Stylish Budget Friendly Modular Kitchen Designs For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | January 22, 2024 | 5 mins read

Budget friendly modular kitchen design ideas

Budget-friendly modular kitchens can be designed with more affordable, readily available alternatives without compromising on style and aesthetics. Here are a few budget-friendly modular kitchen designs to get you inspired.

With traditional kitchen designs, typically made with natural wood and stone, making way for sleek, stylish modular kitchens they are growing more popular in Indian homes. Modular kitchens are smart and can be customized to individual requirements of every home and look stunning too. They work well in flats and small homes too. 

Although people dream of owning a modular kitchen, they aren’t sure of buying one because assumptions around it suggest they are an expensive asset.

What if we told you we have got several kitchen designs that are not just budget-friendly but elegant and functional too? Well, let us show you some right away!

Plain And Simple, But…. Elegant!

This elegant modular kitchen is designed with essential base modules with shelves and plain drawers sans accessories or trays. Wall modules with plain shutters have been designed with the use of budget-friendly finishes like laminates and materials like MDF. This kitchen design further avoids the use of aluminium framed glass shutters that usually increase the cost of a modular kitchen. It has also used the use of simple plain handles instead of premium profile ones to save costs. 

Low cost modular kitchen design with base modules with shelves and plain drawers
Material selections for budget-friendly kitchens

A Stylish U-Shaped Kitchen

This stylish U-shaped kitchen is designed with overhead and base cabinets in a wood laminate finish as well as open shelf storage on one side. The focal point of this kitchen is the marble countertop and the breakfast counter. Are you wondering how a kitchen with a marble countertop can be budget-friendly? This kitchen compromises on the tall units, accessories and drawers to give you an uber-stylish breakfast counter with a shimmering marble countertop. The idea is to eliminate a few elements or modules to get an expensive-looking kitchen. You can always get a customised kitchen based on your preferences, requirements and budget!

Low cost kitchen base cabinets in a wood laminate finish with open shelf storage
Space saving kitchen designs that offer 20% extra space!

A Modern Space Saving Kitchen 

The most significant factor that affects the cost of your modular kitchen is its size! This straight kitchen layout has been designed with accessories like an oil-pull out, drawers, shelves and a tall unit. However, despite smart storage solutions it is still a budget-friendly kitchen design because of the layout that requires less number of modules as compared to a large kitchen. The entire kitchen is finished with laminate and edge-handles that further helps lower the cost of this kitchen. Besides, this kitchen design extends into a TV unit that’s also a great way to cut down on the additional cost of a seperate one. This budget-friendly space-saving kitchen design is ideal for studio apartments or a 1 BHK.

Modular kitchen design low budget with space saving and with accessories like an oil-pull out, drawers, shelves and a tall unit

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An Eclectic Kitchen To Spice Up Your Summers!

This eclectic style of kitchen is designed for those who rarely cook or are often travelling for work! The kitchen is small which is a plus point. The design consists of basic cabinets on top and bottom. Drawers complement the base cabinets along with an under-sink unit that has a laminate finish. The wall unit is designed with handleless shutters that cuts down on the cost of handles. Wooden racks and shelves are used to hang crockery and utensils to dry over the sink. The backsplash is adorned with patterned tile binding this design together.

An eclectic low cost kitchen with basic cabinets on top and bottom along drawers  complement the base cabinets with under-sink

An L-Shaped Modern Classic Kitchen

This L-shaped kitchen design features a tall unit, tandem drawers, and a lot of shelves and cabinets to solve all your storage problems. A lot of open-boxed shelves help bring the cost down. The only factor that makes this kitchen slightly more expensive is the Duco finish that’s been used on the modules. If you like this kitchen design but want to save money, consider using budget-friendly finishes like laminates.

Low cost l-shaped modular kitchen design with a tall unit, tandem drawers, and shelves

And that’s a wrap! As you can see modular kitchens don’t always cost the earth. You can with a few tweaks here and there gift yourself the kitchen of your dreams.

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FAQs On Budget Friendly Modular Kitchen

1. What materials are commonly used in budget-friendly modular kitchen designs?
Common materials for budget-friendly modular kitchen designs include laminates, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

2. How can I maximize storage in a budget-friendly modular kitchen?
To maximise storage in the kitchen, you can use pull-out drawers, tall pantry units, and corner cabinets. Add modular accessories like pull-out baskets and cutlery trays.

3. Are there specific layout options that work well for budget-friendly modular kitchen?
L-shaped and parallel layouts are cost-effective designs for budget-friendly modular kitchens, optimising space and functionality.

4. What role does lighting play in enhancing a budget-friendly modular kitchen design?
Lighting is a crucial factor in budget-friendly modular kitchen design. Thoughtfully positioned lights create a sense of spaciousness, provide efficient lighting for cooking, and contribute to an inviting atmosphere.

5. What are the pros and cons of open shelving versus closed cabinets in a budget-friendly modular kitchen?
Open shelving in a budget-friendly modular kitchen offers a cost-effective, open, and airy appearance but may require more upkeep. Closed cabinets, on the other hand, provide more storage and protection for items but tend to be more expensive. Your choice should align with your style preferences and budget.

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