Bachelor Pad To Family Home: This Interior Design Before After Makeover Will Blow Your Mind

by Pallabi Bose | January 21, 2024 | 6 mins read

Living room interior design before and after that brings it to life

From empty bachelor pad to a couple’s dream home, these interior design before and after photos are unreal!

As real estate prices rise rapidly everywhere, the instances of people purchasing a second home are gradually becoming non-existent. So, it is essential to carefully utilise the space you have while making sure the house looks aesthetically pleasing. This has increased the demand for before and after interior design projects as it gives homeowners an idea of how they can upgrade their existing homes.

Most leading interior designers prefer modular furniture over the civil kind because the former is movable. If, after some years, you get bored of the look of your home or need to change it, you can get it redesigned without modifying the entire structure. Modular furniture gives homeowners the freedom to style and re-style their homes anytime.

One such instance is of our client who was a bachelor when he moved into his home. But, he needed it to be redesigned when he was getting married. So Design Cafe helped him gift a dream home to his fiance. We present the interior design before and after makeover of the 1 BHK.

A Drab To Fab Interior Design Before And After Of The Bedroom

Our client had only the bare minimum furniture in his bachelor pad’s bedroom. For the bed, he had a queen-size mattress on the floor. The room was spacious and well-ventilated. However, it desperately needed some structure and personality.

We gave the bedroom a 180-degree transformation. We covered one wall with wooden panels and strategically installed a mirror that reflects the TV unit placed on the opposite wall. This effortlessly created an illusion of a much more spacious room. We also made a seating area by the window with a converted shoe rack that works as a storage cabinet. We focused on using multipurpose furniture. For instance, the TV unit doubles up as a dresser and gets extended into a study desk and a bookshelf.

Living Room Interior Design Before And After That Brings It To Life

The living room too had the bare minimum. The owner had preferred to rent living room loose furniture over buying. So, it called for a complete overhaul. The living room interior design before and after images will give you an idea of the complete transformation that Design Cafe did in this home.

In a compact apartment, interior designers swear by neutral colours like white or beige for the walls to impart a bright and airy look. But an all-white or beige room can quickly become tedious too. So, we love to use gorgeous wallpapers as highlights. For instance, we used a light patterned wallpaper in this living room to create a gallery wall. The dark brown TV unit creates an interesting contrast with the white wall on the opposite side. Two bookcases were great value additions to the space to showcase souvenirs from the couple’s holidays and, of course, their collection of books. That’s not all, we replaced the fan with a fancy accent light to add glamour to the space. Further, the yellow modular sofa, off-white accent chair, stylish glass-top coffee table and rug complete the look.

Interior Design Before And After Makeover Into An Open Modular Kitchen

The kitchen previously did not have any character or style. It was one long wall-to-wall countertop and a small section for the sink. We gave the dull kitchen a complete makeover.

In small apartments like 1 BHKs, the lack of space is a big concern. Walls make the space seem smaller than it is. Therefore, instead of having a separate kitchen and dining room, opt for an open kitchen that adds spaciousness and allows adequate room for conversations to flow without interruption. We completely removed the L-shaped civil kitchen in this apartment and installed a fabulous U-shaped modular kitchen unit with a white marble countertop from our collection. We also created a breakfast nook that works as a dining table. Green velvet breakfast stools add much-needed vibrance to the space. Three pendant lights over the breakfast nook add glamour. We also used recessed cove lighting to break the monotony of one large structure.

Interior Design Before And After With A Glammed Up Entryway

A steel shoe rack welcomes you as you enter your apartment. Now that’s not the welcome anyone wants to experience, is it? Check out the after image to see how we glammed up this barren entryway.

The first thing any homeowner should invest in is creating a stylish entryway because it immediately grabs the attention of anyone who enters through the door. It essentially sets the tone for the rest of the home. That’s why we used a soft rose gold-coloured wallpaper with a delicate floral print. We replaced the old shoe rack with a stylish modular shoe cabinet from our collection with lots of storage space. It has a hidden stool that seamlessly gets incorporated into the cabinet. We also placed a chic gold-coloured hexagonal mirror, some decorative pieces on the cabinet, and a pendant light to further elevate the space.

A Stylish Bathroom You’d Want To Spend Time In

Before Design Cafe did its magic, it was a typical Indian bathroom. It desperately needed some touch-ups from the experts. Check out the after image to see how we upgraded the space.

We completely changed the bathroom’s layout. We also installed a glass shower stall and created an enclosed space for taking a bath without getting the entire bathroom floor wet. Right beside the shower stall is the toilet. We replaced the old model with a smart-looking wall-mounted toilet. We also added a bathroom vanity that perfectly combines closed drawers with open shelves. Now, the homeowners don’t need a messy-looking shower caddy. The big mirror is perfect for makeup and giving yourself a pep talk before starting the day.

What are your thoughts about this apartment makeover? What learnings are you going to implement in your home? We would love to hear from you. If you are looking for more cost-effective before and after interior design projects, click here. And if you are inspired enough to give your home an elegant, modern remodeling, feel free to talk to our design experts today!

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