Irresistibly Stylish Accent Walls For Your Bedroom

by Ashish Rai | January 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

Modern accent wall design ideas for bedroom

One of the simplest ways to give your dull old bedroom a grand makeover is with accented walls

Need to spice up your bedroom? One of the easiest and simplest ways to give your bedroom a big style makeover is an accent wall. Say goodbye to wallpapers and welcome an accent wall with open arms. The options are endless today with 3D cement tiles and other technologically advanced materials. You might want to consider a range of choices before making a decision. Check out some of the best and most creative accent wall ideas for your bedroom.

Funky Geometric Patterns In Wall Accent

The news is true! Geometric patterns are taking over the design world by storm. From fashion runways to company brand marketing collaterals, prismatic designs are popping up in a lot of places. Punchy prints, shapes and figures can transform walls into eye-catching masterpieces. Break the design rules and incorporate infinite colours, patterns and embrace symmetry with geometry.

A bedroom accent wall with geometric patterns and comes with prismatic designs
Geometric patterns on a white marble wall adorned with a mirror makes this bedroom out of this world
Looking to upgrade your bedrooms interiors

Stripe It Up

It’s difficult to imagine a design more simple and aesthetically pleasing than straight lines. Striped wall accents are clean, easy on the eyes, and infinitely variable. Horizontal, straight, vertical, one stripe, or lots of stripes – no matter what the variation, your wall will never look the same. Go all-out with random stripes or encircle one wall with straight-edged stripes – the choice is yours.

A single striped green accent wall bedroom with a wooden bed
A single striped wall in green with wooden bed looks phenomenally seamless

Bricks, Bricks And More Bricks On This Wall

Ah! The exposed brick wall! We must confess something here. We do have a soft corner for brick walls. Accent brick walls are rustic, trendy and fit right in with any style of decor. An exposed brick wall can give your bedroom interior design a unique style ranging from industrial, shabby chic to contemporary and vintage. Keep it as is or paint in a colour of choice, the options are aplenty.

Bedroom accent wall ideas with brick walls fit right in any style of decor
Modern living room mixes brick wall with contemporary shelves in white

An Accent Wall With Tiles For Bedroom

No! Tiles aren’t restricted for bathrooms and kitchens. They can be used for the bedroom as well. Tiles offer a stylish textural alternative to paint and wallpaper and can completely transform a room with its bold patterns. Bring life to your bedroom with an out-of-the-box look like in this image. Use materials that are traditionally used as a part of your home’s exteriors. The look of stone as shown in the image – not only does it add depth and visual drama to this bedroom but makes it a major focal point as well.

Maroon accent wall bedroom which transforms a rooms wall with its bold patterns using tiles
Get the tiled look to create a striking composition on the headboard wall

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A Two-Toned Accent Wall For Bedroom

Set the tone for your bedroom to be peaceful! A two-toned wall is gaining popularity with homeowners as it is an easy way to add a splash of colour. Painting bedroom walls with two colours creates an instant contrast with just a few strokes of paint. Whether you want to make your bedroom feel larger or more playful, this accent will accomplish the look you crave.

Two-toned bedroom accent wall in yellow and white infuses the texture
Infuse texture into your bedroom with a two-toned accent wall
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Bring Freshness To Your Bedroom Walls

Flowers are nature’s jewels. They adorn our landscape and bring colour to every geography they thrive in thanks to their multiple hues and shades. Bring home nature with floral wallpapers. They create a soft and romantic wall accent for your bedroom. Use the same colour with your bed linen, furnishings, accessories for a flawless, smooth transition from space to space.

There you go, readers! Accent walls can liven up the walls of dull and boring bedrooms. Take charge and play with your walls, and see how different life will feel! Share some of your ideas and designs in the comments section below.

Bedroom accent wall with a large floral wallpaper with scaled-up petals in yellow colour
A large floral wallpaper with scaled-up petals adds sophistication and drama to your walls

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Ashish Rai

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