Looking for Kitchen Curtain Ideas For Your Space? Here’s A Fun Guide!

by Pooja Dara | February 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Kitchen curtain designs for your kitchen

Looking to revamp your kitchen’s interior? These 5 ideas for kitchen window curtains make our hearts happy – check them out!

Kitchen curtains can last as long as five to six years if the material is of good quality and maintained well regularly. Short and heavyweight curtains often last longer than full-length and lightweight ones since they don’t puddle at the base. While blinds are suitable if you are considering your kitchen only, curtains are more suited for kitchen and dining room combos.

Your kitchen’s interior design can make or break your overall cooking experience. Right from finding suitable materials and finishes to overall decor like indoor plants or simply elegant kitchen curtain designs, there are so many factors one needs to look into. We have curated 5 kitchen window curtain designs for you to feast your eyes on. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Many kinds of kitchen curtain designs are available in the market, scalloped, ruffled, tailored, tie-up, and bamboo shade, to name a few. However, make an informed decision on the kind of curtain you need as per the usage and frequency in your kitchen. In the meantime, here are 5 inspiring kitchen curtain design ideas.

Kitchen Curtain Design #1: Grey & White Modern Kitchen Curtain

This grey + white modern kitchen curtain design stands out well against the white kitchen and dining room interiors. They add an element of visual drama and style to the space. These thick kitchen window curtains can often be paired with sheer curtains so that you have the option to use either one to maintain privacy and regulate the amount of light that enters the area. However, we recommend staying away from light hues to avoid kitchen accidents and stains.

Grey and white modern kitchen curtains
A greyish-brown kitchen curtain design adorns this modern kitchen’s wall.
Looking to transform your kitchen this season

Kitchen Curtain Design #2:  Biscuit And Blue Kitchen Curtain Idea

This biscuit colour kitchen curtain design looks gorgeous and breathtaking in this powder-blue painted kitchen. The kitchen flooring and furniture lend a warm and earthy vibe to the space, while the curtains and the wall paint ooze a modern contemporary feel. The Moroccan backsplash adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Biscuit and blue kitchen curtain idea
A stunning biscuit gold curtain embraces the happy blues of this contemporary kitchen curtain design.

Kitchen Curtain Design #3: Feminine Muted Kitchen Curtain Ideas

This floor-to-ceiling pale muted cranberry-coloured idea for kitchen curtains is an ideal choice if you want to add a more feminine, chic and soft touch to the kitchen space. They complement the existing kitchen interiors without being too overwhelming. You can avoid the puddling effect by ensuring that your kitchen curtain’s length is optimal to avoid stains and kitchen accidents. If you like the puddling effect (as shown in the image), you can do so if you have a minimal kitchen design dominated by wood and white.

floor-to-ceiling pale muted cranberry-coloured kitchen curtains
Shades of pink, cranberry, and blush for this feminine, soft kitchen curtain design.

Kitchen Curtain Design #4: Shorter Elegant Kitchen Parda Designs

If you live in a high-rise, you probably don’t even need that much privacy and security compared to living in a bungalow. Just plain white, cream, or pastel-coloured sheer curtains might do the trick for apartment owners. The large windows filter and let ample sunlight enter the kitchen and dining space while the curtains can still accommodate all the various uses of the kitchen space, making it all the more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This kitchen features a short kitchen curtain design in shades of brown.

Brown shade kitchen curtain designs  for your high-rise home
Browner shades of kitchen curtain designs for your high-rise home.

Kitchen Door Curtain Design #5: Full-Length White Kitchen Curtain For A Spacious Illusion

Who says you need to use kitchen curtains only to cover windows? You can make the most of your classic whites, as shown in the image, as a full-length kitchen curtain design to cover your door. White-coloured curtains make the kitchen and dining space look much bigger and lend it a light and airy feel. However, you can add double-layer thick curtains for extra privacy when covering doors that directly lead to the house’s exteriors (like in the picture).

Kitchen door curtains in white colour gives spacious illusion
White kitchen door curtain design for an airy, spacious kitchen experience
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All in all, kitchen curtains remain an essential element of the kitchen design as they impact the air circulation and amount of light and contribute to the aesthetics and feel of the space.

Are you confused about which kitchen curtain design idea you want? Worry not. Book a FREE consultation with one of our expert designers at DesignCafe; they’ll be more than happy to help you.

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