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Refreshing Blue Velvet Curtains For The Living Room

Charming, easy on the eyes, free spirit… we’d keep raving about living room velvet curtains in refreshing blue. To truly project its liveliness, you could match it with a velvet sofa in the same or nearly the same shade. In this design, we kept the furniture to a minimum so that the velvet sofa and curtains would remain the talking point. Yet we’ve added wood detailing for sophistication like the ceiling with wood planks that blend into the TV unit. The console table with pull-out drawers and shelves helps with organizing the room. With these well-thought additions, the blue velvet curtains living room can be your happy space.

Royally Purple Velvet Curtains For A Vintage Look

Here’s how to give your living room a bold, vintage and royal look — long, purple curtains. The sheen is hard to miss and gives the room a royal ambiance. You could take it a notch higher with purple wall cushioning and decorative wallpaper. The laminate wood flooring adds to the room’s elegance. The Chesterfield sofa ensures that the seating is royally comfortable and modern-looking. Want to use purple curtains in your bedroom? Check these suggestions.

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Breezy Green Velvet Curtains In The Living Room

Yes, dark green velvet curtains have a regal touch to them. But it can be a turn-off for those who prefer a simpler, grounded lifestyle. Also, velvet can absorb the lighting in the room. So, in a compact room, opt for a lighter shade of green such as the one in the image below. Some of the floating modular furniture in this room allows it to appear spacious. The colours used give it a breezy and playful vibe. Thus, velvet curtains in the living room need to be lightweight to retain the breezy vibe.

Velvet Curtains For Luxurious Living And Dining

If your home setup doesn’t demarcate the living and dining spaces with a wall or furniture, get the job done subtly with velvet curtains as shown in the image below. Both spaces then become independent focal points due to the full-length velvet curtains in the background. To go all out with the opulence, choose an exquisite chandelier. And for the dining section, display your fanciest china in a space-saving custom modular cabinet by the dining table. We hope you find our additional partition curtain ideas useful.

So, what’s your verdict on velvet curtains for the living room? Wouldn’t you say that they are a worthy addition to your home? We like how velvet curtains can enhance the luxuriousness of a space just with their texture. As they are available in different lengths, weights and patterns (yes, not just solids; prints are in too), choosing a velvet fabric that’s convenient for long-term use is now more feasible than ever. We hope our blog on curtain design ideas gives you more options. Here you go to talk to our design team for expert guidance.

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