5 Designs Of Double-Decker Beds For Kids They Will Love

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Double decker bed for kids with a space-themed bedroom

Make your kid’s nap time fun and special with these unique double-decker bed designs.

The design of your kid’s room plays a crucial role in their growth and development. They’re at an age when their receptivity is maximum. They pick up on things from their surroundings that stay with them for life. So, having them spend most of their time in a positive and encouraging environment can be key to forming a strong character and personality. Modern-day compact apartments and urban living offer little space for outdoor activities. So, innovative space-saving furniture can prove to be a creative solution. Double-decker beds for kids are a great way to give their room a clutter-free look. It also frees up space for a study desk or indoor play area. 

Here are some unique home interiors designed with a double-decker bed for kids. These designs allow your kids to enjoy ample free space for their learning and play activities. It also teaches them the nuances of clutter-free living from a young age.

Modern Double-Decker Bed For Kids With Space For Indoor Adventure

This setup is perfect for kids with a knack for adventure and physical activities. The double-decker bed frees up ample space in the room to install an indoor rock climbing wall. This bedroom design will keep your kids physically active and entertained in their own room. And that’s not all. The children’s double-decker bed is also designed with a wall-mounted bookshelf. It features an enclosed space above which can be used as a study room or your kid’s very own hideout. The light wood colour scheme lends a spacious and illuminated vibe to the room, while the spotlights make it well lit. 

Modern double decker bed for kids with space for indoor adventure
A double-decker bed design for adventurous kids

A Sleek Metal Frame Double-Decker Bed For Girls

Metal furniture is extremely trendy and lends a clutter-free look to home interiors. This double-decker bed in pink lends a feminine touch to the space and is perfect for young girls. The rest of the room is kept simple and fuss-free to provide ample space to move around. The quirky wall-mounted shelves are great for displaying toys and other showpieces. The bright coloured wallpaper on the accent wall brings vibrance to the room, making it fun and playful. You can add an accent chair or a cute pouffe for some additional seating options. 

A sleek metal frame double decker bed for girls which is fun and playful
A fun and playful double-decker bed for girls
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A Double-Decker Bed For Kids With Multiple Storage Options

This double-decker bed can be installed in your kid’s bedroom or the guest room. The unique design is versatile and comes with intelligent storage space. The double bed beneath and an additional bed above offer enough room to accommodate last-moment guests. The double-decker bed design features wall-mounted shelves and several cupboards to easily arrange books, stationery and clothes. The yellow, blue and white colour combination gives the room a refreshing and cheerful look, turning your kid’s room into a happy space.

Double decker bed for kids with multiple storage options which is smart and colourful
A smart and colourful double-decker bed design

A Classic Wooden Double-Decker Bed For A Minimalist Look

This wooden double-decker bed is perfect for a kid’s room designed in Scandinavian style. The clean lines, dark brown wood and fuss-free design lend a serene vibe to the space. The wall-to-wall modular wardrobe comes with multiple storage units to neatly arrange clothes, toys and books. The large windows let ample natural light and fresh air into the room. The minimal interiors make the beautiful double-decker bed for kids the showstopper of the entire room while letting your kids enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience.

A classic wooden double decker bed for kids for a minimalist look
A minimalistic wooden double-decker bed for kids

A Double-Decker Bed For Boys With Many Toys And Books

It’s easy for a kid’s room to end up looking cluttered and unorganised because of their huge collection of toys and books. So, multifunctional furniture with smart storage is crucial to maintaining a clean and tidy kid’s room. This double-decker bed design features multiple shelves, cabinets, drawers, a tall unit, stairs with hidden storage and two comfortable beds. The all-in-one furniture will easily fit in a kid’s room of any size without taking up too much floor space. You can add a patterned wallpaper and some pendant lights in fun shapes to make your kid’s room look even more playful.

Double decker bed for kids with many toys and books and endless storage
A double-decker bed for kids with endless storage

Most of us think that double-decker beds are ideal for a room with two children. But it is also a great idea for growing kids with friends sleeping over at night. While choosing the double-decker bed for kids, be mindful of the safety and sturdiness of the bed design. If you are looking for ideas on how to design your kid’s room with these bunk beds or want an expert to design your home thoughtfully, talk to our designers today. They will help you with personalised design solutions that suit your preferences and budget. So what are you waiting for? Book a free consultation now.

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