Modern Bar Counter Design Ideas: Practice Your Mixology Skills At Home

by Pallabi Bose | January 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Modern bar counter design

Our cool modern bar counter design ideas will make you want to host house parties every weekend!

If there is one element that can take your home’s glam quotient up several notches, it is a home bar. Gone are those days of the ’90s, when bar cabinets used to be bulky pieces of furniture that would take up sizable floor space without adding any hint of style. With better internet access to interior design resources, homeowners are now looking for much more space-saving, stylish options with multi-purpose storage. That’s why we have curated a range of modern bar counter designs for homes that are functional and modern, where you and your guests can enjoy a glass of Chardonnay right at home.

Modern Bar Counter Design For The Balcony

Chill with your friends or soak up the last sun rays during sunset, balcony bars are trending among millennials these days. But being a small space, balcony bar counters demand innovative storage options. Keeping that in mind, we have given the traditional bar design a twist. The best thing about this piece is you can customise it with various colours, finishes, and textures. What’s more, we have multi-purposed our modular shoe rack as additional seating.

Modern bar counter design for balcony with innovative storage options for modern counter design
A modern bar counter design for cosy evenings
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House Modern Bar Counter Design With Hidden Cabinet

Who doesn’t love to flaunt their bar collection? But there are some alcohols that age better if kept in the dark, away from sunlight. However, not everyone can afford to have a cellar built, so this hidden bar cabinet is the next best way to store your light-sensitive alcohol. The overall bar setup is sleek, elegant, and highly space-saving. Also, let’s not forget the two mid-century style modern stool bars.

Modern bar counter design with hidden cabinets
Elegant bar cabinet that doesn’t take too much space

Under The Stairs Bar Cabinet With Hidden Storage

There are many ways to use the odd space under the staircase. One of them is by building a lavish bar area with many hidden storage options to store your barware collection comfortably. This bar counter in the image below is a testament to the smart usage of tricky compact spaces. It not only includes a sleek wine cellar and multiple storage drawers for all the groceries, but it also works as a stunning bookcase with open shelves and closed cabinets.

Modern bar cabinet built under the stairs
Modern bar cabinet with hidden storage under the stairs
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Sleek Modern Mini Bar Counter Designs For Your Home

An expensive alcohol collection often needs to be stored away from sunlight for it to age well. And since modern urban apartments don’t offer us the luxury of a private cellar nor do most of us have the space for a separate wine fridge, this kind of multi-purpose bar cabinet-cum-counter is like having the best of both worlds. The sleek, seamless design of this bar counter is enough to make your guests envy you. It also doubles as extra storage.

Modern mini bar counter designs in sleek
A modern bar counter design to store your collection

Captivating Cocktail Bar Counter In An Open Plan Home

Homeowners nowadays are hyped with wide open plan homes, where the kitchen, dining area, living space, and mini-bar area all are in the same room. It ensures conversations never stop, no matter where you are sitting. You can sip a chilled cocktail or a glass of aged whisky or wine while having food at the dining table. If you need a refill, you don’t need to move far. This is where this open-plan bar counter comes in handy. Not only does it have multiple racks to showcase your alcohol collection, but it also includes a wine cooler at the bottom. Now, wouldn’t you like that setup?

Open modern bar counter for open plan homes
A modern bar counter design for open plan homes
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We hope these modern bar counter design ideas inspire you to make your at-home bar a reality. Should you need any help in the process, our team of expert interior designers is here for you. Book a free consultation today! And for more such interesting home interior design ideas, don’t forget to check out our blog section.

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