Kitchen Essentials: 7 Types Of Baskets In A Modern Modular Kitchen

by Pulkit Singh | February 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

Types of baskets for a modern modular kitchen

Your choice of modular kitchen basket types is made easy with our comprehensive inventory

Stacked pots and pans toppling over. Bottles of spices, one behind the other — always out of reach. Drawers that are hard to open or close. These and many other problems have been dispelled with the advent of modular kitchen designs. The primary tools of modular kitchens are the skilful and industrious baskets that come in various shapes, sizes and materials to suit different spaces. 

Modular kitchen baskets ensure that functionality and aesthetics blend together in a harmonious partnership. By providing easy access to stuff, they prevent us from stressing our bodies. With modular kitchen shelves, you don’t have to lift that heavy grinder or haul the massive oven onto the shelf anymore. 

The most significant advantage of modular kitchen baskets is that they are detachable. Perfect for everyone, even those who intend to shift homes. But you can reap the benefits of this modern wonder only if you are judicious about the modular kitchen baskets that help to customise the kitchen to suit your lifestyle and kitchen usage. Take a look at different types of modular kitchen baskets and choose the ones that work for you. 

Plain Wire Modular Kitchen Basket

The most common type of modular kitchen basket is the plain wire basket. Plain wire modular kitchen baskets can accommodate utensils up to 40 kg usually. Made of stainless steel, they are easy to clean, eco-friendly and sturdy to last a lifetime. They come in various widths and designs. 

Plain wire modular kitchen basket made of steel
A plain wire basket is a staple in modular kitchens

Cutlery Modular Kitchen Basket

The tray is divided into various sections to hold different styles and lengths of cutlery. Spoons, forks, knives, dessert spoons and more find a home in this type of modular kitchen basket. Usually, the tray is located right below the cooking station for ease of access. The choice of material varies, but many prefer non-corrosive material since wet cutlery can rust the trays over time.  

Modular kitchen basket that hold different styles of cutlery
Organise cutlery smartly in your modular kitchen
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

Pull-Out Pantry Modular Kitchen Basket

The latest in-thing in the world of Indian modular kitchens is the pull-out pantry baskets. They make everything tidy and accessible. The pantry units have multi-level baskets that can display all the spice jars, grocery tins and packaged items aesthetically. These baskets have good bearing capacity, are built for heavy loads and are made of corrosion-free material. 

Modular kitchen basket made of corrosion-free material that you can pull-out
Everything is at arm’s length with a pull-out pantry

Magic Corner Modular Kitchen Basket

The magic corner modular kitchen baskets are perfect for optimising those challenging corners of any kitchen. They help to improve the kitchen layout and use the space that would have otherwise lay wasted. The innovative design of these baskets allows for easy opening and placing of seldomly used, larger utensils at the back. Even though these are slightly pricey, they are totally worth it for the convenience they offer.

Modular kitchen basket that you can find in challenging corners of any kitchen
Stubborn corners can no longer defeat you

Modular Vegetable Kitchen Baskets

Not all vegetables can be stuffed in the fridge. Some, like potatoes and onions, do well when stored under average room temperature. Vegetable modular baskets provide handy storage space for produce by neatly storing them away from sight. The unsightly knobs and peels of these vegetables are shut behind closed doors. These baskets get full marks for keeping the kitchen looking pretty.

Modular kitchen baskets to keep vegetables
Pretty and functional modular vegetable baskets
Do you know which modular kitchen is durable & safe

Pull-Down Modular Kitchen Basket

The pull-down modular kitchen baskets are perfect for overhead storage. Used primarily for storing crockery, these stylishly fashioned units can be used for storing spices and other regular-use items. The structure of the units is such that they keep the plates and cups safe. 

Pull-down modular kitchen basket for overhead storage
A pull-down modular kitchen basket

Apart from these modular kitchen basket types, there are various others like garbage baskets, flour baskets, turntable baskets and oil-pull baskets that aid in making your kitchen more functional and accessible.

Accessories like baskets can add up to the construction or renovation costs of modular kitchens. But the upside is that they make working in the kitchen hassle-free. They definitely open up space that can be used judiciously to store more items. Hence, the pleasurable experience justifies the investment. Customising the kitchen has never been easier. These modular kitchen baskets satisfy every design, aesthetic, requirement and space need. 

Baskets have been popular since forever because they pair up functionality with great aesthetics, providing storage with a decor element. In modular kitchens, these basket types bring storage options and do away with visual clutter. More bang for your buck and totally worth every penny spent.

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