5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Your Modular Kitchen

by Devna Tiwari | August 24, 2023 | 5 mins read

Factors that affect the price of your modular kitchen

Are you looking to design a modular kitchen? Here are factors that affect the price of your modular kitchen. 

The concept of modular kitchen has become a timeless design idea as it embodies elegance, style and functionality. It consists of standard modules and cabinets made of different materials that are installed together to form one cohesive cooking space. A modular kitchen design further offers you plenty of storage options with a range of accessories and special features that makes it a universal choice for home – large or small. The price of modular kitchens also vary with the choice of design you opt for. 

How Much Does A Modular Kitchen Cost?

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of a modular kitchen can be budget-friendly if you know your requirements and preferences. The price of a standard modular kitchen design starts from ₹2.5 lakh and pricing is based on the following factors.

Kitchen Size And Number of Modules

The size of your kitchen will determine the cost of your modular kitchen. Simply put, a large kitchen will demand more modules and therefore will be costlier as compared to a small kitchen which will require less. However, it is also important to note that in certain cases the size will not be the only defining factor. The number of modules fixed or installed also play a role in determining the price of your modular kitchen. For instance, for those who don’t cook often or a lot will not require too many modules even if you have ample space. Whereas, a family of five will need loads of storage as such a kitchen will be used frequently.

Modular kitchen price for your home where number of modules fixed or installed also play a role in determining the price of your modular kitchen
The number of modules brings functional advantages to this kitchen
Affordable modular kitchen interiors with ample storage!

Materials And Finishes Decide A Modular Kitchen Price

There are plenty of materials and finishes available in the market which will affect the overall cost of your kitchen. As a homeowner pick the one that is most suitable to your budget apart from your taste, preferences, and overall theme. For instance, there are many types of materials and finishes for cabinets each priced differently. 

Materials: Plywood, HDF, MDF 

Finishes: PVC, laminates, membrane, and acrylic

The most preferred options are acrylic and laminates as they offer the best value within your stipulated budget.

Modular kitchen designs with price where plenty of materials and finishes available in the market for kitchen prices
Make your own statement by choosing the right materials and finishes for your kitchen

Count Countertops And Backsplashes In Your Budget Too

A countertop stands out among one of the most essential parts of a modular kitchen setup. Its structure contributes to the overall cost of your modular kitchen. Countertops, other than providing you a large surface area to work on, further impact the visual appearance of any kitchen. Corian, quartz, and polished granites are the most popular materials for countertops. Quartz is the costliest of them all. However, each type of material comes in a range of price ranges too. The same applies to a kitchen backsplash. Materials like metal, glass, tiles, and stone are used for backsplashes to make it a focal point of your cooking space.

Kitchen furniture price where the structure contributes to the overall cost of your modular kitchen
The biggest attraction in this kitchen is the backsplash that blends perfectly with this cooking space

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Trendy Accessories Under Your Budget

Trendy kitchen accessories are a must to make your space functional and judiciously use every inch of it. Choose accessories that complement your kitchen design and meet your cooking requirements. Be sure you know exactly what you need as not choosing them wisely so you do not incur wasteful expenditure. Accessories like cutlery organizers, S-carousels, magic corner units, swing larders, drawer dividers, dish- racks, oil pull out, and more are highly functional in nature.

Kitchen basket price that complements your kitchen design and meet your cooking requirements
Kitchen cabinets prices which are under exactly what you need with kitchen design price
Kitchen accessories price with pullout under your budget of a modern kitchen price
Modular kitchen drawers price under your budget with the price of a modular kitchen
These trendy accessories let you organize everything and anything
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Kitchen Appliances Under Your Budget

Just like accessories, you must invest in appliances that will be used frequently to avoid unwanted splurging. There are two types of kitchen appliances : built-in appliances & Free-standing appliances. The built-in appliances are more expensive compared to the standard ones. The built-in ones offer a cleaner aesthetic as they are easy to use and elegant in design. Invest wisely from a variety of appliances so your modular kitchen doesn’t compromise on utility and those that fall in your budget. For instance, if baking is something you do a few times a year it may not be wise to invest in an oven. If you are a working professional pressed for time, then a microwave is a better appliance to invest in. Get the drift?

Indian kitchen design with price with built-in appliances and freestanding appliances for your modular kitchen
Make life easier with either built-in or freestanding appliances

Prioritize your requirements, estimate your budget and design yourself a kitchen you always fancied! You will never regret owning a modular kitchen – trust us it will change the way you live, eat and breathe!

Design Cafe offers a wide range of kitchen styles and layouts for people who want a low cost modular kitchen but desire the functionality of an expensive kitchen. Fret not my dear readers! We offer the perfect kitchen that will not put a hole in your wallet. Visit our nearest experience center and take a look at our modular kitchen collections. 

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