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7 Space-Saving Modern Shoe Rack Designs For Your Home

Modern shoe rack design in a walk-in wardrobe is extremely popular

A shoe rack can be functional and aesthetic at the same time. Read on to know what we’re talking about.

A modern shoe rack design that’s well-crafted and made of high-quality materials adds warmth, elegance and drama to the space that it is kept in – be it your home entrance or your bedroom. It declutters your home and helps you organize your footwear better to ensure that they don’t get torn, scratched, misplaced or damaged.  

The prices for modern shoe racks can range from ‘affordable’ to ‘expensive’ depending upon your budget, the storage capacity, type of material, style and mechanism you choose. Some of the popular types of modern shoe rack designs for home that are available in the market are:


  • Wooden shoe rack (Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Sheesham Wood)
  • Fabric shoe rack 
  • Glass shoe rack 
  • Steel shoe rack
  • Metal shoe rack 


  • Bedroom shoe rack with/without seating option (cushioned/non-cushioned)
  • Entryway shoe rack with/without seating option (cushioned/non-cushioned)
  • Wall-mounted shoe rack 
  • Floating shoe rack
  • Over-the-door hanger-style shoe rack with/without pockets 
  • Floor-mounted shoe rack 
  • Freestanding shoe rack 


  • Closed standard shoe rack with locks
  • Built-in modern shoe rack with locks
  • Tilt-out shoe rack
  • Rotating shoe rack

Now it’s time to check out some cool modern shoe rack designs for home below. We’re sure that at least one modern shoe rack design will catch your eye. 

Boxed Modern Shoe Rack Design

This multi-box style horizontal shoe rack design looks sleek and blends perfectly well with the room’s existing decor and colour scheme. You can store either a single pair of shoes or two to three pairs of shoes in each box. The top flat surface of this shoe rack can be used as a seating area or as a display for your other wardrobe accessories like purses and bags.

Shoe Rack With Seating Modern Designs

This modern shoe rack design with cushioned seating is your go-to option if you’re looking for a compact storage solution for your shoes, especially those ones which you use most frequently. The single shelf underneath helps you neatly display your shoes, keeps them well-ventilated while the cushioned seat makes it easy for you to wear or remove the shoes. 

Vertical Modern Shoe Rack Designs For Home

This modern wooden shoe rack design features a tall, ladder-style panel on which you can beautifully hang and display your luxury stilettos. Since it’s vertical, it offers ample display space and also forms a great part of your bedroom or dressing room’s decor. It gives a rustic yet fresh vibe to this space. You can use portable circular rattan seats for extra comfort.

Asymmetric Modern Wooden Shoe Rack Design

This stylish rectangular modern shoe rack with an asymmetrical design and multi-level shelves looks absolutely stunning and contrasts well against the powder blue walls. The wide circular mirror accentuates the look and feel of this shoe storage and display rack. The rack’s top surface can double up to keep small decor or personal items.  

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Modern Shoe Rack Design For The Collector

If you’re an avid lover of shoes and other kinds of footwear but don’t have enough space to store them safely then this floor-to-ceiling open cabinet with multiple shelves of different heights is the ideal choice for you. This modern shoe rack design comes with options for fixed shelving and adjustable shelving so that you can easily accommodate different types and styles of shoes. 

Simple And Compact Modern Shoe Rack Design

This regular modern shoe rack design is the right fit for your home entrance or foyer. The vertical gaps in between the shoe rack panels help in the constant circulation of fresh air thereby preventing shoe odour to spread in the house. It is freestanding and is easily obtainable in the market. They are comparatively cheaper than other modern shoe rack designs for home. 

Modern Shoe Rack Design That Makes The Best Use Of Space

Ever wondered about the area that gets wasted around the doors in your house? This industrial-style vertical shoe rack design (plus display shelf) makes the most optimum use of the little space that’s available around the dressing room door. Simple, smooth horizontal surfaces and minimalistic clean vertical lines define this modern shoe rack design. 

Wrapping Up  

All in all, modern shoe rack designs for home are extremely useful and let you grab your footwear fast and easily when you’re bustling around for your daily activities or getting ready for special occasions. Also, a carefully chosen modern shoe rack design can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Still confused about which type of modern shoe rack design will be the perfect fit for your home? Worry not, get in touch with us at Design Cafe for a helping hand and we’ll guide you as per your needs and preferences. 

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