7 Creative Wall Fixing Almirah Designs To Spice Up Your Home Interiors

by Nikita Keshwani | January 15, 2024 | 8 mins read

Wall fixing almirah ideas to maximise bedroom space

These stunning wall fixing almirah designs will transform your space and enhance its functionality. 

Almirahs have been around for centuries. History reveals that they were first used by royalty to store their valuables. From a mere storage unit to an irreplaceable part of home decor, the almirah has undoubtedly come a long way. Today, almirahs are being used worldwide for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Wall fixing almirahs were introduced to offer customisations beyond the standard off-the-shelf designs.

A wall fixing almirah is a type of cabinet mounted directly onto the wall. This makes it a great space-saving solution for your room. In addition to this, you can completely customise it to suit your individual preferences and space requirements. In this blog, we’ll be exploring wall fixing almirah materials, trending designs, and the benefits of wall fixing almirahs. So let’s get started!

Wall Fixing Almirah Materials That Are Perfect For Every Home

Here are some of the most common materials used in wall fixing almirahs to give them the desired aesthetic appeal. Often, a combination of 2 or more materials is used to create a durable product that matches the existing decor of the room:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Mirror
  • Glass
  • Steel

Benefits of Wall Fixing Almirahs

  • Saves space: Since they are installed directly into the wall, wall fixed almirahs make the best use of available wall and floor space. This makes them ideal for smaller rooms or compact living spaces.
  • Customisation: Wall fixing almirahs can include different types of shelves, drawers, and compartments to accommodate everything you wish to store.
  • Easy to clean: Dust is less likely to accumulate on wall fixing almirahs as they are not in contact with the floor. This makes them low maintenance and keeps them looking as good as new for longer.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Wall fixing almirahs can be customised to match the overall decor of the room. Moreover, they can make your space look more spacious and luxurious, enhancing the room’s visual appeal.
  • Versatile use: Their use is not just limited to the bedroom. You can install a wall fixing almirah in different areas of the house, such as the living room, dining area, or even the kitchen, for a clean, clutter-free look.
Wall-fixing almirahs offer various benefits like space-saving, customisation and ease of cleaning
Make optimal use of vertical and floor space
Multi functional wardrobes for your bedroom interiors

Modern Wall Fixing Almirah Designs & Ideas to Inspire You

Finding an almirah that gels well with your bedroom interiors can be daunting. So here are some wall fixing almirah designs to inspire you to find the ideal match for your space.

1. Minimalistic Wall Fixing Almirah Design With Loft:

This soothing blue wall fixing almirah design takes up an entire wall and offers many storage options. This includes an open box shelving with backlights in the corner and a pull-out dresser with a full-length mirror. What makes this design a winner is the loft storage that you can use to stow infrequently used items like suitcases, woollens, and more.

Minimalistic wall-fixing almirah design with loft offers efficient storage for your belongings
Floor-to-ceiling almirah with a minimalistic touch

2. Wooden Wall Fixed Almirah With Sliding Door:

This design is a must-have if you want something timeless for your bedroom. This wall fixing almirah will elevate the style quotient of your bedroom without overwhelming the space since it uses light-wood laminates. It includes various shelves for hanging and stacking clothes, displaying your bags and drawers to organise your accessories. The best part is the sliding door which helps in saving floor space.

Wooden wall-fixed almirah with sliding door provides a stylish storage solution
Wooden wall almirah look good in every setting

3. Open Wall Fixing Almirah:

This L-shaped wall fixing almirah is unique because of its open shelving design that makes everything easily accessible. It not only gives your bedroom an upscale look but also houses all your belongings, from clothes to bags to succulents. The rustic wooden laminates, brass hardware, and warm backlighting make this wardrobe a delightful addition to your bedroom interiors.

