6 Types Of Chairs You Need For A Comfortable Home

by Natasha Unger | February 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Types of chairs

Looking for different types of chairs to design the home of your dreams? Here are 6 stunning and unique chair designs to take inspiration from.

Chairs are an underrated decor accent and have forever been taken for granted. And quite honestly, how does it matter what type it should be, right? Well, if you pay any attention to your home interiors, you’ll realise just how significant the role of different types of chairs plays in your home — right from basking into the living room as a statement piece to simply being a space of comfort you can plop on. When you want your home to be attractive, you pick furniture that matches your personality, choice and decor. Similarly, the chairs that you choose should talk about your sense of style, too.

Apart from the looks, comfort also plays a pivotal role when choosing to buy from different types of chairs available in the furnishing market. Most urban homeowners prefer chairs that are stylish and compact, yet relaxing. Here are a few examples that can help you make your pick.

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Egg Chairs Are The Types Of Chairs For Ultimate Comfort

As the name suggests, these chairs are in the shape of an egg. It is a perfect piece of furniture for those quiet corners where you may want to work with your laptop. Adding a small table of a similar colour makes it an ideal pair. The seat is rounded, making it comfortable for you to sit for long hours at a stretch. If you have a dedicated workspace at home, this is one of the types of chairs that simply fits in.

An egg chair is one type of chair
A stunning egg chair design for maximum comfort

Easy Recliner Chairs Are The Types of Chairs That Serve Multiple Purposes

Did you ever long for a unique or different type of chair that allows you to spend your leisure time, as well as make for a comfortable bed when you are sleepy? Well, a recliner is just what you need. It could be a lazy afternoon or the weekends when you spend time reading a book, scrolling through your mobile phone or simply taking up a hobby such as sewing or knitting. Place it near the window or make it face the balcony — it makes a perfect addition to your home.

Brown recliner chair type of chair for home
A recliner chair to unwind in your perfect cosy spot

Rocking Chairs Are Everyone’s Favourite Types Of Chairs

Often associated with grandparents, rocking chairs can be a perfect addition to your home interiors. You may have elderly parents/grandparents at home who prefer to rock themselves to sleep or you could simply move the rocking chair to your child’s bedroom to comfort your little one. And when none of the above works in your favour, you could try rocking chairs in your living room or the balcony space as well. One of the most unique yet evergreen types of modern chair, rocking chairs are simply a favourite amongst all ages.

A rocking chair is one type of chair makes you nostalgic
Rocking on this type of chair makes you nostalgic

Antique Neoclassical Chairs For Victorian-Era Enthusiasts

Whether you have inherited them or purchased them from the auction house, antique chairs are a class apart. The design, form, fabric and material used for making these chairs are intricate and detailed to the T. For someone that truly appreciates skilled craftsmanship, these types of classic chairs are a must-have in your eclectic-style Indian home. You may merely polish the existing ones or change the upholstery. No matter what, they add to the value of your interiors. Additionally, you could add a complementary centre table and watch the magic unfold. These types of seating chairs add a royal aesthetic to the space.

Two red antique chairs, these types of classic chairs add a royal aesthetic to the space
Antique chairs are a lifetime treasure
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Skinny-Legged Chairs Are Among The Popular Types Of Modern Chairs

There is nothing fancy about such chairs as compared to the rest. Made up of minimal wood, these chairs are perfect for your workspace. These chairs are often part of mid-century design styles and are a fine addition to compact homes that need extra legroom.

Skinny legged chair is one of the different types of chairs
Skinny-legged chairs for mid-century home decor

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Comfortable Loveseat Chairs For Couples

A loveseat chair is perfect for getting comfortable with your loved one. Or simply for those that love the extra space whilst snuggled with their throw blanket and a book over a chill autumn evening. Loveseats are multi-faceted and easily blend into the space, be it your reading area, drawing room, bedroom, or simply the balcony space. You can also find different types of chair covers for loveseats to redefine and change the look and feel of your furniture.

A loveseat chair is one type of seating chair
Loveseats are a statement home interior piece

And now that you have seen our top 6 stunning types of chairs, it’s time to put your inspiration to test. Bring your creative hats on and find the type of chair that fits your home’s personality and style. Bring in varied chair designs and see as your home shines through.

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