Top Stylish And Space Saving Shoe Rack For Your Modern Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Space saving shoe rack ideas for your home

Give your shoes a stylish home with these space-saving rack design ideas

Shoes are an integral part of your lifestyle and no outfit is complete without a pair of beautiful shoes. But did you know that shoe racks can add to your home decor without taking up much space? A shoe rack is an important piece of furniture to keep your shoes in the best of condition and your home uncluttered. So here we bring to you some stylish shoe rack designs that will add an element of elegance to your home interiors and help keep your favourite pairs in perfect condition.

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A Dedicated Space In Your Cupboard Acts As An Excellent Space Saving Shoe Rack

Why keep a separate shoe rack or cabinet in your house when you can add a designated space for it in your cupboard. See this image here? This wardrobe has been designed with wooden open shelves with backlight that are ideal to flaunt your glamorous collection of shoes while lending a touch of elegance to the entire space.

The walk-in wardrobe with a dedicated shoe rack cupboard with a backlight is the best space-saving shoe rack idea.
Flaunt your shoes in style with a dedicated space for them

Hidden Shoe Rack Under The Stairs

Turn the empty space beneath the staircase into a storage area. You can use pull out drawers with inbuilt organisers to keep your shoes intact. This is an excellent way of using the dead space while allowing you easy access to your shoes without worrying about shoes messing up the visual appeal of the space.

Space-saving shoe rack, pull out shoe drawers under the staircase with inbuilt organisers to keep shoes intact.
A secret space for your shoes and one that is at easy access to you

Pull Out Drawers Under Your Bed

If you don’t prefer shoe racks or cabinets in your living room, make your bedroom the new home for your shoes. A clever alternative to open shoe racks is pull out drawers under your bed. This will help you utilise your bed space efficiently and keep your lovely shoes clean and safe. At Design Cafe we bring to you stylish and modern interior design ideas that match your preference and help create additional space as well. Check out our Design Gallery for more attractive design ideas.

Space-saving shoe rack idea, a bed with pull out shoe drawers in the bedroom is optimum use of space.
A bed with pull out drawers to store your shoes make optimum use of space
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Use A Ladder To Flaunt Your Stilettos

Looking for some DIY space-saving shoe rack ideas? Use a ladder to showcase your shoes. You can hang it on the wall or keep it in your living room, bedroom or foyer. These ladders look trendy and add a quirky element to your home interiors. They are trendy, chic, light on the eye and act as a perfect decor element for your ultra-modern home interiors.

Space-saving shoe rack DIY idea, Ladder shelf shoe rack is the perfect way to store and display collection.
A ladder for your stilettos is a perfect way to store and display your prized collection

Multipurpose Shoe Rack To Display Your Shoes And Show Pieces

Use your shoe rack to keep other things as well. Place some potted plants and other entryway decor for easy access and hassle-free living experience. This will help lend elegance to your home interior design and make it look neat and tidy.

Space-saving shoe rack, A portable metal shoe rack easy to access, and hassle-free design looks neat and tidy.
A shoe rack like this takes less space and stores enough too

A Creative DIY Space Saving Shoe Rack

Not ready to spend on shoe racks or cabinets? We have good news for you. Now you can make your own shoe racks with simple items. Wear your creative hat and let the artist in you be rejuvenated. So what do you need? An old wooden box! Yes it is that simple. Now place it sideways to make a simple space-saving shoe rack. This will add a rustic look to your home and add value to your decor. Paint it with colours of your choice that match the walls of your home. See this white shoe box in this image here? Look how easy it is to make and storage is as effortless.

A simple space-saving shoe rack made from an old wooden box is the creative space-saving shoe rack DIY idea.
A DIY shoe rack for your pretty pairs of shoes

A Cabinet For Your Shoes And Bags

If you have a beautiful collection of shoes and bags use them as decor pieces in your living room. A cabinet with a glass door is an excellent idea to maintain and display your expensive pairs in an organised manner. You can also have some drawers to keep all your socks, towels, bedsheets and other essentials. Add LED strip lights to give your room a luminous spark and give your expensive shoe and bag collection the royal treatment it deserves.

A white space-saving shoe storage rack with a glass door and backlights in the dining room lends a classic look.
Use your expensive shoes and bags as decor pieces in your dining or living area

Hope your search for “space-saving shoe rack”, “space-saving shoe rack DIY”, “space-saving shoe rack ideas”, ends here. These shoe racks design ideas will help you save space and keep your house organised and uncluttered just the way you want it. If you are still confused about how to incorporate these in your home or want to get your home designed by experts who will bring these modern interior design elements into your home, book a consultation with our designers today.

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