6 Spaces In Indian Homes That Are Ideal For Sunroom Designs

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 22, 2024 | 5 mins read

Sunroom designs flood your space with natural light

Transform your living area, bedroom or balcony into a sunroom with these design ideas.

Want to stay indoors but don’t want to compromise on your dose of Vitamin D? Or perhaps you want to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors? Whatever be your reason, it calls for some fabulous sunroom designs. A sunroom — another word for sun lounge — is basically a room that permits abundant sunlight into your home. It can be a patio, a balcony space or even one of the main rooms in your house. However, as per the standards of sunroom designs, you must have a glass-enclosed area that provides uninterrupted sunlight indoors.

Although more prevalent in colder countries, we are seeing a demand for sunroom designs in Indian homes as well. These rooms work as a saviour during the North’s harsh winters. But throughout the year too, having one sunlight-filled room is a healthy retreat to have at home. So, let’s check out some Indian sunroom design ideas that are ideal for anyone who seeks an acre of nature indoors. 

A Sunroom Design For The Bedroom With A Floating Glass Window

A sunroom design for your sleep quarter can come with many benefits. Waking up to a natural view works wonders for wellbeing. You can transform your bedroom into a functional sunroom design by using floating glass windows. For this arrangement, you need to have your bedroom on the sunny side of the house. The glass partition window will provide abundant sunlight in your sleep haven. 

A sunroom designs for bedroom with floating glass window
The perfect escape without stepping outside

A Chilling Spot At Home With An Awesome Sunroom Design

You are blessed if you have direct sunlight in your home. You are more blessed if you have greenery around too. This is one of the most perfect sunroom designs for Indian homes. The glass-framed sliding doors are the ideal partition to allow sunlight and a green view indoors. You can easily set up a chilling spot in such a bright corner of your house. 

A chilling spot at home with an awesome sunroom design
An ideal nook for reading or working

An Open Kitchen With A Sunroom Design And Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian interiors accentuate the bright and green outdoors. Hence, you can create the perfect sunroom design in your kitchen. Use plain glass-front sliding doors to enclose the kitchen area and let the outdoors come in. You can use blinds and shutters to prevent direct sunlight when not needed.

An open kitchen with a sunroom design and scandinavian interiors
An open kitchen that makes Sunday brunches a habit

A Home Office Setup With Sunroom Design

Design your balcony space with large glass windows to create a sunroom spot. You can set up your home office here and enjoy sunlit work sessions. This will let you enjoy your work while utilising the sunlight and enjoying an incredible view. You can set up the home office with a modular desk that is easy to install and use. If the sunlight gets too harsh, you can use blinds to keep the light in check. 

A home office setup with sunroom design with large glass windows
A home office setup with sunroom design with large glass windows

A Half Window Sunroom Design In The Attic

Another great move for your sunroom design plan is to convert your attic space into a sunroom. The sunlight in the attic is often direct, hence ideal for the perfect sunroom spot. You can use wooden frame glass windows to create an enclosure with some green decor indoors. Paint the space white to accentuate the sunlit area and create a cosy reading spot in the attic. 

A half window sunroom designs in the attic or a spacious living room
Sunroom design for a spacious living room

A Living Room Cum Sunroom Design For Villas

This is an excellent sunroom design for Indian villas. Enclosed by glass-front sliding doors, the space is created to form a living area where you can sit, relax and soak in the sun. You can keep the furniture to a minimum to enjoy more of the beautiful view and sunlight. This kind of sunroom design is ideal if you have a spacious house. It will work best for villas and independent homes. 

A living room cum sunroom design for villas enclosed by glass-front sliding doors
Sunroom design for a spacious living room

FAQs About Sunroom Designs

What type of furniture do you put in a sunroom?

You can use Scandinavian and modern furniture pieces for your sunroom. Remember that sunrooms are usually to sit, relax and have conversations. So either keep it minimal for you to sit by yourself and soak up the sun or have a cosy arrangement for people to sit around and chat. 

As a sunroom design brings in uninterrupted sunlight, you might want to be specific about what kind of furniture you want to use. Fabrics like silk and leather might fade due to continuous sunlight. You can go with wooden and wicker furniture for your sunroom’s interiors.

What can you do with a sunroom?

Sunrooms can be used as your additional space to socialise or you can transform any of your main rooms into a sunroom. You can use it as your living area, entertainment space and even a relaxing corner.

Do you need an architect for a sunroom?

You can use a professional’s help to get the best out of your sunroom. However, if you already have a space, you can work with an interior designer to transform it into your kind of sunroom space. 

There you have it! We give you six different sunroom design ideas to let the sun into your home. Remember, daily sunlight can be a significant factor in healthy living. Hence, having a sunroom can be a great idea, especially if you live in regions that experience long and harsh winter months. So go ahead, have your own acre outside in your home.

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