L shaped wall fixing almirah with open shelving design that provides easy accessibility
A Pinteresty almirah customised for bedroom wall

4. Wall Fixed Glass Door Almirah:

We recommend an almirah with a glass front to get the look of an open almirah without worrying about dust. For instance, this wall fixed almirah in white comes with glass doors for a posh look. Golden framework and handles further enhance the look. The entire design exudes power, opulence, and elegance.

L-shaped wall-fixed almirah in white with glass doors offers a posh and elegant look
An L-shaped luxurious almirah with glass doors

5. Tinted Glass Wall Fixed Almirah

If you want more privacy for your wardrobe space, go for tinted glass instead of clear glass. It’s equally stylish and available in a lot of colour options. Combine the tinted glass with a strip of solid laminates, and you get a wardrobe that becomes the talk of the town. You can use tinted glass on sliding doors and swing doors based on the size and shape of your room.

Design of modern wall-fixed almirah with tinted glass for privacy and style
Modern almirah designs to add the WOW factor
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6. Wall Fixing Almirah With Mirror Panels:

How do I make wall fixing almirahs optimal for compact bedrooms? Just add mirror panels to the almirah door! Take this almirah with mirrors on the doors, for example. Set in a small room with limited floor space, it makes the room look bigger and brighter by reflecting light. Additionally, the mirror panels save the expense of a stand-alone mirror.

Compact bedroom features a wooden wall-fixing almirah with mirror-panelled doors
Mirror panels on almirah door to help you get ready

7. In-built Wall Fixed Almirah:

This design takes wall fixing to the next level by using space inside the walls to create almirah compartments. This means the almirah door and wall will be at almost the same level. The almirah will be ensconced in the wall, as seen in the image below. This dusty pink almirah with asymmetric partitions looks both cool and sophisticated at the same time while also saving lots of floor space.

Wall-embedded almirah design with dusty pink asymmetric partitions maximizes floor space
Simple wall fixed almirah design with clean lines

How to Choose the Right Wall Fixing Almirah Design According to Your Needs?

Before you go ahead and invest in a wall fixing almirah, here are some important factors to consider to make sure you choose the right one:

  • Purpose: To ensure high functionality, consider all the items you intend to store in the almirah. This will ensure you choose a design that offers the right kind of compartments and enough storage space to accommodate your specific storage needs. 
  • Budget: Determine your budget before starting the search to avoid overspending. Remember that investing in a high-quality almirah will be better in the long run.
  • Space and size: It’s crucial to assess the available wall space where you plan to install the almirah. This helps determine the right size and shape of the almirah that can maximise the use of that space.
  • Aesthetics: You can easily find modern wall fixing almirahs in various designs, materials, and colours. But it should complement your room’s existing decor and match your personal style and taste.
  • Quality and durability: This is very important because an almirah is not a small investment. Make sure it is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the weight of your items. The almirah should be sturdy and well-constructed to ensure its longevity.

Wall fixing almirahs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a neat way to organise your stuff without taking up too much floor space. Use these design ideas to pick the best one for your space. If you’re looking for an expert’s help, contact our talented designers for a consultation.

FAQs on Wall Fixing Almirah

1. What are the best wall almirah designs for bedrooms?

Wall fixing almirahs with a sliding door mechanism can give the entire room a sleek look and save floor space. So even if you have a compact bedroom you will get ample storage space.

They are a better choice than other models. 

2. What is the best wall almirah design for the living room?

Wooden almirah designs are ideal for the living room. You can opt for an open wall fixed almirah or one with glass fronts for a stylish look. Use the almirah to showcase your crockery, store books, linens, extra clothes, etc.

3. What are the best wardrobe designs for a bedroom?

For the bedroom, sliding door wardrobes with mirror fronts are the best. They reflect light and make the bedroom lively, airy, and spacious.

4. What are some tips for wardrobe design?

The most crucial tip for wardrobe design is knowing what you will store in the cupboard. If you want to hang your shirts, opt for a design with a dedicated hanging space. If you intend to keep your clothes stacked and store accessories organised, don’t forget to include box shelves and drawers.

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