How To Rock The Blue Two-Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Blue two colour combination for bedroom walls

Get set to implement some fantastic blue two-colour combinations for the bedroom walls with our suggestions.

We hear you are looking for a blue two-colour combination for your bedroom walls. That’s a smart move as blue remains one of the most popular colours for the bedroom. It is even seen as a colour of all that’s constant. Pairing it with another shade gives it more meaning and helps you create an interesting vibe. The fun part about painting your space blue is that it can be done in numerous ways and each exudes a unique vibe. Partitioning walls horizontally with the shades, creating an accent wall, painting small portions, using wallpapers and panelling and matching furniture are some of the simplest ways to explore this colour combination. Read on to find out how the results look.

Classic Blue And White Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

A standard yet outstanding two-colour combination for bedroom walls is blue and white. Using the blue shade for the accent wall brightens the room instantly. The light wood flooring, rug and curtains complement the blue and white vibe. We also love how the wall space and floor space have been optimised in many ways here. The floating console table, ample storage racks and floating study table meet storage needs efficiently. The accent wall has even been turned into a gallery wall for aesthetic appeal. Looking for more accent walls for your bedroom? Try these.

Blue colour combination for bedroom walls with white is standard yet outstanding
Blue and white is a popular combo for the bedroom
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Funky Blue And Very Peri Colour Combination For The Bedroom

When exploring a blue colour combination for the children’s bedroom, consider a funky shade like Very Peri, a vibrant fusion of blue-purple with a red undertone. This shade even made it to Pantone’s colour of the year list in 2022. Its dynamic pairing with blue will encourage children to explore their creativity and imagination. The panelling on the Veri Peri accent wall is an interesting detail. The bunk beds and two-seater executive study table with floating racks ensure the little ones have their own space. Explore more kids’ bedroom designs with Very Peri.

Kids bedroom wall with very-peri and blue colour combination will encourage children to explore their creativity
Go funky with blue and Very Peri for the kids’ room

Calm Blue And Teal Bedroom Colour Combination

The beauty of this bedroom is that the two accent walls complement each other well. The shades are used in distinct styles on both walls. The teal wall has only a portion of it painted while the blue wall has other colours to add to the effect. Together, the colours give the space a calm yet fun vibe. The custom floating study and corner wardrobe make this bedroom further elegant, modern and functional.

Feel the calm vibe in your bedroom with teal and blue wall colour combination
Feel the calm fun of blue and teal bedroom colours

Dreamy Blue And Off-White Colour Scheme

Shades like off-white, ivory and beige make for a good colour combination with a blue wall. The added benefit of these shades is that they can match easily with the flooring and bedroom furniture as seen here. While blue is used for the accent wall, the sleek study table and the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe also effuse the dreamy blue vibe. The floating book rack is a fun element in the room. The off-white gives the space a good balance.

Off-white and blue color combination for kids bedroom wall
A dreamy blue colour scheme for children’s rooms

Subtle Blue And Pink Wall Combination

Blue and pink is another combination that works well for the bedroom and not just for the kids’ bedroom. This design shows subtle shades of both colours being used together as an accent wall. The wall draws further attention to it because of the in-built rack and the panelling. The space-optimal floor-to-wall wardrobe in dark wood and the bed contrast the room’s subtle colours.

Pink and blue two colour combination for bedroom walls works well
A subtle blue and pink wall colour combination
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Playful Blue And Yellow Colour Combination For The Bedroom

This design is proof that any space can be optimally used with a thoughtful design that includes a colour scheme. One of the walls has been turned into a full wall wardrobe that extends into the study desk, bed cum play zone. The blue and yellow colour combination gives the space a playful vibe. The other wall forms the accent wall and elevates the room’s fun quotient. The layout of the bed between these walls ensures that the bed turns itself into an underwater play zone. Check out more children’s bedroom furniture.

Bring playful vibe with yellow and sky blue colour combination for bedroom
A blue and yellow combination ups the playfulness

Breezy Blue And Light Orange Wall Combination

This kid’s bedroom scores big for oozing a breezy and lively vibe with the sea blue and light orange combination. The wallpaper detailing and orange panelling stand out. The combination makes it easy to turn the space into an active play area and a chill-out or rest zone for the little ones. It’s evident that this design incorporates multiple storage options in fun ways such as the bed with drawers, storage bench, side table, study desk with drawers and floating racks. The varying shades also help the young ones find things quickly. Explore storage ideas for the kids’ bedroom.

Blue colour combination for bedroom with light orange panelling stands out
Blue and orange for a breezy and lively bedroom

From healing to inspiring, blue can do wonders in any space. Precisely why we’ve shown blue two-colour combinations for bedroom walls that work for adults and children. Staying true to blue’s inspiring nature, this list is only a sample of what we can do with the shade. We’re glad to talk to you further, understand your design preferences and work on a blue colour combination that’s just for your home. Book your appointment to talk to our team now.

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