Sleep Right And Feel More Positive With These Vastu Tips For The Bed

by Pooja Dara | January 20, 2024 | 7 mins read

bed position as per vastu for your home

Having troubled sleep? Create a harmonious and happy environment not only in your bedroom but also in your personal and professional life just by implementing Vastu for the bed, be it in terms of its placement or your sleeping position

This blog post elaborates how Vastu Shastra can help you create a balance and rhythm in your home by optimising your bedroom as an oasis of rejuvenation, tranquillity and relaxation. We’ve broken down the theory for you in sections so that it’s easy for you to consume and quickly put it into action. 

It will cover everything from the bed position according to Vastu, bed direction Vastu to the material, colour and associated elements of the bed/bedroom.

So let’s get into it without further ado.

Infographic about bedroom vastu tips

Ideal Bed Position As Per Vastu

The position of the bed will influence your overall quality of sleep and the health of you and your loved ones. So, the ideal bed position as per Vastu should be such that the head is towards the south or east direction. Make sure that your bed always has a headrest and is of a standard rectangular or square shape only. 

Bed direction Vastu, Bed headrest in a standard rectangular shape and positioned in the south or east direction.
A rectangular- or square-shaped bed with a headrest is considered auspicious as per Vastu experts

In any modern Indian household, you’ll often see that the bed is placed with the headboard positioned against the main wall of the bedroom. However, keep in mind that it isn’t placed in the corner or directly under a beam as it restricts the free flow of energy and cosmic vibrations inside the room. Instead, you can place the bed in the central part of the wall so that you can easily move around in the bedroom, leaving around a four-inch distance between the bed and the wall.

The bed in the master bedroom or guest bedroom should have its head towards the west or south so that your legs point in the east or north direction when you lie down. 

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Which Direction Should We Keep Our Head While Sleeping?

The direction in which you keep your head while sleeping also affects various aspects of your life (career, job, health, etc.). So, it’s essential that you determine the correct bed direction as per Vastu. Each Vastu practice is based on the interaction between the ‘panch bhutas’ (five major elements of nature: water, fire, earth, space and air) and the four main directions (north, east, west and south) to determine your overall well-being. The same holds true even when it comes to your sleeping direction. 

Bed position Vastu, direction while sleeping keep head towards south and leg pointing north for a specific benefit.
Always keep your head towards the south and the legs pointing towards the north for sound sleep

Each individual sleeping direction has certain benefits attached to it (except for the north):

  • Head towards the south: It is the best direction for sleeping and is highly recommended by Vastu experts for people in the professional or business field as it brings good health, quality sleep, opulence and prosperity, reduces the risk of heart diseases and improves their productivity and decision-making ability
  • Head towards the east: It is the second-best direction for sleeping for students, teachers and people employed in jobs as it promotes good health, increases concentration and memory power, brings more growth and new career opportunities. It is also highly recommended for a kid’s bedroom, for those starting out with their careers and also those inclined towards spirituality 
  • Head towards the west: It is the next best and the most neutral option if the bed positioning isn’t feasible in the south or east direction. It may lead you to not have a good quality sleep, delay your appointments for the next day and also not let you reach your fullest potential while at work. On the positive side, it can bring you more fame, recognition and wealth in your endeavours
  • Head in the diagonal/corner axis: Prefer southeast or southwest as your sleeping direction if you follow the diagonal bedroom directions. You may also go for the northwest direction (if the above isn’t feasible) as it is considered a neutral sleeping position by Vastu experts 

Never place your head towards the north or northeast: It is the least preferred and the most unwanted position for sleeping for the primary reason that the strong magnetic field of the earth repels that of the body and largely affects its blood circulation. This imbalance in blood circulation can cause you immense stress, disturb your mind and make you feel exhausted without doing much. It is also considered inauspicious, causes bad dreams and can lead to serious illnesses too.

What Other Things Should We Keep In Mind?

  • Prefer using wood instead of metal for your bed material as wood promotes positive energies and deflects negative energies in the space 
  • Use one big mattress (and bed) instead of joining two separate medium-sized mattresses (and beds) as it encourages togetherness and nurtures a more harmonious relationship if you’re a couple
  • Avoid placing any mirror in the bedroom at any cost. If that’s not feasible, then make sure it doesn’t reflect your body in any way when you’re lying down as those reflections can increase the possibility of serious illness for the occupants
Vastu for bed, Wooden double bed with single mattress used for positive energies
Using a single mattress on a double bed creates a more harmonious relationship between couples as per Vastu for bed
  • Do not place the bed facing the bathroom doors as it unwillingly invites negative energies from the bathroom into your bedroom. Also, try to not place your legs towards the bedroom doors as it can lead to nightmares 
  • Avoid having any windows behind the bed’s headrest as it’s not considered auspicious by Vastu experts. It is said to interfere with the quality of your sleep. Alternatively, you can use thick and dark-coloured curtains for your bedroom to block out the natural light from outside and balance it out with light-coloured paint on your bedroom walls. Check out some Vastu colours for your bedroom

The ideal placement of your dressing table and the cooler in your room is towards the northwest or southeast with some conditions. However, if it’s a cupboard/wardrobe then you can place it in the west, south or southwest direction of your bedroom. Check out more Vastu tips for your bedroom wardrobe

Bed direction as per Vastu positioned in the south-facing and windows covered with dark curtains for positive.
Use dark-coloured curtains with light-coloured walls to balance out the cosmic vibrations in the bedroom
  • Never put your electronic gadgets on the bed while sleeping as they generate bad vibes. Try to keep them far away if possible, probably on a charging point
  • Do not create any clutter or stuff the bed from underneath as it will help to correctly channelise the good vibes. You can use a dreamcatcher, wind chime or other Vastu items for enhancing the positive energies as well
  • Do not place any plants in your bedroom and also ensure that the bedroom isn’t directly placed on top of the kitchen to avoid any hindrances in your sleep.

All in all, altering the position of your bed or the direction in which you sleep can bring a lot of difference in your lives and make you feel more energised every morning. Looking for similar Vastu guides for your home? Reach out to us at  DesignCafe and we’ll give you a helping hand. Good luck!

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