All You Need To Know About Acrylic Vs. Laminate For Your Kitchen

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wondering which is better between acrylic and laminates for your kitchen? Let’s find out.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you spend time every day. From cooking your kid’s favourite dish, making sumptuous meals for special occasions to satiating cravings for late-night snacks — the kitchen is where you always head. A modular kitchen equipped with pull-outs, corner units and intelligently designed shutter cabinets helps in freeflow movement and provides extra space to arrange your cooking essentials in a clutter-free manner. But it’s the cabinet finish that makes your kitchen beautiful and welcoming. There are a plethora of choices available in the market, be it laminate, acrylic, lacquered glass or duco — the list goes on. So, cherry-picking the best one for your kitchen cabinets may get confusing. Here’s a detailed blog on the difference between acrylic and laminate finishes — the two most popularly used for modern kitchens.

What Is Acrylic Finish?

acrylic kitchen cabinets

Acrylic finish is made of polymers and gives a finish similar to lacquered glass. Acrylic lends a glossy finish to your kitchen and has a seamless look. This is one of the most sought-after options for kitchen cabinets because of its reflective mirror-like finish. So, if you are thinking of jazzing up your kitchen but don’t want to splurge on lacquered glass, acrylic is the perfect choice for you. Acrylic kitchen cabinets are also easy to maintain and the finish is available in a variety of colours.

Acrylic vs. laminate finishes- Acrylic finish is made of polymers and easy to maintain
A modular kitchen with acrylic finish cabinets
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

What Is Laminate Finish?

Laminates are also used widely for kitchen cabinets. These are made of plastic resins and papers pressed together by high-pressure machines. Laminates are available in multiple textures, colours and finishes. They are cheaper compared to acrylic. The upper layer is usually printed with different colours and patterns. They are also available in finishes like stone and wood to give your kitchen a unique look.

Laminate vs. acrylic finishes- laminate finish is used widely for kitchen cabinets and is cheaper than acrylic
Stone-finish laminates lend a rustic look

Difference Between Acrylic And Laminate

Both acrylic and laminates have their share of pros and cons. While acrylic looks aesthetically beautiful because of its glossy finish, they are costly when compared to laminates. Acrylic is great for lending a high-end sophisticated look to your kitchen. But if you want an edgy and bold design for your kitchen, then stone-finish or wood-finish laminates can be your go-to choice.

Here’s an exhaustive look at the pros and cons of acrylic vs. laminates to help you choose the best as per your preference and requirements.

  • Acrylic vs. Laminate Cost Difference

Acrylic finishes are expensive compared to laminates. They are perfect for big-budget kitchens. Their glossy finish makes them reflective, giving your kitchen a seamless, spacious and clutter-free look.

Laminates are available in a variety of price ranges. They are perfect for homeowners looking for budget-friendly options.

  • Maintenance And Durability of Acrylic vs. Laminate Finishes

Acrylic finish cabinets are scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. They don’t fade with time and are moisture-resistant too. This makes acrylic easy to maintain and offers homeowners an easy cleaning experience. But make sure to get rid of any dirt or fingerprints immediately as they are easily visible on acrylic and can ruin the look of your kitchen. Use a damp cloth and mild soap and wipe gently to clean acrylic kitchen cabinets. Never use harsh chemicals or ammonia to clean acrylic cabinets.

Laminates are relatively more durable than acrylic and easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it down now and then. They are heat and moisture resistant, less prone to scratches or wear and tear. You can opt for a rustic finish as you can hardly see any scratches. 

  • Variety In Acrylic And Laminate Finishes

Acrylic is available in a wide range of colours. This can add vibrance to your kitchen and liven up your cooking haven.

Laminates are available in multiple colours too, but you also have the choice between several textures like gloss, matte and ultra glossy. With laminates, you can choose between wood or stone finish to lend a natural vibe to your space.

Difference between acrylic and laminate for the kitchen
Comparison of acrylic vs laminate for the kitchen
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So, Which Is Better — Acrylic Or Laminate?

Now that we’ve looked at the difference between laminate and acrylic in detail, you must be wondering which is better for your modern kitchen. Well, it totally depends on your preference, requirements and budget.

Both amplify the aesthetics of your kitchen and are practical because of their heat and moisture-resistant properties. While acrylic needs a little more maintenance to retain the gloss for a longer period of time, laminates are cost-effective and low maintenance.

In case you can’t decide, you can also go for a kitchen design that uses a mix of both laminate and acrylic cabinets. The combination cabinets also give your kitchen a unique and trendy look. The wood finish laminates are used to design the base cabinets for an earthy and warm tone. While acrylic is used for the overhead cabinets to bring in a luxurious vibe and create a striking contrast.

Opt for acrylic for the overhead cabinets as they reflect light and make your kitchen look spacious and bright. Laminates are more practical for base cabinets because the bottom part of the kitchen is more prone to wear and tear, and laminates are a great way to avoid damage over time.

Acrylic or laminate finish which is better for kitchen cabinet
You can opt for a mix of laminates and acrylic

Now that you can make an informed decision about acrylic vs. laminates, let’s talk about some unique kitchen cabinet designs that will elevate the functionality of your kitchen and bring in extra storage space. You can also book a free consultation with us, and our designers will help you with the best kitchen interiors in town.

Our designs guarantee you 20% extra storage space and come with 10 years of warranty, hassle-free move-in, and no-cost EMI. So, call us today and get ready for an enhanced cooking experience in no time.

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